20120603 prc meeting agenda prckh 0604

3/06/2012 prc meeting agenda prckh 0604


^Having confirmed the suitability of the recorder settings we can now proceed:

The issue in question of course is the visit to Keith Hill tomorrow at his friend Rita's place in Raglan. There are several issues which are of the highest priority to discuss.

The first is the willingness to participate

The second is the division of roles

The third is to understand and implement the video linkage because an important part of this plan is to enable dual commentary from both the local and remote facilitator and spiritual expert from the perspective of a participant in either location.

The success of this venture hinges upon that fact, therefore make plans for a high quality representation of the individual in the other location. Obviously that is defined by the qualities of the communication channel, the data rates, the screen characteristics for display, the suitability of that display for a high resolution image and the transmittal of that high resolution image.

For this, we feel, that standard video would be sufficient. Were it to be in a university setting then high definition video of course would be preferable as it is of course preferable in this situation. Nevertheless, bearing mind the limitation of funds then one must work with what is viable.

Fourth, the issue of signage, which is partially implemented. A venue for the Auckland meeting will need to be determined. There is no reason why the existing home could not be utilised for that, given the necessity for a high capacity link and other venues would be unlikely to contain that.

If the demand is sufficient then multiple evenings can be employed or any other time convenient for the variety of people who are interested as well as of course the facilitators.

The data demand will be non-trivial. That is the underlying reason for the election at this point of the 20 GB/month. The next issue is advertising in an appropriate medium and we elect to not specify such things. There can be a variety of methods elected and all of them will be relevant.

The sixth question is of course the financial transactions necessarily undertaken in order to render the enterprise into viability - even to the point of profitability. We have specified the financial criteria for the operation of the school. It is best adhered to. That is all.

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