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27/05/2010 prc mphil data admissibility_multilayer image


^We have at our disposal some additional explanation which is valid and appropriate concerning the situation in which this information will be presented to those who would judge it, in fact those whose task it is to evaluate the presentation for the masters in philosophy in its final form.

The current understanding of this material having the status of an accumulated record of a dubious practice is one which will take additional confirmation by which to be persuasive that it can in fact constitute that role within the proposed study. So we have at hand some material by which to support the application, the creation of which is now approaching.

It is not that the material is inadequate, far from it. It addresses many issues validly considered by the realm of philosophy. That it does so in a way nuanced by the prior existence of its predecessors is merely appropriate. That it constitutes an addressing of the most fundamental parameters of existence is merely appropriate. That it constitutes a novel perspective is advantageous except to the extent that those whose whose task it is to evaluate the acceptability and relevance of this material would have difficulty in considering the ramifications of this material to be admissible. And so there will be some skill in presenting the material in such a way as to create a condition of acceptability in the minds of those whose task it is to evaluate it. Therefore we offer the following:

Now that the lighting is more conducive to the procedure that we elect to adopt we may continue:

P Continuation may be blocked for reasons I don't understand, but I've had nothing recognisable. I'll have another go in the morning perhaps.

^We would have your attention. In the rested condition within the night is the only reliable time at which the inner voice can be responded to and heard clearly. Having come to the end now by some days of the extended retreat, there continues to be the opportunity and necessity for extensive and ongoing dialogue and monologue. We need you to know this, even though the text is finalised it is not really complete. There are many aspects to be spoken of and the depth of detail of such speaking cannot be conveyed reliably during an ordinary day. That is why it is important to expect to be woken at times such as this in the night when it is quiet, when the emotional atmosphere is quiet. And by that we mean the astral atmosphere.

So these are the realms and times from which most of the research quality material, the analysis, the commentary and the conclusions will come. Do not forget this. The work is our work more than it is your work. The text is our text more than your text and you know this and understand it well yet lapse into complacency. And we are not concerned, because the working relationship is familiar. Nevertheless we take this moment to say these things.

That is all that is necessary as a comment at this time. Remain alert and all will be well.

P I'm seeing a layered image of the human, comprising a technique of overlays revealing what is seen on the different levels. I don't know how it could be done, but presumably in Powerpoint, whereby the different layers are separated out and can be called up sequentially, starting presumably with the physical-eye data, 3rd-eye data being the aura, the hara layer being the Dantien and Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. Another layer presumably showing the deeper hara layers, but if it is congruent with this model-set then they would be ignored.

I don't have any clear idea about how to do that yet, but it looks interesting.

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