20151215 prc with great sadness

15/12/2015 prc with great sadness



Janet is sleeping and I got the call to come to sit in the car and heard the words “it is with great sadness.” So I don't know quite what that's about yet?

^It is with great sadness that we come to you in these days of declining availability. The optimal time period for the delivery of the material on this retreat has passed. The open ended nature of the expectations up until this point of sensing the intended departure time are sufficient to begin the closing down of the set of options functioning at this time. We would expand on that in the following way:

The capacity to know is an intrinsic part of this communicative channel. When there is unknown volumes of material and unlimited time available, then there need be no care concerning the exact timing. When there is unknown volume of material and an approaching deadline, then the invitation of that deadline is a restrictive factor which predetermines and limits to some extent the material that can be conveyed in the available time.

Very often that is not a limitation but on this occasion it is. The prospect of coming here again or to some similarly remote unpeopled place will not occur for some months. When that time arrives it will again be possible to convey significant qualities of material but in these remaining one and a half days it is not. There is some possibility of delivery in the home location but preoccupied as you will be with many aspects of life through the holiday period, the attention on the mundane will supervene.

And so we will not attempt a further delivery within the remaining time frame on this trip as the highly abstract concepts require particular detachment to a degree only available at a location such as this. Therefore rest and read your book and no harm will come to you.

A choice was made early on this day and these are the consequences. Do not forget this. (I decided to delay attending to potential input until later in the day)

P Bugger !!!

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