20110101 prc peaceful start to the new year_agenda

1/01/2011 prc peaceful start to the new year_agenda


^We come on this morning to bring succour to the affliction of the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new. To determine it to be succour of course is merely amusing, unkempt and original, for the new year is as full of promise as any other and the progressive determination of the parameters of study are what will make it special.

The capacity to communicate this way will be enhanced for the duration of this transmission as there are several confounding factors. Such confounding factors need to be addressed one by one, in this instance. … Now that that has been dealt to we may continue.

Cohabitation with others is specifically to be avoided this year. There are many attributes yet to be traversed which would otherwise convey dissension and unwillingness into the mind of this one through whom we speak.

Now that the bulk of the assembly work of the raw data has been concluded, we request more extensive time in this fashion. Not necessarily for dialogue or even monologue, but just restoring the capacity for clear communication at any moment. The issue of the identity responsible for the impact between vehicles and consequent damage has been detached from his location and despatched to his proper place. It is sufficient now to merely request these things and the resources are available to ensure the request is acceded to. So there is no necessity to berate oneself for incapacity to communicate when the desired identity with whom communication is sought is simply unavailable.

We recommend that a truthful description be given of the circumstances related to the impact between vehicles because that has the capacity to alert not only yourself but also others as to a clustering effect linking a history of vehicle damage. It is not for you to pursue, in this instance, but some curious other person who can do the legwork in relation to that event. So anxiety related to that event can be eliminated by understanding the limits of appropriate action in this instance.

The issue of examination and exploration of influence-ability of a human from the astral level is a complex and profound field which lies some distance in the future for discussion and exploration, and in the present merely constitutes a diversion from the current series of agendas, so there will be no information forthcoming in relation to that for several years. It is an extensive topic in its own right, and we have other priorities, as you well understand.

The woman Rita is to be encouraged to record for posterity the events with which she is familiar within her own family as to the nature of curious events stimulated by her mother, and will bring closure within that family and is a worthwhile honouring of unusual capacities manifest in the human. The collection of such stories is the means by which the external enactment of communication is made evident. The means by which such unusual actions are stimulated is closer to this path we tread together than hers. So appropriate encouragement is relevant and desirable and a means by which you may retain some connection with that interesting person.

The framework of understanding which is our task to create is the means by which such story collections may be examined and sustained and made sense of in future generations. Otherwise they constitute merely curiosities unresolvable. So go now to your day with this beginning centred in peace as a means by which to derive the necessary initiative from a trusted condition.

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