20151202 prc learn ai

2/12/2015 prc learn ai



^We come at this time in order to continue the intention and the text for the facilitation of the learning by others of what it means to come into knowing.

The opportunity arrived at is to begin the development of skill with the Adobe Illustrator program. In this case it requires a systematic exposure to a series of forms of programmed difficulty so as to obtain an internalised map of what can be done and how to do it.

There are various opportunities for online learning and they comprise the most efficient transfer of stimulation by which to obtain memorised access to the variety of tools available within that program. Therefore this day can profitably be consumed by such exercises and we will return at the end of the day to provide acknowledgement and encouragement.

It will be many days before anything specific can be constructed. So the remaining time of this retreat is not an opportunity for word capture but skill capture in that program. At the end of that time a decision may be made concerning whether or not the advantages of that program merit the ongoing accessibility. And we are confident that the advantages outweigh the costs.

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