20081030 prcjlogrb agenda 2009 & 2011_rescue

30/10/2008 prcjlogrb agenda 2009 & 2011_rescue


20081030 Agenda 2009 & 2011?_Rescue

Conversation untranscribed

P I’m getting some images about a possible agenda for next year in relation to a more public group, perhaps an extension to what we began with Mark. But that it would be different, in terms of the capture of good quality recording for each person, whereby they would have a headset mic as is so commonly and cheaply available now, and go into maybe a ten-channel mixer, each channel voice operated and independently recorded. That’s a class of gear that I don’t have, but it’s the sort of thing that could be organised, and is appropriate for the stricter acoustic environment for automatic transcription.

It’s about setting a new standard for group channelling capture, as a training [for others]. Richard’s son Matt is the most appropriate consultant. (Buffy restive & growling at nothing visible)

J I also imagined a large entity in front of us. It was robed, I couldn’t see the face but the hands were out and it was offering me enlightenment. I don’t know what it was offering you. The enlightenment was to do with a proposal about having a literacy/numeracy course [at Wintec]

P [I had been aware of a large identity in front of us to the right, seemingly about the size of a large tree, but only seeing the lower part.] Very good! So that’s something to prepare for next year?

J Yes.

J I had an image of you with a silvery-gray screen like a television screen in front of you, and you were peering into it. It’s like this was you wanting to get involved in this training and school business, but it just wasn’t happening. And there was a woman [to the right] who would be involved with you. But she won’t become involved with you while I’m around.

P Really !??

J That was my image. We’re looking at something like 2 years. I’ll move out of your life.

P You’ll move out of my life to make room for her?

J I don’t know if it’s to make room for her, but that will be the change.

P And with what consequences for the school business?

J Apparently she will be in it with you. Is that fun? Something for you to look forward to.

P Not necessarily at all.

J I’m holding you back.

P Since when?

J Since I was told [just now]!

P How could you possibly be holding me back???

J Because I’m not encouraging you.

P Who says you have to encourage me? (laughs) You’re not blocking me.

J Do you want to know what I hear, or do you want me to make up something else?

P This is just really disturbing, Janet!

J But it’s not, it’s promising!

P Well, I don’t want another woman, thank you all the same!

J There aren’t a hell of a lot of options. You don’t always get what you want.

P True. It’s perfectly true that things have their time, and in this field it seems like you can’t rush them, because there’s things like too many factors to be slotted into some sort of a sequence, and all that’s taken care of, but certainly not by the likes of you or I.

J You or me. [linguistic grammatical aside here!!]

P Pedant! [laughs] … Well that is completely unexpected, Janet. I do recognise that you indulge me enormously in this stuff, because your real focus is in the teaching domain as a purpose for your inspiration, and quite clearly that’s where you get your bulk of it, and it’s excellent!

J I think that’s true. I think my curiosity as regards to this other stuff is limited.

P Yes, there doesn’t seem to be any end to mine. Conversation regarding Maitreya & transmission meditation un-transcribed.

P I’m just thinking how it would be very sad to lose your association here and with me.

J That’s nice of you to say, but you’ll be excited by the next one. [and, referring to a vision recounted years ago] Remember that line of women? There were a couple more to come. Better fit them in before you get too old. Before you can only say “goodnight nurse” ;-)

P Uhf !! No, I am quite reconciled to my current pattern and understand it is simply necessary, and I accept that.

J For how long/

P Who knows?

J I just heard! A couple of years!

P That’s a bit shocking. But who knows, you might need to go and live near Steph.

J It might all fit in. Who knows? Another glimpse into another possible future?

J Richard was just up there and gave us that silly grin and waved at us.

P There is this strange energy present. Are you picking up anything?

J No. Does this energy want to express itself?

P There seems to be quite a lot of expression going on, but it seems to be fully internally focussed, as if there is a conversation going on between a person and its imaginary partner, or two people, and I can’t tell which.

J Please bring this entity present in order that we may intervene as intermediaries with this spirit to be enabled.

P It’s very strange. It seems to be a repetitive [hurried, frantic?]conversation, along the lines of “and I was telling him, I said, and he wouldn’t listen, and, and, but I was telling and I kept telling him, but he wouldn’t listen, and there he was, and he wouldn’t listen. And I don’t know where we’ve got to, and this has been going on for such a long time now and here we are, and he just won’t listen, and I kept telling him …” It’s just incessant Kind of locked into some loop. Some sort of shock, I think, has generated the loop. I saw a sense of light present in the entity [which had moved up from lower down] as if there was some internal illumination but it hadn’t broken the internal monologue. It’s very odd. I’ve got very strong chills around my thighs. J It’s like the eyes are averted [from the light]. Too busy, caught in the loop. I think what is required is that we add our energy to this light in order to generate a degree of warmth that will be perceived by this individual, enough to interrupt it. … I believe it’s done. I had an image of this entity turning its head and looking upwards, as if “oohh, that’s right. Bugger, that’s where I was supposed to be

P That was unusual. The scenario I imagine is something like a person knocked out of their body, maybe female.

J I thought it was female.

P … as a consequence of a car crash, or something, which was the reason for the “wouldn’t listen, etc.” Something along those lines.

I’m not surprised he wouldn’t listen!! ;-) [being subjected to a harangue like that]

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