20091022 prcjlogrb cooked heads

22/10/2009 prcjlogrb cooked heads


Note: About ½ hr silences are not otherwise indicated between the main sections of this transcript.

Initial banter not transcribed

J What on Earth do we do with our lives? What are lives about? Why are we here?!! That's my existential questions!

R Well, you're about to find out. If you just listen.

P It's a fairly relevant question. But I'm glad you're here.

J Thanks, Peter, but … You know that any day now if given the choice, you know which one I'll take !! ;-) … Mm, there seems to be some (spiritual) activity about, anyway.

R What do you feel?

J Just energy.

P I seem to be very hot around my eyes. … I'd like to welcome you both here, and ask that we be elevated to the appropriate level for this evening, and that we assist that process by intending our ascent on the haric level, and that all assistance be given, and that we be joined in spirit by those that would prefer this opportunity to have discourse or interaction of any kind. …

P Can we have a little catchup as to what's going on now?

R It's taken me a while to wind down. I'm not sure I'm aware of anyone around me.

P What's your perception of the quality of the energy around you?

R It certainly does seem to be buzzing.

J And you, Peter, What about you?

P I've had a persistent feeling of that helmet effect over my head, and sensitivity over the brow chakra and the crown, and it seems to have got down to the heart level, which is pretty unusual. Just warmth from that, all around my eyes and ears in particular is where I'm feeling it. No visual perceptions of anybody around. That hasn't featured at all, although I thought I detected some interest at this level over on my left, and I just basically told them to go away.

J Why?

P It seemed to be appropriate in that moment. But yes I've also taken a while to wind down. What about you, Janet?

J Mm, I could ditto all of that.

P So there seemed to be an issue of trust, and just progressively allowing a deep relaxation. On a few occasions in the past I've felt this quality of warmth, but not often. And this has a particular stability about it, continuous, like there's a heat lamp somewhere above my head, which is gently persistent. It's quite nice. Fried brains, anyone?

J Fried brains?

P Well, if the heat persists ;-) …

P Can we have an update as to what's going on?

J Yes. ;-) What's been going on for you?

P It seemed to be appropriate for me to get into a more balanced physical posture, but I also had the impression that I noticed a slow as if wave-like pattern in the energy flow, a 5-6 second repeated cycle of the flow progressing downwards, and seemed to be affecting the nadi level, the fine structure in the aura, and a bit like combing it straight, or combing it clean. And that was interesting, as if my mind was becoming more ordered, as if it were a kind of energetic cleansing. How abut you, Richard?

R I feel a kind of heaviness on my body, my hands feel quite hot, and I'm not sure if it's activity or just heaviness around my forehead.

P I presume this is a spiritually induced energetic activity that we are being subjected to for some purpose, and it seems to be benign, and probably constructive. What's it been like for you, Janet?

J It's been a very deep peace. It keeps getting interrupted for updates!

P Sorry! ;-( It did remind me about some of the states I've got into at Vipassana sometimes. …

P Well, where are we up to? J P The effect seems to have got less, for me.

J Mm.

R At one point it seemed to me that Janet and I had disappeared from my field of view, and there was only you, Peter, but you were very tall, 20 feet or so.

J Goodness me. It's all a bit much.

P Somebody else, I think, Richard.

R Could be.

P At one point I had a quick image as if there were somebody behind me and as if with hands over my head, and I wondered if that were something that were true each of us? I must say I feel much more serene than when we began.

J&R Mm.

J It was a very peaceful time. No noise, no words, no nothing.

P No, just energy presence. Most unusual.

J So is that what it feels like at Vipassana?

P That sense of serenity? Sometimes, yes. Not all the time, but getting to that place much more often than one would otherwise. And a sense of clarity of mind.

J Richard, do you ever take time to meditate at home?

R Yes, but not very often, not nearly as often as I intend to do.

J I don't often get into that state.

P Yes, well, it's after nine o'clock.

J So?

P The last time I enquired, it was half past eight. It didn't seem that long. Richard, did you feel any kind of activity at the nadi level?

J I don't understand what you mean by that.

P The fine structure of the aura. The links between the minor chakras, the energy meridians and their connections.

J Well Richard, did you?

P He knows all about these things, much better than I do.

R I don't actually. I wasn't sure when you said nadis, what you were talking about.

P Oh really! Oh sorry! I don't know where I picked up that terminology from.

R I'm aware of my chakras at times, aware of my hands and my head, but I haven't actually focussed on the energy meridians.

J I had noticed that when I had my hands on my thighs earlier on, I was very aware of a heat transfer, which I don't normally feel. If I have my hands on my thighs, they are just there! (but this time) a penetration of heat.

R Is there a character to your right, Peter? Alongside you?

P Now?

R Mm.

P Oh. Don't know. (looks internally) Could be. I did ask for some sort of wrap up or explanation. Mm.

^The invitation of this evening was for a joining together and a mutual cleansing in order to participate in a broad and general level of high intensity energy flow. The capacity to participate in these ways has been enhanced in all three. The willingness to participate has been enhanced in all three. The evidence required in order to participate has been provided through the sensation associated with the cleansing process. The energy was of a high order. It was deliberately injected into this domain and focussed in this particular space, and directed individually into the three individuals present. The activity of this is rare. It is an anointing, to use traditional religious language, an anointing from on high, and is the origin of the original phrase 'to be anointed'. That verb derives from the sense of energetic activity around the head, as if blessed with blessed oil. The willingness that you each participate in this way on this day has been heralded for some time. The explicit permission was not necessary as it has been previously given. Therefore, without any introduction or fanfare, the process was simply instigated, to the direct perception of each.

The consequences will be various. Generally speaking, an increased willingness to participate in these ways individually as well as collectively. The connection with one's purpose has been specifically stimulated, and so look for and expect, and expect to accept a simpler relationship with one's purpose for being here. An additional degree of clarity concerning what that is, and additional acceptance and willingness to enact that. It is the participation in these ways that constitutes a blessing to oneself as well as to all others one comes in contact with, and hence influences in their spiritual journey, and that very activity constitutes your own.

This activity of this evening will be repeated again sporadically, as determined by the multitude of influences coming into maximum alignment with this intention. And so learn to simply expect that 'it's one of those nights', for not dialogue nor discourse, but for energetic level treatment for enhanced alignment on the energetic level, rather than enhanced understanding on the mental level. That is all.

J Do you feel enhanced?

R I think I do, actually.

P I think I do. At one point I seemed to glimpse some future as if more clearly. So that bit about enhanced alignment seemed right. I could certainly do with decreased resistance to all these odd things!

J Decreased resistance to what odd things?

P Well, like, automatically saying yes, instead of automatically putting on the brakes when asked to do something from that level. It does feel nice to be simply comfortable in one's skin, though! Contented.

J Mm! Without the need to be 'doing'.

P Exactly! … [collective bliss here] … if I feel like this at the end of my life I'll be pretty happy.

R You mean just before the firing squad …

P (laughs) Yeah! That would be good! Because the method of exit wouldn't matter, would it?

R No.

P It will be interesting to notice how long this feeling persists. … I'd like to give thanks for a most unusual evening. [silent energy sharing] … Interesting that the space down below seemed to open up. I've never seen that before. There seemed to be a lot of flow.

R I'm quite cold now. I was hot in the early part of the meditation, then it switched off.

[departure chat not transcribed]

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