20080918 prcjlogrb climbing rescue_spiderweb metaphor

18/09/2008 prcjlogrb climbing rescue_spiderweb metaphor


20080918 Climbing rescue_spiderweb metaphor

Through Peter

P There’s something strange in my neck area, I don’t understand it, as if someone has been hung or had their neck broken, either deliberately killed or in a fall, I don’t know which. And maybe a belief that speech is thereby not possible. I’m not sure of any of that.

^And so we begin a brief illustration of the way in which symptoms can be interpreted non-verbally. The neck in question was broken by accidental fall. The owner of the neck is present, yet declines to speak out of persistence in their belief that that is a controlling factor for them, even without a body. This recalcitrant individual has been persistent for many years in their refusal to acknowledge the reality of their demise on the one hand, even though they react as if the demise were true on the other hand. This inner conflict has locked them into an inability to proceed further. Will you help this one?

R We will try. Can you convey your message and your thoughts to us by projecting them into the mind of Peter, who will speak for you. We wish to know what you have to say.

X I seem to be in confusion, because I know that my neck is severely damaged. I know that I was not able to speak for some time. And then … a kind of darkness came, and then … and that hasn’t changed, and I thought I couldn’t talk, I thought I couldn’t move, and I seemed not able to move. And I couldn’t see, and I couldn’t see myself. I thought I was blind. I tried to call out yet there seemed to be nobody responding. It was very confusing! I grew despairing. I felt no one near, heard nothing. I was confused! Where had they gone? Surely they would come to get me? And no one came, and I lost track of time. And it feels like a long time or it could be yesterday and I cannot tell the difference. It was very confusing for me.

R You are communicating well with us. What would you like to happen now? What’s your wish?

X Clarify my understanding! I know not my circumstances. Where am I? Where am I? I don’t know where I am. I was climbing, and climbing well and quickly, and proceeding according to plan. It was a good face to climb! And there was my companion, I thought. But I can find no trace of him now.

R It appears you may have fallen and broken, and you are now in a transition stage. You spoke before of people not coming. Who would you like to come for you?

X I cannot just accept what you say!! There is no reality to it. Surely I am lying on the ground somewhere, and someone will come. I could not have fallen far, I was roped to the companion. How can this be? I seem to see myself swinging as on a safety rope. But I can’t feel it, I can’t … I hear nothing, surely there should be sounds?

R You’re swinging from a safety rope. What happens next?

X The procedure is that the other pulls one up to safety. That’s the whole point of it. Unless they fell too? Or let me go? Or the rope broke or was cut?

R Have you called for the other?

X I thought so. I heard no reply. I didn’t understand. There ought to be somebody above me supporting me so that when I fell I remained safe. Where has he gone? Or is it … I who have gone? But where? This is …? There should be a logical picture applicable here, there should be a reason! Something cannot just stop!

R Cast your awareness around. What do you perceive?

X I perceive nothing. I am isolated, I have felt nothing, heard nothing, seen nothing!

R Look for light.

X Why? What good would that do?

R There may be something you are not looking for therefore you do not see it. Perhaps it would be helpful.

X There is no discernable logic in that as an action!

R Nevertheless it may be worth trying.

X I can’t even see my hand, let alone anything else! I don’t seem to have any eyes that work anymore. I must have fallen into a cave, or … it’s just so strange!

R How have you perceived us?

X I don’t know, there just seemed to be a presence. I seemed to hear a voice for the first time in a very long time. I will not go! Until I know where I am going, otherwise I cling here. My life depends on it! Who knows where I would go if I let go? In the mountains you have to learn how to hang on! To be prepared to do so long past your beliefs about your endurance have been surpassed. Your life depends upon it. Sometimes your companion’s life depends upon it. You undertake to do these things! In good faith, I cannot stop that, it’s too important. I must stay where I am.

R You seek an explanation for where you are and why you are there and what is happening. Who is the one person you would trust to provide you with the right answer?

X My father. He knows these things better than I. But I last saw him a long time ago, I know not where he is.

R Perhaps you could call for him? Ask him to come.

X But how could he know where to find me? That is not possible. Even I don’t know where I am! How can he find me if I can’t tell him where to come? There is no logic in that.

R Perhaps his perception is different from yours and he will know where to find you. If you don’t call, how will he know?

X How do I know where to go? How can I move from here? I can’t find my hands!

R Cast your mind and your thoughts out to your father.

X He is here. He’s trying to talk to me and I don’t understand him. He can’t have come from nowhere. I don’t understand, it’s completely bizarre! He seems to want me to go with him.

R Then go with him. He’s the person that you trust.

X He’s in fog. Strange black fog! I can see again! And it’s not where I was. I will go. I will go with him. He has found me.

R Go well.

P It was odd, because one seemed to be towing the other. That reluctant idiot being towed away out of the darkness into a much lighter place, not fully light, but … That was weird. An interesting self-immobilising knot of beliefs. Recalcitrant is probably an applicable word.

R ‘It’s not logical therefore I can’t accept it.’ … Do you have someone with you, Janet?

J Maybe, I don’t know. From time to time I‘ve had a woman with her back to me so I don’t know what she looks like. All I can see is a blue dress. Did you have any nuns in your family? [no] She was calling to you, Richard. She was dressed in a matronly way, you know how nuns used to wear short habits to mid-calf with sensible shoes. Oh well, I’ve got it all wrong.

R What shade of blue was it?

J How can I describe it? Sky blue. Deep blue sky.

P Is that military or war-time service dress?

J I guess the other impression was nurse or matron type gear? Other than that, I went for a very nice upward trip, until I was swinging from a spider-web in that slanting afternoon sunlight. It was very peaceful.

R Presumably the spider was on holiday.

P That’s a pretty good image for the connection between the higher self and the lower mind.

J Why?

R Gold thread.

J Mm. Hanging by a thread, reminiscent of people falling off rock faces. ;-) Oh, the power of suggestion!

P That’s a hell of a good metaphor!

J What we need is to come up with a message for somebody. Richard, did you relate to either of your grandmothers? Were they around when you were a small boy?

R Yes, both of them. It was my maternal grandmother I was closer to. She was the one person in my life, not that I saw them much, but the other grandmother was colder, & distant.

P A degree of stillness came, earlier on, and it seems to be coming back, I don’t know what that’s about. I’m also getting really cold knees. I think it might be the woman you were talking about, Janet, that’s the source of the stillness. Someone capable of great calmness, able to radiate that kind of healing. I’ve never seen that as being a particular decision able to be made by an alert individual, to elect to share that sort of feeling, rather than just manifesting it within oneself or connecting to it from outside.

J How old were you when your grandmother died, Richard?

R My maternal grandmother? Eighteen, I think.

J OK, so you were a teenager. No, not getting this right at all. There seems to be someone who passed away when you were 9 or 10.

R I can think of a male, but not a female. It may have been a sister of my grandmother. I can’t think of anybody I was particularly close to, if that is a criterion.

J I don’t think there was a particular closeness. It’s like there was someone who knew you as a small boy and visited with you at your family’s home when you were preschool, and I have an image of you playing outside with an animal of some sort and this particular calling you to say goodbye, she wanted you to come and say goodbye to her. And you look up but you are too preoccupied, and somehow you’re shy of her.

R It could be an aunt.

P There’s no imagery and no words. It’s as if we’re being encouraged to pay attention to the sensations or the feelings, not necessarily to expect dialogue.

J Is that sensation dissipating from you, Peter?

P Yes. It’s changing now.

J The image I had was that this particular child, maybe it wasn’t Richard at all, it was just over in that direction. This woman was wanting this child to say goodbye to her, and eventually the child looked up and smiled and ran up and hugged her, and she left.

P Was that a spirit to spirit interaction even though the child was still alive?

J I get the feeling that the child has now grown up, but she had been hanging around for a long time, just waiting for the child to say farewell.

P Just this sense of stillness, as if a distinct message of ‘don’t worry’, or ‘be at peace’, that sort of thing, ‘all is proceeding as it should’.

J What does the term hiatus mean?

R Pause.

J A hiatus in progression?

P Sure. Another image might be a plateau before ascending again.

R Do you think that was a farewell message? That all is progressing as it should? We quite often have a summation at the end, a drawing of the strings together. It’s a bit different tonight, though.

P I think it could be taken like that because its as if the rate of change has been quite high and now there’s just a pausing to reconsider or re-coordinate without specific expectations of any particular category of activity, and perhaps a clearing of those expectations from events or the pattern of the information received, or whatever, as if there’s a feeling or ‘but wait, there’s more, but we’re not conveying what that might be just now, so be at peace, feel secure, and release expectations, and from that releasing of expectations something unexpected can eventuate, not necessarily contained within the framework of experience of the group so far.’ And that opens the door to some different class or category of experience to come. Perhaps a different phase, or some such.

R Another set of steak knives.

J Another set of steak knives?

R Mm. They said ‘but wait, there’s more!’ ;-)

J Richard’s sitting up there with his bib tucked in and knife and fork at the ready.

R It’s from a tv advert. Sorry, my humour is obscure! ;-) I hope the spooks are very tolerant.

J I was getting the impression they are saying that the three of us are at the moment very much ‘of the world’, being worldly mind-consuming activity. They asked when we last sat down in natural surroundings to ‘contemplate the sanctity of life’, and that we are virtually unapproachable because of the density of energy surrounding us and acting as a shield, deflecting the incoming energetic approaches of those who would communicate with us. We are in effect shutting out those who come in spirit. We are enjoined to take conscious time to cleanse our own auric fields and to be at peace with ourselves in order to open once again the channels of communication which have heretofore been so welcoming of external input.

And we leave you with our love and our blessings and our encouragement to dwell more within the Self than the external chaos.

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