20190430 prc Book dates

I need to know optimal dates, travel times and locations and friends and all other periods of time to be absent from Gore so as best support Keith's initiative and best support this transmission. And reinforce those friendships that are important to retain.
^And we can now answer the questions as articulated. The optimal dates of travel are to begin travel on the 25th (21st), to stay one night at your friend Patricia Longrigg, stay two nights at Vasanta House, stay 3 nights in the Waikato and then fly back from Waikato. That will be sufficient. That will enable all necessary and appropriate sustaining of relationship, because the family in fact requires very little support. Everyone with whom you are associated with in any way has sufficient support elsewhere, except the old friend Heid
Cramb. And so to stay with her will be optimal.
To connect your niece to the Bentleys will be beneficial in unanticipated ways.
The return flight on the 3rd (27th) will bring you back in time for the continuation of the Gore meditation group.
A local newspaper article in Gore and Invercargill will be appropriate. Elsewhere the PR machine can take its course.