20150520 prc welcome to the future at challinor

20/05/2015 prc welcome to the future at challinor



At 38 Challinor Street. I've been directed up here for reasons which were unclear to me and yet since getting here and sitting as requested, I have perceived the presence of what appears to be a deva in the back yard. So that's really nice. I've been explicitly welcomed here and informed that I'll be very happy. And that will be excellent. Today I've receive notification along with the other members of the SpiritGreens community, however large that is, that they have elected to circulate my suggestion that the Kosmic Web be examined as some basis for extracting a spiritual principle for the Green Charter. It feels like a success against odds. And success this time around as against death in Spain on attempting to introduce the German Idealist then radical notions against the inquisitor, for which they got my head. So I feel a surge of freedom.

It feels very tranquil here. I give thanks for the welcome and feel that I have played my part successfully now. And want to place on record the comment I had that this is a humble abode in terms of our culture at this time. And I've had visualisations of the room downstairs comprising the School premises in colours of peach, and perhaps requesting a palette from Carolyn Longden and or Heidi. I don't know why Heidi? Perhaps to make that an attractive place, warm and inviting rather than cool or clinical or suggesting business, a business office.

^There are a number of things that we would say at this time in relation to the intention now verging on actualised, of making the transition to these premises. We would say first the following:

There are opportunities here which do not exist at the Sillary Street location. There are cohorts present in this street which will form allies. There will be a slow transition of individuals who elect this street because of the presence of this cohort so far as it exists at this time. It will declare this street to be an enlightened street in the sense of fostering that spiritual quality. That sense of enlightenment will spread progressively over the centuries far from here. But it is a suitable location in many senses – proximity to the river, proximity to green space surrounding the river, proximity to a groundswell of transition in terms of the local community, as this is a community in transition in the socio-economic sense as well as refurbishment of the dwellings now averaging nearly 40 years old.

Its capability to embrace you will be realised in the 5 year time frame. The changes will be resisted at the council level, yet they have no ultimate power to resist what is locally approved. We suggest the following: Befriending neighbours, after introductions. Introducing after that, the idea that it will be helpful to modify the building envelope to accumulate additional vehicle storage. In fact it matters not particularly where such vehicles are stored. Any of the schemes so far envisaged could be accommodated and worked with.

The idea of an accommodation equivalent to a single garage is short-sighted and inadequate. The proper operation requires the full present garage floor space. There will eventually be determined that a small degree of internal subdivision will be fruitful because the School computing system is better sustained as separate and the office function maintained as separate.

Eventually the opportunity of a part-time staff member will be appropriate. That is some years away.

By these means this humble dwelling can be customised appropriately and adequately to accommodate warm renewal in the spiritual sense. The lighting is inadequate and will need to be customised. The floor sealing is essential. The carpeting then available. Second hand industrial carpet is available and best. It need not be new. The vestibule is an essential component because of the physical separation, a transitional zone that it creates between the sense of tranquillity already apparent. And it is to be screened and shielded from the interior access.

The colours red and orange are to be excluded, except the foundational components of the peach hue. The particular blue of both midnight and evening sky comprise the palette and by its colour is differentiated. Furniture is to be simple. More meditation stools can be obtained. They are not in fact expensive and it establishes a suitable precedent for those who wish to sit for long periods, as some will do.

An initiative in meditation style is to be offered. It is essentially the Vipassana style, except modified with the explicit expectation that once biographical experience and trauma is laid to rest, then within the resulting tranquillity, communication with the higher self can be confidently expected. This merely represents the experience of the group to date in the ten year period and can be confidently advertised, with the proviso that it is a long term goal.

The practice is the necessary foundation. And the part of the room fitted with windows is the appropriate location for that activity, because introspection is appropriately interleaved with a glimpse of sky and its far horizon.

The soundproofing is adequate, in the sense that life everywhere contains small sounds. This is not a location in the country and for those wishing that degree of isolation then that is the appropriate place to go.

And so we come to you in this place instead of the other (Sillary) as an introduction to the entire adequacy of this location, especially in relation to the portal placed in proximity. That portal need not be discussed and yet it is explicitly what supplies the special tranquillity. The capacity to notice it having been developed, then each individual who elects to find it here can be simple confirmed as having valid introspective capacity. In that sense it may be utilised as a key of progress and a marker of progress in perceptual reach, using that particular term as an indicator of perceptual reach on the agapéic scale in frequency terms. It is the source of much good which is to come to this place and you, our agent. Go in peace.

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