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26/05/2006 prcjlo spiritual union never undoable


Prcjlo 20060526 Spiritual union never undoable Through Janet:

^... as you may well recognise, in that we have facilitated the articulation of many of those deep-seated anxieties which have plagued you both in recent months. How easy it is to ignore the spiritual aspects of yourselves, and to subjugate these thoughts to superficial aspects of human life.

How easy it is to attribute greater importance to those aspects which can be seen as necessary for survival.

We ask that you recognise the weariness that such attitudes bring to your souls. The life of the spirit provides you with buoyancy. The life of the spirit allows you to put the life of the incarnate in perspective, as the burdensome chores of daily life become simplified tasks, when one can bear in mind the possibilities of greater freedom when connected on the spirit level.

This differs from the intellectual exercise of comparing your life as it is at present, with others that you see around you. While this may bring forth a greater acceptance of the privilege of your current position, it does not provide you with the same lightness of soul as a spiritual encounter.

We have urged you on many occasions to dedicate more time to this aspect of your existence, and while we recognise the intrusion of a variety of demands upon you, we perceive that you give them greater weight than is actually necessary. Should you wish to make significant advancement towards the path of ascension within this lifetime, we urge you to bear in mind our suggestions regarding the time that you devote to spiritual practice.

We ask that you remember how well you are loved by spirit.

We ask that you remember our constant presence.

With this we leave you.

Through Peter

^We wish on this occasion to articulate a variety of issues that have lain dormant over these many months, yet by this time have come to constitute irrational impediments to the willingness to make that very transition to prioritising the activities for which you have contracted, and reiterated those contractual arrangements on a number of occasions, at our instigation.

The categories of impedimentary factors are as follows:

The willingness to gainsay your love for each other;

Your willingness to separate and segregate the activities reflecting your love for each other;

The desire, nevertheless, for closeness, succour, immediacy of presence and intimacy enjoyed, and we speak here not of body-level intimacy, but spiritual intimacy, and we remind you of the intimate enjoining that has been gifted to you some years past. This privileged act, and we mean that not in the sense of it being or requiring special regard, simply that it is rare, and therefore intrinsically valuable, and also intrinsically valuable for its own sake as being the first of many early-stage entwinings of the identities in progressive mutual assimilation, such as is required for ultimate conjoining with one another.

This category of activity is customarily proceeded with while out of body. This enactment while in body is by those criteria unusual, and nevertheless is necessarily regarded as a developmental step, which is a natural procedure between two members of a soul group, as you are. Therefore it should be seen, in the most general context, as ultimately necessary, ultimately valuable, ultimately of ascensional necessity, and proceeded with as part of the ascensional task on the part of both. This step requires prior willingness for unlimited intimacy, and acceptance of all levels of impedimentary process, product, and prior factors. The act simply eliminates, by an algebraic nulling of (them), many factors acting to impede the essential process.

So we come before you this night to remind you of these things, and to convey again, that those things have not changed. The essential willingness for intimacy has not changed. Some reactions to misinterpretations of decisions made by both have manifested expanded appreciation of the misinterpretations. By this we mean to say, there is a requirement in your chosen path, for sustained willingness for intimacy on the emotional level.

The spiritual level is already enacted, and cannot be undone.

The mutual recognition of the developmental factors seeming to act to separate this pair are ephemeral. They have no substance. It is a mistake to focus on them as if they did. There has been no change. The criteria for separation have long ago been determined on the physical level. That does not require an emotional complement to that.

The paths chosen by each are not exactly the same, therefore, give latitude to the apparent seeming deviations. It is not necessary to assign value to them. See past them, see through them, and the separation is nullified!

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