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The essential message conveyable and conveyed is that the foundation of fifty thousand years of shamanic practice is more tenable than recent millennia confined within specific religious understanding and practice. Therefore to anchor this tradition within the shamanic tradition is authentic, viable and preferable. Therefore the text “Cave & Cosmos” (Harner 2013) is a necessary reference point by which to situate this transmission.

There is no finer documented reference relating to the shamanic tradition than Michael Harner and his particular proclivity to render his own work authentic by utilising the sonic driving technique as a core component of core shamanism is helpful within that context, but need not be duplicated beyond it.

This transmission is explicitly suited to the urban setting, although referenced to the wild places and referenced to historical practice through the shamanic tradition. It is, however, explicitly suited to the urban setting, where mere seclusion and silence and stillness and receipt rather than expression, is the preferred mode of activity. Thus contextualised, the activity of the School as a school can begin in earnest, once the physical location is finalised. This does not mean anything other than it be plainly identified as such and the tentative movements towards that over the last more than ten years, are simply to be recognised as an opportunity to recover from prior delimitation.

The authentic nature of the transmission is apparent to all, without exception. Those who decry and deny are simply to be ignored. The capacity to share this transmission is the essential component, whereby the modality is the means.

Once the location is finalised, by which we mean the basement of this dwelling, then interest will be stimulated amongst others. That is currently withheld in order to facilitate the necessary preparations. It will become popular because recognised. Therefore be not surprised if one or two more people may seek to join you in your group activities.

So having minimised the potential fright at the risk of being inundated or swamped with interest, to merely provide congenial warm surroundings is entirely sufficient. And those whose next step on their personal journey is to find a congenial group not too far distant from them, will simply be prompted to make their way here. It is still unnecessary to advertise. Word of mouth is most effective. And when such a person arrives to find a warm reception, congenial group, a supportive activity whereby they may enquire within with most effectiveness, is optimal.

The electronic difficulties (archive computer audio function) are minor and remediable easily. The facilitation of the transition into a congenial environment is undertaken by simple coating of the floor. Optimising the lighting to provide a very soft illumination is all that is necessary. So a diffuse ring of tiny lights is the means by which to provide that.

P Well that seems to be that.

J We give thanks for that.

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