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7/01/2011 prc shamans role_car accident


Had been sleeping and was called by chill on this 30 C day:

^We come at your request in relation to the vehicle situation. We have as you know, stimulated the incident, stimulated the result, stimulated the questioning, stimulated the learning and continue to stimulate the compassionate outworking of the issue and results. We do these things for very good reasons which we will now elucidate.

The capacity of any individual to perceive those in spirit who have predeceased but not returned to the light carries responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is the care of the community, for this is the shamanic role. Therefore be in no doubt as to the authority as well as the efficacy with which you act, for you are now and have been these many years, a functioning shaman. The role does not always sit easily with you for recognisable reasons, nevertheless it was sought as such and because it was sought, it was granted.

The role of the shaman is to periodically, not necessarily continuously, but merely periodically to engage with the domain one simultaneously occupies (i.e., the domain of spirit) and find there benign opportunity.

Benign opportunity in this sense is deemed to consist of knowing first of the extent of one's capacity to know through whatever mode and in this instance the variety of sense doors, to act with whatever modes of action may be appropriate and available, and to redeem those who seek redemption. And because this is a particular use of the term redemption we must define it for you.

Redemption in this instance is defined as the restoration from a condition of occupancy and focus within the domain of spirit, yet in terms of the focus, that it be single-mindedly confined towards the individuals and events comprising humanity, and in this instance embodied humanity.

The redemption therefore is towards the individuals' proper focus, being the restoration of their awareness of and connection with the life-path they have elected comprising their return, because that is the appropriate event after the death of the body; return to the domain of spirit.

So your opportunity and responsibility and role, being that of the shaman, is naturally, to attend to those who are in need of redemption. Such an activity may be rejected by the expectations of the one requiring redemption. For it can be rejected for a long period of time, centuries in some instances, until the individual either elects or is compelled to return to its proper place. Within that time period of being so diverted, it can contribute to the lives of individuals in body in a variety of ways, and we will not now enumerate those.

One such was the focus of attention in the intervention that you made in requiring its return. It was completely appropriate that you did so. It had been inflicting some trouble upon the local population, but there are few in these days who attend to such activities. Therefore it was appropriate to involve you so the restoration could be effected.

In the sense that you have requested compensation, we note that compensation is neither due nor appropriate because of the responsibilities of the role you have requested. Nevertheless that does not prevent the assistance towards restoration of the condition of the vehicles concerned and that has already been done.

The responsibility for attending to the ongoing clearances on the community level is also part of the role and one to which you pay little attention. Nevertheless it is also part of the role, and we emphasise that at this point in order to encourage the more frequent intentional observation and intention to invoke the required intervention on our part.

So these things have their consequences, they have their responsibilities, and yours is just one part of that.

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