19970502 prc psychospiritual distinctions

2/05/1997 prc psychospiritual distinctions



I asked the communicating identity to come forward for conversation.

>The idea of coming forward is applicable to the component parts of the personality within the psyche. Beyond that the aspects accessible through the component parts of the psyche are not accessible in quite the same way. The coming forward is to bring into focus the particular conglomerate or complex in the structure of the psyche in the sense of ‘dialling in’ if one can use that metaphor. The regions beyond that which you are more interested in are mediated by and accessible through the developed aspect which takes command of functioning in the psychospiritual world rather than the physical world. Its modus operandi is to seek out the numinous frequencies so as to access the realm above the human in frequency and then dial up as before the connection to the discarnate source required. This unconscious selection process has been developed specifically by the unconscious in order to facilitate exchanges on that level, recognising as it does that ‘we are that’ and so, should the faculty be awakened in the life of discarnate/incarnate communication, and it be required, there is a recognisable mechanism in place to support it. This is not to say that all people can develop such communicative modes, because they cannot. Brain damaged individuals may have no existing faculty available to them. Highly ill people may have nothing other operative. The dimension indicated here shows the order or hierarchy in function. The deepest level is the first to come into operation at birth and the last to die at death. If the individual is highly comatose, all that may be functioning is the faculty of awareness into the discarnate domain. This of course makes perfect sense if one is acquainted with the realities of projection into time-bound consciousness of human incarnation, but no sense at all if one is ignorant by virtue of ones pre-ordained world view as defined by Newtonian Cartesian science and confined to that. For as soon as one questions that paradigm, one automatically opens the mind to anomalous input, and it is taken advantage of at the first opportunity by those dedicated to the task of inter-domain communication.

The priority for this weekend is to enhance your understanding of the future of the relationship with your wife. She will wish a restatement of commitment on your part. You need not give this. If you do, you will be restricting her choices for the coming decade. Please decline this opportunity.

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