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13/11/2015 prc the elder cluster


09:05 Black Friday

^We have as our prerogative the capacity to intervene in the life and encroach upon the awareness in a variety of ways. And the concept of the Black Friday of course is complete superstition and has no significance apart from the extent to which it is seized upon at either the private or public imagination level. It could also be used as a means by which to remind otherwise sleeping humanity that there is spirit and that they are spirit and that they are sometimes susceptible to negative spiritual influence in the same way as positive spiritual influence.

So we take this moment to comment on that small thing, while waiting for a suitable conglomerate to arrive. And in this instance that conglomerate wishes to be affirmed as existent; wishes to be acknowledged as comprising a multiple identity and seeks to have converse. (felt pressure on the aura from in front of me) And its presence can now be felt.

It is the rendition requiring acknowledgement as friendly negotiator, which can assume the role of wrathful Elder. Its presence is substantial. It is comprised of multiple human identities, banded together, as it were, to achieve specific purpose. That purpose has been given and it is occasionally interpreted as the voice of conscience.

The voice of conscience in a spiritually inexperienced person is not developed. And so this cluster or aggregate of identity serves the purpose of interrogant by which to confront and adjudicate and even coerce to the extent that is possible. Any individual lacking experience who requires an authoritative role model, exemplar and elder by which to show them a pathway to better outcome when they personally lack through inexperience that interiorised role model. And so in some situations and with some individuals, this sensed presence can be the difference between survival and death by whatever path and in the condition of either outcome, to bring a sense of wisdom to the dilemmas of embodiment before that has been personally acquired.

Such intervention has the capacity to save lives as well as lose them, to influence an individual such that they may survive to reflect on a near-miss to fatal hazard and otherwise bring recognition that there is a supportive realm of spirit acting in their best interests.

And so this class of identity, acting as educator and guide, is in the role of free-moving task adjudicator and consultant where requested. It is part of the mythology in many cultures that there is an explicit identifiable spiritual identity which can be called upon in times of crisis. Although seldom accurately identified and usually labelled within the context of the belief system of the individual in need, it forms a useful purpose by which to bring awareness and strands of principle into conditions of human conflict.

Known by many names, therefore, but needing none, it is nevertheless on call to the aware individual and can be the catalyst for flashes of awareness that if attended to, can bring resolution and a better result to any particular drama of existence. That is the sense in which the earlier reference to the idea of a construct fashioned for particular purpose and invariably positive intervention.

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9:21 Continued: And so the combination of direct influence from the higher self, influence from specific others directed to help and eventually, sufficient memory of spiritual history, brings the capability to constructively influence any individual, no matter what their level of experience through their round of lives. By this means, attending to the higher self level is of general benefit.

The tendency through history has been to bring a variety of labels to what we identify as normally comprising the higher self, and to call it the personal god, an avatar, a saint or even the ultimate god, such as to aspire to and achieve positive intervention through wise guidance from a level beyond the ordinary lower mind, usually well understood to be exactly that.

The product of knowing oneself at the ordinary mind level, having awareness of what Jung has usefully called the shadow-self; the distinction between conscious and sub-conscious levels of the mind; as well as what again Jung referred to as the collective unconscious, is sufficient to bring the sense of breadth in the capacity to know. That sense of breadth can be seen as only partial to the degree one acquires a straightforward legitimisation of the degree to which any individual readily connects to its prior history through acknowledgement of the higher self. That eventually rich history progressively develops the capacity to implement wise guidance, whatever the circumstance of the contemporary embodied self.

And so talk of the variety of guides is normally the identification of particular developed personalities contained within the individual higher self. As a response is focussed through a particular developed personality, so the awareness of variable culture, voice and gender qualities and characteristics, can generate the impression that there is a cluster of identities in spirit, focussed with beneficial intention towards the embodied personality. What is normally and popularly misconceived are that these are merely components of the higher self developed in association with the individual fragment of the node of Dao-consciousness presently acquiring yet another sub-personality. And so it is this framework by which to bring simplified understanding to these various culturally defined descriptions of such things, that enables a simplified, demythologised and demystified understanding in this present century through this spiritual transmission.

Conceiving that to have in any particular culture, a set of labels commonly applied to these brief perceptions is not wrong. In fact, it is useful and adaptive. It is only the mismatch between the sets of labels across the variety of cultures that contributes to confusion rather than clarity.

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