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1/04/2010 prc guidance for lanping_carolyn_essay


20100401 09:09

Got very cold (!!) as I sat at my computer this morning, so opened my spiritual diary, then the following text came. (I only later remembered having made a commitment to LP to access guidance for her. So here it is, delivered spontaneously):

^We have on this occasion the conveyance of some considerable exercises to you for your consideration, in this instance in relation to the woman Lanping, who awaits further instruction from you. Her sensitivity is being incrementally advanced along with her attributes of self-love and honesty of emotional expression into her core values of harmony and self-love. See she reads this, for her understanding of her own process is essential in order for her to not feel overwhelmed in any way, yet forgiving of her own expectations concerning her performance in the role of English teacher, that being her essential occupation for many years yet. In complementary fashion, her capacity for self-love is also to become more widely shared by others, for her natural attributes for love shared with others is an essential capacity in the role now demanded by herself in the expression of her own wishes into humanity for fostering their own self-love for themselves through exploration of traditional and non-traditional spiritual understanding and acceptance.

These are the tasks we would have her attend to in this time of her growth: Coming to understand the origin of her identity as being not physical nor spiritual in essence, but love in essence.

Identification of herself as intuitively drawn to this man for her explicit learning of that fact and for no other reason in truth.

Willingness to give up all other goals in the act of loving humanity

Nevertheless in recognition of her survival needs, to spend the necessary time on her own professional and private and married life so as to enable her continuation of existence in the physical domain.

With that as context, to persist with her most preferred roles and goals in the foreground of her life, while maintaining in the background a slowly enhancing awareness of her activity based on her capacity for spiritual awareness and enhanced willingness to act in love, from love and in its highest forms of expression both publicly and privately, so as to grow her condition of service to humanity through those actions.

In such peace as is obtainable through this role and activity, to eventually die happy and fulfilled by having fulfilled her promise to herself of her worth and value both to herself and to the society of which she is a part. (end)

Sent to LP today.

We would now address your concerns with the woman LP. She has many hurdles to overcome, as did you. She will struggle to accept her role and its validity and exploration, as did you. Be patient with her confusion and willingness expressed in turn for these many years to come. Adjust her understanding as best you can, for her tendency is to see the role as insurmountable. It is not, for the exact reason that it is her choice as to the extent she fulfils it.

And regarding Carolyn: Her future is not at all assured yet, so her essential asset is flexibility – to follow with enthusiasm all the options placed before her so as to find the one or two that fulfil her inner desires most closely. It is self exploration at this point as much as commercial exploration involving her dreams. For that is what she is chasing, which is a laudable goal in itself., but not to expect answers for all of her questions, as that choice is also the discipline of knowing her own mind clearly and with sufficient sensitivity to make the hard commercial choices required to own her success.

12:34 Cold again after installing Home Cinema Media Centre Player & testing it thoroughly.

^We have your attention again. Yes, it is a reliable signal, even if descending now into somewhat lesser acuity than before as the season changes towards winter.

On this occasion we come before your awareness as you seem to be having some little difficulty in arranging the references in the MPhil review. It is beholden upon us to assist you in every way accessible to us and in your interests also.

The prime criteria are as stated before, to assign comprehensive understandability into the review so as to make accessible to others the same degree of understanding as is now available to you.

In this we set ourselves a difficult task, for that is as you know implicitly requiring the palpable understanding of spiritual phenomena. That any reader may well not have, and in fact probably will not have. So this is a difficult task. Nevertheless we must attempt it.

So given that as criteria of success, we must now establish with more clarity the criteria by which it is to be achieved through your agency. The first to be established is this very process by which to enable your understanding of the selection criteria and the commentary criteria. If those are clearly established then you will have a basis for selection and commentary independent of our intervention in your and our interests, as we have said. In this it is to be known at the outset that a great weight has been given to us, as your acuity in the visual and culinary arts is lacking. Test over.

This leaves us with a carving of meaning into your mind. Please take a moment to sit quietly. …

The perspective of the other;

The appeal to strict criteria;

The imaging of spiritual reality in ways accessible to others through the documentation already delivered.

The general assignment of love into various categories has as its prerequisite the tender understanding that an observer or recipient has already been conditioned by their own experience to know of which we speak when we speak of love, for this is the essence of the discussion. We have reiterated many times this simple truth, yet it is so easily lost in the maelstrom of other thoughts and categories of meaning that we must periodically retrieve it into the forefront of your awareness, and also any reader’s minds.

This is no easy matter, for the human animal is not intrinsically driven by this emotion, but rather by myriads of self-interested entreaties and imperatives for survival of the fittest in (various) social milieu, and mental projections of myriad inner conceptions of outer prospects for satisfactions of all kinds. These clutter the mind and expectations in irremediable ways in most instances with debris immovable unless under the powerful incentive of fore-chosen parameters of priority. When such values are arraigned against the inner impulses in their entirety then the calm allowable in the tempest can be achieved and brought to rest and to peace. This is our prime objective, for before that is done no progress can be made.

If such progress is to be achievable, then additionally there are necessarily chosen some few other criteria. The first of these is the commitment to love first, foremost and always, even when annihilation is imminent. That difficult task is buttressed in its capacity by a third, love in action. By that we mean the desire to act in every instance from that emotion expressible outwardly to others in the social domain, whereby each other encountered is remembered to be intrinsically of the self-same nature as oneself being love first foremost and always, even when expressed into human form. This difficult task can now be understood more clearly for what it is, respect for the nature of oneself and others.

And here we leave this essay for now for your intermediate review. We will come again to this topic.


^Into this arraignment of competing impulses we can also bring awareness of the contribution of love, for in the criteria to harness the mayhem is its outworking. Test over. Not (more) at this time.

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