20101022 prcjlo asinz continuance_change_task complete

22/10/2010 prcjlo asinz continuance_change_task complete


J Welcome. Why have you come?

P ^We come on this occasion to confirm the indications already given the continuance of the meditation group in spite of challenges and interruptions until December.

The dates elected for closure are appropriate. Nothing is as yet determined regarding the coming year, there are too many variables at this point to prognosticate concerning that.

The initiative undertaken in relation to the promulgation of material in seminar format is adequate.

The group membership will decline and this is acceptable to us. It will restore itself progressively to the original three. This is a confirming of relationship period rather than a conveyance of new information. The objective is to sustain those who meet in friendship and love, and the onset of the holiday period will progressively disentangle those whose interests and necessities now lies elsewhere or for whom that will become true.

The material is complete. There is no necessity to add to it. The material conveyed yet untranscribed will take enough time in order to convert that condition and render the material accessible for this one to not contemplate extra duties until March next year. This is acceptable as we have said.

The duty is done. The agreement is complete. Rest and recuperate and concentrate on pleasurable physical tasks until a condition of enthusiasm returns for the spiritual task.

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