20060116 prcjlo agenda 2006

16/01/2006 prcjlo agenda 2006


Prcjlo 20060116 Agenda 2006

P ^We come on this occasion to re-cement the connection between those whom we love and those who love us, in this instance this duo. The signal concerning the activity of the candle was indeed an indicator of presence of spirit. We do not imply that specifically as being ourselves, but others who are present, and who chose to utilise that technique of indicating presence, and intention to signal the presence by that means. We differentiate between ourselves and those others who are present, because they are in fact many.

The awareness that you have, the expectation that you have of those others who are either brought present or who gather of their own volition – that awareness is kept low in relation to you, because that is not the prime function of these times. It is mostly to enable the dialogue, to enable the practice of the method of engaging levels higher than are associated with the bulk of the individuals who come present. That is by our design, it is not in any sense a limitation of your own.

If you chose to focus your attention on those levels, you would perceive them. But we choose to engage a higher aspect of your joint energy for the purpose specifically of imparting information, and sustaining relationship in the interests of our longer term goals. For which reason we engage your attention this moment, for we have as our agenda for this coming year another sequence of activities both joint and singular, for the purpose of clearing the astral levels associated with the physical places (you go). That has come to be a feature of your joint skill, and again in both the singular and plural senses. And there are many locations for which it has been our pledge to enliven with the energy that we bring.

We will mention in passing the effect of the one through whom we speak, whose nightly sojourn was on Paku, the Tairua lava outcrop. And the intention on that occasion, although it was obscure at that time, the intention was specifically a clearing of that site. The only focus at that time was of that rocky outcrop, and not more generally, neither north nor south nor west from there, but the persistent identities, who had in their own minds elected to stay for their own purposes. It was in their interests to invite them to proceed further towards their intended future, which they did, so do not expect to encounter them there on your next visit, because they have already left while you slept.

It was the necessary presence that enabled that intervention. It was not necessary for you to be involved, apart from issuing the initial invitation to us, which you dutifully did, initiated also by us. And so that cooperative activity was successful, for which we thank you. So, vague and inconclusive though it may have seemed at the time, it was in fact a useful and intentional act.

So be prepared, both of you, for invitations in future, to carry out that category on intervention on your level. There are many such individuals who, through their predilection for association with the physical level, remain inappropriately attached to the physical level, and it is our intention to assist in the progressive clearing of your realm, as we have stated in the past and conducted activities in association with you previously. It is our preference that that be ongoing, and we seek your ongoing approval and cooperation.

The coming trip to Matapaua will be an opportunity for the one alongside you to intentionally participate, so we request ongoing awareness, continuous ongoing awareness, to the degree that that can be managed, so as to note and cooperate with those beings whom you find trapped or lingering in that area. And there are several. The association can be continued also by the one through whom we speak in the home location, for there is an abundance of individuals associated in particular with the region of the place where so many die, being the local hospital. And not all proceed onwards as they could.

So this class of activity is of ongoing relevance and significance to us, and in particular, in our category of service, to this domain, to which we have a related contract. Your contribution to that contract is in our interests, and that of others whom you will never know, but a few of whom you will encounter for teaching purposes for you.

So that is one layer of the agenda for the coming year. Another layer is for you to continue to meet, if you will, and conduct your relational activities as you choose, and your meditative activities jointly in association with us, and it will be our considerable pleasure to participate with you in those in this coming time period. There are other layers of learning which we have begun to introduce at the end of the prior year, and we intend to continue in a progressive and developmental way, to assign new ideas and skills at the rate at which you can absorb them, and that can be faster than you can imagine. so be prepared to be exhilarated in the process! (end)

J Interestingly, when you spoke of the presence of many others, I was feeling chilled at the time.

P Yes, I was just having a look around (in the astral) and all I can see is, as if somewhat high and far away on the right, there seems to be a spiritual presence of some sort, I can’t see any detail at all. And nothing else around. Can you see anything else around?

J No. Nothing.

Later, at home: P I’ll take this opportunity to comment on or describe the final event of the meditation time with Janet and our spiritual consort this evening. The really amusing thing was that the candle that Janet had lit to put at the foot of the bed that we were sitting on, varied in brightness quite dramatically at different times during the meditation time, and I thought that perhaps it was being used as an indicator of spiritual presence. But when I looked around at the end of the meditation ... the candle was burning with a very strange low flame as if it was not far from going out by being flooded or something, except that it didn’t look like that. It was quite a short cylindrical candle in a clear moulded glass holder, with an angled top so as to promote an even flow of air around the flame and upwards, so it was a well designed candle-holder, so I didn’t really understand why the flame was behaving as it did. However, I decided to finish the meditation session and kiss Janet briefly, and the instant our lips touched, the candle flame shot up high, giving the impression of a photographic flash, and it continued to burn with that unrestrained high flame for some time before Janet blew it out. And it was so clearly intentional, that the point of the sudden flaring of the light was to mark the instant of the kiss, as if to make it highly visible! And it was extremely funny, and generated the sense of, “well, if you are going to do that, expect to be seen!”

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