20091001 hg relaxation is enough

1/10/2009 hg relaxation is enough


P I had to dash out and borrow my friend Janet's dictaphone this morning because the batteries had gone flat and I couldn't enter the date and it just didn't seem to be working properly but it seems to have come right, I don't know what the story is.

Pm It might have need a holiday ;-)

P Maybe. (more conversation not transcribed) I'd like to give thanks for the opportunity to meet this morning and were Julie to join us in her absence she would be most welcome, otherwise may her days be easy with her children. …

Pm There is an energy to my left, a presence.

P&H Welcome.

X Thank you.

P How may we help?

X If I said I was just passing through it would sound rather strange.

P Not really, that happens sometimes.

X May I commune with you?

P Certainly you may. Rest here as long as you wish.

X Thank you. I feel peaceful. I feel that I am beginning the journey, a voyage of discovery. I did not feel fear over this. I feel excitement – a sense of what will be will be. Maybe if I just sit with you for a time I will find a direction.

P Good. And when you look around yourself what do you see?

X It's very peaceful, serene. A sense of parks of flowers and space and all that for me brings inner peace, inner well-being. But now I look and it's not that I wasn't the space filled – I enjoy the space, I enjoy my freedom – I feel that there is another aspect to it for me to discover. I think that expresses it.

P Ok, well continue to be alert for changes around you and let us know when that happens.

X Thank you, I will, and blessings to you all.

P And the same to you.

X Thank you. I feel the oneness and it is beautiful !! I feel it and this I know is what I seek to know with all my being, the oneness of the unity, the unity of will and purpose. So be it. I'll sit quiet.

Pm Heidi, your cloak of love is with you again.

H Thank you.

Pm It's just like an embrace, a warmth like a cloak offered to you to wrap yourself in and feel that you are not alone, never alone, very loved. …

P Let's have a little catchup and see how we are getting on? What's happening for you, Heidi?

H Nothing. Just peaceful.

Pm I've twice felt very surrounded, light, uplifted but not in the sense of to come through, very beautiful. Otherwise, the bus is late ;-)

P It is a bit. I was just thinking that last Thursday I had again this opportunity to watch you just blissed-out. :-) Well it was my turn last week and it was so unusual because (it was) just perfect peace and no agenda. I mean, “wot me, no agenda, wot?!” I always have agendas, about 20 of them lined up So this was so unusual!

Pm It's so beautiful, isn't it.

P Yes it's odd because it feels unproductive, but then that's an agenda to be productive!

Pm Of course it's part of our journey as well. We aid others if they come through to choose it but otherwise we're finding our direction.

P Just being instead of the constant (doing).

Pm And the sharing of energy, the oneness of it. I often drive along and I'll look at people and I'll expand my perception and think “we are all one” But we put on this cloak (body, and it doesn't seem that way) So I sometime have fun that way.

P I felt to begin with that the last week there has been this emphasis on revision as I'm getting back into language revision as I've got that job. I had my first class last night so there has been a lot of reading and catching up, all the anxiety, but I get there and it's fine. And so when I began to sit here I was functioning from here down, all the focus was here (not towards spiritual perceptiveness). And then I sensed that energy in proximity and it's like the shutters went up and I lifted my gaze from the mundane and felt surrounded. I sometimes get this funny feeling as if a helmet is coming down but it's just all the energy around my head. And so eventually I felt fully open instead of blinkered down on these levels. So it was quite nice but still being just present without any particular agenda to do anything and seemingly unable to look past, look much outside myself.

Pm Maybe it's a renewal phase for you. When you are seeking to be an aid to a lot of people you are giving a lot and maybe it's time for you to receive, re-energise and just be in your space because this journey is your journey.

P Absolutely. Ok, lets settle in again and see what happens next? … It seems like somebody want to talk now.

P Welcome.

^ We come again on this fine morning in order to provide the optimal conditions for the continuation and continued sustenance of the participants in this small group. That the continuation happen is a necessary and sufficient outcome. The process of reception of specific or detailed or even general information is not a prerequisite, it is not necessary. It is a benefit and a bonus but not essential. Only those with intellectual aspirations would consider such to be the case and although to some extent that is the character and nature of the individual through whom we speak it is not in fact our agenda, merely his expectation.

The capacity to participate in these ways is the first and most important faculty to be encouraged and developed within participants. The connection at the clearest and the deepest levels between the indwelling spirit and the expressed personality is the principal advantage to be conveyed through these activities. Only secondary to that is the promulgation of any externally dispersed information, protocols or understanding about how to achieve that same process. And so when you sit, focussing inwards and seeing and feeling the centre of peace within, that is the desired result and not much more than that.

For these outcomes we proffer opportunities and assistance in the form of shaping the energetic fields which surround the individuals and influence those in such a way as to contribute to the development of a group energy, a group comfort and a group process. The responsibility for reciprocating goodwill is from the level of the individual, not this level.

So we note that that process is automatic in the sense of goodwill being shared fully and our contribution is in the form, as we have said, of the energetic-level intervention in order to smooth, ease and maximise the capacity that you all share now, to be at peace and for the worldly personality to access that peace in order to remind it of its centre. That is sufficient and renewing and a major benefit and a motivating factor for this ongoing function in your lives.

We bid you fair dwelling in the various circumstances and stresses that you experience. Coming back to the centre periodically is sufficient. It is not human nature to inhabit that state continuously. Blessings be upon you all.

Pm Thank you for those beautiful words and wisdom.

P The part I relly like about that is that it says to sit here and do absolutely nothing is what it's all about Well, hallelujah to that I can cope with that!!! :-)

Pm Me too. :-)

H That's what I thought when you said when they said it wasn't necessary to be in this state all the time, just occasionally to recharge.

Pm It's like recharging your batteries. Our journey is one of self-exploration as in our power to know who we are and to be it.

P I have a sense of getting out in the world and wrestling it this way and that way and invoking all kinds of force and energy and impact and – that's hard work!!

P I've never actually felt like that. I think I've always been peaceful in my seeking and open to what will come but not had an actual feeling I had to go and find it or do it.

P The undertone that I felt in saying that was that I had been wrestling with my brothers and building a presence in a competitive family and it has shaped me.

Pm And it shapes our thought about things right from very young, doesn't it.

(more discussion about about individual personality development in our families not transcribed)

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