19970519 prc willingness to reach

19/05/1997 prc willingness to reach



>Now we can speak. First there must be a willingness to reach for ’god’. Then a trust in what one may find there and in its benign nature. Further information is at that point not possible to give as it stems from the direct knowing of the ‘lord’; i.e. one’s ‘master’, in the sense of it being ones own nature being expressed at a deeper level. There words flow not from your ‘self’, but from a deeper layer again, that of your ‘Self’, a relatively yet and still unknown ‘other’ of whom you will know more intimately in the years to come as we show you the multiplicity of your Self. We would now turn to another matter. That of your brother David. He is feeling somewhat abandoned by you in your persistent refusal to know him better. He feels alienated from you in your worldly search for meaning of the other-worldly. He would appreciate more contact with you.

Now a third topic, that of your brother Oliver, who has assumed the status of a junior guide for yourself. He is willing to know you again, although you grievously harmed him, it was what he wanted to experience, so he bears no grudges for your actions of the past. (Felt shame & contrition) Contrition is not necessary. Heard an unfamiliarly deep & authoritative presence, & recognised there may be no relationship necessarily between the brother I once thought I knew and the actual identity free of conditioned nature.

Welcome to my awareness. ( a response of joy came) What is your role to be with me now? (No response.)

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