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T20:15 Invocation

R I'd like to give thanks for the opportunity to be here together again and have a meal together and in the spirit of gratitude to set the intent to be of service and be open to the opportunity to learn and open our hearts and perceptions to see and hear anybody in spirit who wishes to come and communicate with us.


P I'd like to invite us to join our energies together and extend a space of welcome for those who may come.

J I have an entity with me.

P Good. Welcome.

J But they don't know what to say. It is feminine energy that would speak to us of virtuous deeds deemed by others to be derisable, If that is a word?

^It would seem that in today's society there is little virtue in being virtuous. It is increasingly seen as an attitude devoid of currency. It is a dog eat dog world out there (sorry Buffy) but we maintain the world would be a better palce were there more appreciation of the cardinal virtues. There is much bespoken of cardinal sins within the world which you inhabit and yet there is much goodness in the small deeds which go unseen and unacknowledged. The widespread extent of mass communication which is available throughout most societies in these modern times places much emphasis on all that is remarkable for its evil outcome. We would that you rejoice more in the beauty of life and embrace the joy that blossoms from the performance and receipt of minor virtuous acts. This is life in its essential moment, wearisome though it may generally appear through overexposure to self-serving deeds.

P Why are virtuous deeds virtuous?

J Mm, strange thing! They spring from the Godhead.

P That's not an explanation I can understand.


J ^It is a functioning system deep within which encapsulates an essence of the soul. Sorry, I think that might have been a lot of gobbledygook, but never mind.

R I don't think so.

P I don't think so but it just occurred to me that I don't feel any understanding of the term – either virtue or Godhead.

R The term Godhead is a reflection of God within us. And a virtuous act is one that has no self-interest and it rejoices in the good of humankind and being of service in a way is also a reflection of god which springs from within us, from the godhead.

P So it's an expression of love in a way which benefits somebody else?

R Yes.

J Thank you Richard. Because the entity left me and went off to you. Was that something you reasoned or something that came to you?

R I think it was a bit of both, actually. I find it hard to tell.

J Well, I feel completely free of any visitation now.

R The other point is that it is also an expression of joy, which I suppose is all bound up with love and service.

P It's an indictment of the 'me' generation, isn't it.

R Yes, although I suspect that all generations are me generations, it's just that it's not quite as open as it has been before. The me generation feels less guilt about it.


J Peter?

P Mm.

J We bid you welcome and would that you speak with us.

T 21:03

R An animal-like entity, like a Meerkat or something like that came over to me and it's on my left, kind of leaning up against me, but watching you, Peter.

P Really!?

R Mm.

J They're so cute. Maybe it's wondering why it didn't rate a mention in the other ensouled species?

P The list :-)

J (playfully) Me! Me! Want to pat me?

P In the spirit of welcoming all comers - ;-)

J Even a mere kat? ;-)

P Yes :-)

^Naturally this is a humorous indication in order to raise a number of questions. The questions of course are related to the information given in these days concerning the species of animal communicatable with or associatable with for the purpose of rendering some information or message to the human where the human is not themselves accessible. And this is the normal situation where some information is desired to be conveyed either from the person themselves in their wish or intention or from the spiritual identity in order to influence the individual or change their willingness to participate or capacity to participate so as to render more free the transfer of potentially useful information to them.

In that situation the individual, if they have around them some suitable identity or species which can be associated with for the purpose of influencing the behaviour in a way which has capacity to capture the attention of the human in question, then that is simply one means to do that. And so many species are capable of being influenced in those ways and the list is rather more extensive than given thus far.

The reason we do not wish to be exhaustive at this time with such a list is that its present extent is sufficient to stretch the credulity of many individual. However, we would make partiuclar note of the tradition in this country of influencing the piwakawaka, the fantail, as a means of conveying information concerning approaching death. That is one small example. There are many others but we do not intend to list them in detail but simply raise the awareness of the individuals present here that wer they to pay attention to such things they would have the capacity to receive communications by observing unusual behaviour, and this is an opportunity to bring a little more clarity to one particular event where exactly that bird species was prompted to rest briefly upon this man's finger. And that was a spiritually influenced act which would not otherwise have happened.

The rarity of that class of event is a means by which to assign spiritual significance by the casual observer if they have been educated into the mindset that allow that categorisation of unusual behaviour.

So we take the opportunity to alert each one present, including the four legged friend that indeed its own behaviour may, with its permission, be influenced at some particular time. That is done more frequently than is currently recognised and so this is the means by which we may advertise that fact and thereby alert its observers to some unexpected aspect of its behaviour. And so it can be for each of the animals surrounding these three, either permanently or temporarily, and by saying this we alert you to observe such things, to note them mentally or formally and to accumulate any such events into some kind of log for future sharing.

J Thank you for your presence.

R Mm! That's most interesting. We have a bunch of fantails around our house and in the last couple of years they've become particularly talkative and will often come and chatter away. In the summer when the doors are open they come in and flutter around and chatter to us. They're really cheeky and then flutter out again.

J I don't know that I would recognise the chirp of a fantail. Tell us more about your being sat upon.

R Oh, not I.

J Ok, Peter, were you sat upon by a fantail at some (time)?

P It was at a Vipassana retreat 10 years ago or something, and one alternates sitting with walking and it's a bush area and there have been walks cut through the bush, scrubby sort of regrowth, it's not forest. And I was on one of the paths and there was a fantail fluttering around so I stood very still and put my finger up as a potential perch. And it rested there for perhaps half a second, just long enough for ti to feel -

J That you were not dead wood after all.

P Yes, exactly, the warmth of my finger, and it flew away. And I heard from very close - “you are very blessed!” And I felt exactly so. It was a beautiful experience of interaction with a friendly little feathered creature. A very peaceful sort of blessed moment.

J So did I hear right, that they are associated with death.

P Mm, talking about Maori tradition. If a fantail comes into your house it's a sign of impending death somewhere.

J How does that sit with you, Richard? Did anybody die last summer?

R No family members or anything life that.

P It's a tradition, but I doubt it's always the case. It would probably need to be recognised or accompanied by a feeling or something.

R There was one death associated with a fantail. We had on that liked to come into our bedroom and saw itself in the mirror and it would flutter around and poop all over the place and it was creating a heck of a mess. I thought “I'm gong to scare it so it won't come back again. So I got hold of a squash racket and closed the doors and chased it around the room. Unfortunately it tired, and I was a bit too quick and I hit it!!! I was absolutely devastated. I burst into tears. I don't recall but I presume it was actually dead rather than just stunned. Yeah, because it was such a beautiful little creature!

J It was definitely associated with death.

R Yeah. We have one or two now who come into the lounge and we've got a rabbit-ears type aerial and it clings onto one of those at a particular point and just sits there and twitters until I -

J Get your squash racquet!

R Till I chase it and it's like a game, they go round and round. But it poops every time it lands on that aerial so we had to put a newspaper in a strategic place.

J How accommodating!

P I think there's a message there for you Richard. I dunno what it its, but …

R Not always but most of the time I'm delighted because they're so cheeky and joyful. And it is like cheeky. They go round and cling onto the light cord or something and twitter away. And they also clear out – you hear their beaks snap, snap, snap. Quite a sharp crack, so they are getting little insects and stuff, whatever happens to around, I suppose.

J We see them in the orchard a lot because they reckon that people walking in the orchard stir up the insects.

R Yes I'm sure that's true. They're attracted to people in the bush because we stir up little bugs and they flutter around and harvest them. But they seem to have more interest than just food because they come inside sometimes when we are outside and they come and twitter away and its like a form of communication and very joyful.

P Yes, I love it.

J I heard a scientist on the radio getting all excited about crows being the only intelligent bird that recognises itself. And yet if yours are coming in and looking in the mirror?

R Well they're recognising another bird, I would say.

J I wonder if some animals can see anything in a mirror and recognise it as being another creature.

R I've held our cats and dogs up to a mirror and they don't respond.

P They tend to look away from the reflection of themselves.

J So do I. Quickly ;-)

P Perhaps for different reasons ;-) (ongoing conversation not transcribed)

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