20200529 prc Spiral dynamics

I've been requesting text in clarification of the intentions to adequately describe the origin and construction and context for the intended image, situating a person embodied, living on the surface of the planet, experiencing the trajectory and rotation of that planet. It occurs to me that it deserves description not confined to this planet but the general case, of which this is a special case?
^And so we would have to say that the realisations thus far have been supportive of the general understanding that where an individual takes a body, occupies it for some time, then they necessarily experience the planetary rotation, the planetary orbit around the local star, the movement of that star within the galaxy it occupies, and the movement of the galaxy within the universe. That general case is understandable through the particular case of an individual on this planet, and that is who we are addressing.
And so this particular instance of that general case is necessarily factored into the description of life on this planet, in which bodies grow in co-association with the in-dwelling spirit.
And so throughout history, there have been on various occasions, those sensitive individuals who have found their understanding stretched by the experience of as if tumbling through space, experiencing rotation, experiencing instruction that there is a physical world and a spiritual world. And they can be construed as if occupying complementary planes, cleaved to one another and with a ninety degree orientation or displacement between the physical and spiritual planes. And that is the origin of the understanding leading to the cross as emblem manifesting in a variety of religions through time, and taken up by the emergence of Christianity.
The precedents for that are several, and earlier examples of that illustration can be found and have been identified in a variety of other locations both East and West. The rotation has been indicated in several ways, the simplest of which is a trail at the tip, intended to refer to and remind any observer that yes, there is a slow rotation of that pair of planes. As such things do, the illustration of that has been codified and examples of that have become memes in their own right, and associated with a variety of different religions at different times, as we have said. It has been taken into patterns of decoration on fabric and other media, and over time, disconnected from its origins.
So we take this opportunity to affirm again the ancient origins, the ancient understanding, supplemented by this fresh explanation as to not only the esoteric meaning, but also the physical meaning within astronomy and cosmology.
The primary error, of course, is that the intention to illustrate the existence of both physical and spiritual fields of existence, have been subsumed into a pair of lines, one transposed at ninety degrees from the other. This is false. The physical horizon is the obvious origin for that horizontal line. The orientation at right angles proceeding into the sky, derives from the frequent experience that there is a vertical dimension to spiritual movement, and an origin for spiritual communicants to be displaced in the vertical direction. This has had a number of unfortunate consequences, which we intend to unpack and to demote through a more detailed understanding.
The translation of that into a contaminated relationship between communicants and the individual recipient of such communications, is that the experience of such a communicant tending to be perceived as coming from the forwards and upwards quadrant and location relative to the individual percipient, has become historically coupled into the natural dominance and submissiveness of social hierarchical relationship within animal species on this planet. And so it has tended to be interpreted as requiring a condition of submission, with its associated postures. We take this opportunity to declare that none of those things are appropriate, primarily because every such communication with an identity in spirit, is best viewed as a spiritual equal to the recipient. And so we seek
to decontaminate these suggestions of relative value that have become traditionally assigned to the mystic and their god, and thereby is revealed the primary contaminant in the word 'god'. It is much more appropriate to view every such communication as from one identity occupying the spiritual domain to another identity also occupying the spiritual domain, but happening to be co-associated with a physical form. There is no necessity for inequality in that relationship.
A difference is, that whereas the physically embodied identity is in fact tumbling through space at the rate of movement determined by the rate of rotation of their planet, the rate of rotation of the planet around its star and the rate of rotation of the star around the centre of its galaxy. And the spiritual identity not embodied does not do those things.
So this can be invoked as a primary distinction between an embodied spiritual identity and any non-embodied spiritual identity. The pace of such movement, even at the hundreds of kilometres per second range, as is common, is no impediment to ongoing proximity and communication between the embodied and non-embodied identities. The intention to reach one another for communication is sufficient.
Well that's rather different from what I expected. And rather more clear.