20211103 prc Sunny day

I've felt called up to the top of Millane Road. Not quite sure why, but it may have something to do with my expressed plan to ride up Te Araroa trail to Bald Hill in a couple of days, perhaps.
^And we would have to say that the plan is prime in its intention and probable success. The intention is the culmination of a series of plans and achievements, carried out in anticipation of the summiting of the Longwood Range for the second time. And although it is unnecessary to achieve the destination of the full summit, it is nevertheless appropriate to travel to the edge of the bush and the beginnings of the swamp area, for which the machine may be less well suited, but subject to the experiment.
We have watched with some dismay as the intention has wavered in these recent days. The transition beyond total enthralment by the intention to pursue the dream at Riverton is sanctioned, in the sense that due recognition has occurred that that is in fact not the place, nor this the time.
The optimal place and time may not occur within your lifetime. And that is supremely unimportant. What does matter is the record being available and accessible online, so as to place in the public domain the intention and the motivation behind that intention, as a means of placing on record again, and from the perspective of a Pakeha, to use that language, a reference well supported for the existence and availability of those identities not focussed towards the human domain, but the plant kingdom, if that language could be used.
These things are not new. They have been well understood for millennia. The present Western civilisation is an anom
ly in that sense. And placing awareness even within the 20 000 year range, it is overdue for a contemporary record to be made to support the old stories, for they have been somewhat distorted over time.
So it is with that intention that we have called you this day back into nature, at least to the extent it is available in proximity to the village of Gore. It is not important that remote landscapes be achieved, as in most regions of the country, accessibility is sufficient by which to attract the attention of those within the devic realm.
The dream of the night before last is significant and is better attended to in terms of its primary message, being "go back to the beginning of the record and enquire again as to the intention expressed there, and thereby evaluate whether that intention has been achieved." You may well agree with us that it has. That being the case, the primary requirement at this point is a modification of the website according to the plans already developed. And by Xmas is soon enough.
Well, that seems to be that. How pleasant it is to be well dressed against the cool breeze and sitting in the full bright sunlight. Thick grass at my feet and sheltered behind a tall farm hedge from the chill southeast wind on this beautiful near-cloudless day. The horizon misty and distant across the valleys. Very pleasant.