20201001 prc Synthesis at scale

I've been up for a while, looked out at the moonlit sky from the full moon, seen the sparse stars and have been reminded of the scale of the physical universe that we occupy. So after drinking a cup of coffee, I decided to sit and contemplate and attempt to clarify my inner visualisation of the E=ha2 curvilinear surface featured on p85 of Agape & the hierarchy of love. And mentally arranging it with the hierarchy scale vertically, matching the erect spine; agape frequency extending forwards; and willingness to bequest agape extending left and right, attempting to get clarity concerning the visualisation whereby one is somewhere in the middle of those ranges and experiencing the potential for increment in that curvilinear surface, recognising that an increment to the right takes one forward; an increment to the left takes one backwards. An increment in hierarchy takes one up and a little to the right. A decrement takes one down and a little left. And I realised for the first time that that is consistent with the quadrant axes and the trust vector extending lower left to upper right.
So the trust vector is a small scale version of the larger model. And I have not appreciated that before. It highlights consistency between that developed understanding and now very many examples of observing movement on that scale of movement in the Void and the general tendency for individuals to find their destination in the light in the upper right quadrant somewhere, and for less trustworthy individuals manifesting lower, behind and to the left.
^This synchronisation between the models developed over many years has the capacity to bring congruence to the model sets at both the small and large scales, as well as at the theoretical and the practical level. This is a major achievement and worthy of celebration. We wish we could pick you up and dust you off and congratulate you in a meaningful way, but instead we salute your perseverence in proceeding in the solution of these puzzles we have introduced you to.
So given this is the final day of this short retreat, the achievement of this synthesis is a significant step in the evolution of this novel model set, and can bring a coherence to the experiential descriptions gathered and placed on record through this time period.
We have at last a coherent and internally consistent description on the theoretical level of what has been played out since time immemorial. And it is sufficiently well expressed at this point to be released into international scrutiny. Therefore it is
a primary topic within the current text Agape theory: a structured approach.
A series of illustrations are appropriately produced on both the large and the small scale, because all of this is a mere way-point and map indicating the path in this instance and for this individual, that proceeds incrementally towards release from incarnation.
It comprises 1) a personally developed theory; 2) a mapping system; 3) a set of experiences; and 4) a sustained impetus in response to a hunger for understanding. That is a mark of the advanced soul, to use that language. And yet is a mere simple step towards achievement of unity at the fragment level.
The picture in its entirety is so much more vast than can be appreciated by this individual. And that is not a criticism but an observation, for which we can offer only encouragement in the outworking of this life.
It being a theoretical-level description, it carries the potential for confirmation against the variety of traditional understandings derived through time and culture. There can be much consequent effort to clarify and amalgamate this description with older discussion, and mostly outside the realm of English. Nevertheless some potential exists now for a principled evaluation within the realm of religious studies. That is unlikely to happen within the lifetime of this individual. And that is not of the slightest consequence. Nevertheless this final theoretical step of amalgamation of the small and large scale descriptions, is indicative of an endpoint in
theory preparation, and is now fit to publish.
Therefore prepare copious illustrations indicating the theoretical relationship between the small scale and the large scale, indicating their consistency, and based on appropriate indicated dimensions by which to indicate scale, and small scale in relation to the large scale.
This has not been done before. It represents a transition between description and number-based theory. Utilising models to illustrate that is entirely adequate.
With this we conclude the intention for this retreat, and suggest copious play.
And we formally acknowledge the opportunities persistently and consistently offered from the detractors and forces of limitation on the left.
Go in peace.
I'd like to offer profound thanks for all the support.
Mmm. Perhaps now I'll be able to sleep again