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9/11/1996 prc prolific gift



>We understand your concern, however there is no need to worry, as all will be revealed in due course. Beginning in the new year, there will be another spirit who will wish to advance himself by adjusting his attunement to yours as a way of practising the process you call channelling. This will put yourself in the role of teacher, as you have mastered the process, as this present communication attests. Do you have any questions?

P Yes. What has happened to Fred, and why have they departed?

>Answers to that question are not forthcoming at this time. His own purposes were served to the extent you were personally able at this time. In the future, if he/they and you are willing, they may decide to return. In the meantime there are many who you can help through your experience so far.

P Why has Aramaia left?

>"Her" needs are manifold, and yours were complete concerning training in the process of channelling, as we have said.

P Who was the figure in purple seen by Caroline Watson, and why did she see it?

>The figure is that of a spirit yet to arrive to your consciousness. She was seen precisely because yours is a prolific gift, and will encompass many such visitations. She will return to visit you in your awareness directly, and you will know her by her energy pattern, as usual. She has a particular mission in mind, which she will progressively reveal to you. Show her the devotion and sense of responsibility you provided for Fred, and all will be well for her, and therefore for you. Wait in meditation and she will make herself known to you.

P Thank you.

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