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^We come into your mind and heart at times such as this when the choices are divergent.

The opportunity to conceptualise a competitive relationship and arrangement between the loved other Keith and yourself has the capacity to stem the tide of perception, acumen and constructive negotiation towards beneficent future for humanity and shrink it to a seeking of competitive advantage on the purely human level. The choice made to disregard all such invitations to competitive judgemental suspicion is a necessary step enabling continuance of communication both individually and collectively. It is a necessary challenge by which to establish the degree of generosity of spirit and dissociation from (personal) history, whereby is obtainable a loving and open discourse, rather than a constrained and narrow descent into anonymity and inadequacy as recipients for this teaching. It is simultaneously a developmental step and holds out promise for the series of such steps to continue to open out the opportunity-set rather than constrict it further.

It is in this way that we bring clarification to the degree to which choice is available, as is challenge and tests explicitly devised and derived from and through the higher self level, so as to actively monitor the capricious lower mind in its capricious culpability in determining the course of the ordinary life.

And so that test also was passed. And we give notice that tests continue indefinitely. Given the disparity between existence in the purely spiritual realm in contrast with the compulsive lower mind, interfered with as it can be from the variety of inputs generatable through and from the subconscious levels, it is a necessary technique by which to necessarily continue to sample the condition and consequences of the current embodiment.

And so understanding that that is the case, that it is best understood to be the case and allowed for by detached perspective in the process of ongoing self-observation, then the intelligent individual, alert as to inward process and the ongoing necessity to self-optimise that, can thereby come to understand with increasing clarity their role as a dependent identity.

And we say dependent for the precise reason that the best life is contingent upon ongoing self-examination by self-observation and wise judgement, so as to choose on successive occasions the actions mental and emotional that will lead to an optimal life. And by that we mean a life embodying as much wisdom as one can accrue. For it is only on the basis of continuing to act in a semi-detached manner, observing the emotional responses yet denying their supremacy, observing the mental contents yet denying their supremacy and choosing to act from a dispassionate viewpoint entertaining all factors yet driven by none, that it is possible to guide the ship of one's life towards its most fortunate finality.

Traditionally, to encounter and study books of accumulated wisdom, injunctions, even threats and societal level consequences of laws and educational requirements, is sufficient to produce a lower mind that is cognizant of the multiple factors impinging on it, to both its detriment and constructive guidance. The formation of identity is best guided by such things. Where that formation is within a framework where original identity in terms of its description is absent, for it is never absent in fact, then that disconnect between lower mind awareness of spiritual origin and destiny means that the identity developing at the lower mind is cut off from its roots, to use that familiar phrase.

To have actively avoided the actual connection between lower mind and awareness of higher mind identity and potential for input, leads to a belief in the individual as island, across which bridges of relationship (to others) must necessarily be built by which to enable the sense of connection to community. When the lower mind is already aware of the ongoing and instantly availably connection to the community at the higher self level, then there is no need to establish such bridges to the community at the embodied mind level. But if that is done, then a doubled sense of community is available. To rest securely in the inner connection to the community of loved and loving others means that there need be no dependency in relationship at the inter-mind level with embodied humanity. There are consequences of this.

First, loneliness is impossible. And if present, constitutes a degree of insanity. Second, emotional dependence is extremely unlikely beyond the maturational phase of dependency upon a loving parent. Third, conditions for choice are intrinsically broadened, because from a secure connection to inner identity, the infinite possibility associated with being an embodied human is more readily perceivable and the constraints into definition by others can be casually rejected as the ephemera that they are.

Thus the capacity to self-determine one's life rather than tolerate its inappropriate determination by the intentions of others, means that an entirely personal life trajectory can be developed, congruent with the life plan rather than at odds with it.

And so in this one, having re-established connection to that inner community, then there need be no anxiety and hence no dependence on the definitions created by the embodied community as to what comprises a proper path for the life. This is the fundamental origin of its development into this obscure role as scribe for disembodied identity. It is well that it has done so, for the invitations to avoid that have been many and varied. It is not that this is any more desirable than any other life outcome, merely that the enabling connection to the higher self community is often the missing component preventing such development.

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