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Welcome to AgapéSchoolinz digital library

"^The challenge to admit that identity is spiritual first and psychological second is met by seeking identity within. In the quietness of mind is to be found those impulses deriving from deeper than id, ego or super-ego of Freud or the fractured self of therapeutic intervention. In darkness and stillness, sustained as long as is required to find it, lies the still, small voice of your agapeic identity, waiting your recognition." (Calvert: 2015.03.04)

These many pages constitute a public display of primary experience in the realm of awareness of a variety of sentient species including humanity prior to, during and subsequent to embodiment. It describes an organised response to the initiative requested by humanity as spirit, to reliably inform humanity in body of its origins, and is thereby describable as a 21st century spiritual teaching.

Almost all content is to be regarded as 'raw data' from which anyone may interpret their own meaning, although interpretative validity varies with relative information content, which reduces progressively from personal raw experience to audio record then public transcript of that.
Eventually I will complete a systematic analysis and also load that here. Happy reading! :-)

A contribution to the public good

This came during this morning’s Vipassana meditation practice at Rose Cottage, Chartwell, Hamilton. I typed it using one little finger into my phone to accurately capture it. It is intended to begin the introduction of this transmission as a whole to naive others.

^A contribution to the public good has been made by AgapeSchoolinz:
A re-conceptualisation from first principles of the fact of existence while carefully avoiding the concept of the divine. Why do that? Because the concept of the divine is an ancient mistake.
Using neutral language and modern concepts and contemporary metaphors, a systematic re-description of spiritual life and relationship has been transmitted from the level of existence where all such things are known. And known in detail and by experience and with love. This is not a dry academic discourse, although at times it resembles that. Instead, it is infused with love at its core and as the essence of its description and underlying motivation.
We come amongst you for this purpose – to correct an ancient mistake. Reified by centuries of practice and thought, bound by tradition and dogma and attitudes contaminated by expectations of awe, we challenge those who may listen, to carefully put aside traditions and awe and adopt a willingness to acquire mature knowing instead.
Mature knowing comes from blending the mind and heart into one. Recognising wisdom through both channels and modes of knowing. Coming into radical understanding by leaving aside what one has been told by old others through time and allowing fresh descriptions to speak from a position not elevated in expectation, but defined as equal and worthy of respect. And as such, inviting understanding within an open mind.
These things we ask: To know us; know oneself; to know us as oneself. This is all we ask. All else follows. To be at peace with that allows understanding to flower unimpeded.
This conceptualisation allows a class of being different from the normal lower mind to be identified. Not necessarily as oneself but as a universal other. Not comprised as one being but a class of beings intimately related to oneself and a group of others like oneself. A large group but finite, containing others intimately related to oneself. A group of about one thousand others, best regarded as spiritual kin.

Spiritual supervisor commentary – an evaluation

This resulted from an exercise in seeking commentary on the question of group continuance and style from each participant present. I asked for commentary from the spiritual supervisor present with us all these years, so that was the primary feedback from the exercise. It was delivered with high energy and comprises some options for the group participants remaining in Hamilton to consider:

^It would be a baseless reversal to abandon the foundation so well established.
The opportunity is for recognition of the value of what has been delivered these many years.
Rally yourselves!!
Consult the history!!
Find value there!!
Assert the opportunity to persuade not only oneself but also others of this contemporary delivery of inspired wisdom.

This is no small thing!! This is a deliberate injection, long contemplated and now long delivered, whereby the opportunity exists to see it for what it is as a whole!! Not as some casual mumbling, to be discarded at a whim!! An integrated, coordinated, coherent, systematically ordered opportunity to understand the basis of humanity. This is about origins and endpoints for every alive person!! And not just on this planet!!
The scope and dimensions given in this delivery are such as to form a comprehensive worldview. There are very few novel components, but some important ones.

The scale of the delivery matches anything in history. The accuracy of collection matches and exceeds anything in history. This has not been a casual play!! But rather a well determined, well executed, well coordinated and accurately captured systematic delivery of information historically regarded with the highest esteem and by which has been ordered the lives of billions of individuals, over and over again.
Recognise the magnitude of what has come to you with such ease!! With such comfort and pleasure in a relaxed milieu such as to bring easy dismissal.

Stand back and see it as a whole. Contrast it with those deliveries that have come at other times and formed other cultures – entire cultures with long histories.

Understand your place!! Your place has been as recipients of wisdom. This is not a small duty to support. There is possible responsibility to be taken for this whole delivery. Optional; equally able to be opted out of; yet equally able to be seized and understood, seen for what it is, valued and promoted in your everyday speech.

It will be understood on the world stage when it arrives there. Understand clearly that that is its objective. It was always its objective!!
The language was carefully chosen so to admit of no special acclamation of value in a premature sense. Now that it is done, that can be discarded.

Its objective is peace. Its objective is influence, opportunity, pervasiveness, change in the entire worldview of those who seek to attain its understanding.

Some will be repelled by this change of focus. Some will be relieved to know that they have not wasted their time.

Q1 Oh well, there you go. That was a bit forceful, wasn’t it. :-)
Q3 That was a bit of a rark-up.
Q1 You could say that.


A spiritual teaching

These pages are the introduction to a spiritual teaching delivered to meditators who were willing to receive it.


The teaching is framed in pragmatic terms intended to avoid traditional attitudes of awe, reverence, or worship typically assigned, mandated or required of participants in a religion.

Instead, the intention is to present a straightforward general yet symbolic description of

  • the home of humanity when not embodied,

  • the embodiment process itself and

  • the development path of a typical human identity

  • the presence and some qualities of some non-human identities.

The metaphor set employed in this task is grounded in

  • a numerical model, comprising

  • a theory of being.

Origins of material

The content of these pages originated from spiritual identities who initiated contact during meditation sessions beginning in 1998. We asked to be taught so we were. After many tests, we and our recording processes were deemed adequate to receive a novel metaphor set comprising a spiritual teaching.

The spiritual authors identified this material as an update to the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient document written ~4400 BP in northern India and generally considered to be central to Hindu beliefs. They said "The Bhagavad Gita is overdue for an update and we intend to supply it!"

The spiritual authors deemed the model set and contextualisation to be suffiently complete to publish it online in 2010. Readers of these pages are welcome to form their own opinion as to whether that update has been achieved or not. (update 20160831: Now fully delivered)

The material was captured directly either to audio file or word processor document. Audio files have been transcribed and all files accumulated into an archive now exceeding 1.5 million words in total. The core text comprising the teaching is some fraction of that and these wiki pages both distribute the raw data (transcripts) and will in future attempt a coherent summary and analysis of the core text.

Additional material continues to arrive via personal meditations and solo retreats and is being released as more books.

Antecedents to this delivery of material can be found in the Micheal teachings, Gurdjieff and Tolstoy, apparently because the same spiritual source has communicated through each.


This description of spiritual existence seeks to bring spirituality within recognition as an intrinsically human attribute, but not in the religious sense, through the concept of agapéic space. It is a novel description of the reason for embodiment, related to but extending upon what has always been intuited as the reason for human embodiment– that there is benefit in it for us.

A root of the expansionary impulse, experienced so profoundly by individuals and civilisations over time, is the frustration experienced within spiritual space over restricted freedom of movement. The developmental step obtainable by embodiment cycles removes that limitation. Those cycles in and out of embodiment act as an accelerated learning opportunity to acquire the characteristic of preferring loving acts over all others in every opportunity, and a resolute refusal to do otherwise. This description is recognisable as congruent with traditional injunctions contained in the world’s spiritual literature.

The concept of agapéic space provides a theoretical construct useful in integrating traditional descriptions of spiritual existence into one metaphor, with all cute or paternalistic allegories and religious language stripped out. That makes it potentially eligible for integrating into consensual beliefs at the level of scientific thought, and usable as a tool for the integration of science and spirituality and potentially contributing to world peace.


NB: The numbers in brackets reference the date the text segment was recorded during meditation.

Some definitions

Text marking

  • The character ^ is used to indicate that the text following that symbol is a direct quote from the spiritual author of the core text.

  • Quotation marks are added on this page to introduce the concept and clearly distinguish between that class of text and ordinary discussion (as here).

  • Text in parentheses are insertions to increase clarity.

  • Numbers in parentheses are dates in the form yyyymmdd on which that section of core text was received during meditation and retained on record in the archive, and thereby traceable in most instances to the original digital audiofile.

Obtaining a calm and quiet mind by which to optimally receive inspirational writing

"^It is now upon us the task of concluding this morning’s writing, having refreshed yourself with soothing fluids and defecated.
Sorry shall be those who have no understanding of the foundational aspect of the foregoing, as a calm and quiet mind is a prerequisite for the undimmed awareness. This precludes all higher priorities of the physical organism taking precedence as shapers of the direction of attention. It is only when all such priorities are satisfied that the attention can again be satisfactorily directed inwards to the core of the personality and deeper again to the higher mind, commonly called the soul.

Soul is a problematic term

That very appellation is problematic in the sense that it has so much historical baggage as to render it almost useless as an effective, by which we mean exact, reference to an invisible yet experiencable aspect of a person. That is the basis by which its attributes are in dispute. So we seek to clarify that first at this point.
The (word) soul is most easily interpreted to constitute just another name for the enduring aspect of a person not lost between lives nor lifetimes. And we differentiate these terms in order to make the point that a physical life is different from the time in which it occurs. So we prefer the term life rather than lifetime as that distinguishes the event from its embedded state within time, so it is a more fundamental term for our perspective.

Individual identity in spirit vs personality

Similarly, the term individual is preferred to the term personality, because that is a construct of a particular lifetime, whereas the individual is coterminous with all lives.
These differentiations are at the core of a renegotiated understanding of reality in the pre- and post-life state. Renegotiated, because this is in the nature of a discussion for ongoing evaluation and historical referencing of all prior literature in English concerning spiritual reality. Literature in other languages is thereby rendered untenable for our discussion, and should be referred to only when essential and not otherwise, as the proclivity to error in translation is too great to be ignored, especially when the states and conditions being referred to are already ephemeral and contentious.
That said, we may begin.
Emphasising the ephemeral nature of the experience of oneself on the soul level is neither wrong nor precious, for it is in the brief to vanishingly small impulse that information typically arrives into a mind concerning experience derived from the identity in spirit. So identity needs also to be defined as a term.


The identity is the whole self unbound by nature or time and originating within what we are terming agapéic space. That construct is also derivative but can be taken at face value at this point due to its extensive description given earlier.
So the self can be identified as occupying the preternatural realm rather than the natural realm, and all literature referring to that key phrase is relevant.
That differentiates successfully between the terms necessary for this discussion. (20101028)


Agapé (from here on spelled agape) is the term chosen to represent love of the spirit, from the spirit and to the spirit of any person living or dead. It is devoid of Eros, which pertains only to bodies.

Agapéic space

This construct is a novel metaphor (and model) representing the domain inhabited by spirit. It comprises three fundamental dimensions and has experiential references throughout history in every mystical tradition.

  • Dimension 1: Agapeic frequency

  • Dimension 2: Hierarchy

  • Dimension 3: Willingness to bequest agape

Arranging these mutually at right angles to each other constructs a representative space. That space is a model of the spiritual space encountered while out of body and can be used to think about experience obtained during meditation. To that degree it is useful in combining modern and historical descriptions recorded after out-of-body experiences, near death experiences, channeling, spirit rescues and shamanic flight, angelic encounters and demonic visitations. It can be used to understand why gods are usually found upwards and trapped spirits come up from underneath. It is intrinsically divorced from physical life but useful in considering life in the spirit, for which it is designed and originates from that domain. By mimicking physical space it is easily understood by any embodied person and although not accurate is adequately representational to enable discussion of spiritual experience by providing a common frame of reference."

Collocation of terms and definitions

In some instances the language applicable for discussing spiritual concepts has been affirmed or redefined, or clarifed so as to exclude unintended meanings. Some examples of definitions given are salvation (19980519), soulmate (20000413), wrath of god (19991112), interdimensional awareness (19991205), the role of the shaman (19991212), god-space (20040912), parameters of the spiritual domain (20050709), reverential time (20051023), realm community vs social community (20060928b), favourable location for spiritual communion (20070126), agapé (20080423), favourable invocation design (20090806), spiritual perception (20091004), anoint (20091022), spirit (20100331).

Delayed return to the clear light (Drtcl)

In spiritual literature of the Spiritualist type there are many references to what is called a 'spirit rescue'. This phenomenon usually occurs spontaneously during a meditation where the individuals present are competent and available and have a functioning agreement in place with their higher selves and identities beyond that who bring such spirits into proximity to the meditators. The meditators typically counsel the identities through whatever issues are responsible for their status as being delayed in their return to the light, then watch as the identity retreats rightwards and upwards at some angle and rate. This repeated imagery is probably responsible for the entire consensus amongst mystics that there is such light and that it is our destination at death, although imagery and interpretations are variable by culture and religion.
Rather than focusing on god and glory, this record emphasises a functional approach to causes of delay in such return on the assumption that to return directly is the norm. This must be so because the world death rate is now greater than 6000 per hour per 7 billion population (see World death clock http://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/world-death-clock.asp) and the number of identities experiencing delayed return to the light are processed at a much slower rate. I know of no research data by which to allocate numbers to such rate but offer these records as a beginning.
Accordingly, some pages herein are explicitly grouped under the label 'Drtcl cause = ...' so as to illustrate factors causing delay which could be alleviated if anyone wished to do so to the extent they may. Of course, given the relatively small number of identities dealt with and so on record here (probably <20,000 per 10 years including a few very large groups), the range of factors mentioned in these cases is indicative rather than exhaustive, but some tentative conclusions will be drawn in due course.

Agapeic space

^Three scalar quantities mutually at right angles to each other in arbitrary relationship to any physically definable direction can quantify the quality here referred to by the name Ascension, as it has no relationship to physicality, being only a spiritual quality. Therefore to have each person’s ascension vector locatable in relation only to themselves and their bodily alignment is no anomaly.
This allows any person to willingly ascend in their own direction for any period and then return into harmonious relationship to themselves as before, without interrupting either their own process or that of any other person. In that sense a person is self-adjustable in their own scale of ascension, and that is what allows ‘flight’ in the spiritual void, but also the fixed location experienced by most people. The essential disconnection between ascension and physicality resolves all confusion between the background expectations operating in the embodied being about relationship of movement as in normal space. There being zero correlation of any kind, each person is an island unto themselves, and that is what has been referred to in such phrases.

We come into your domain in this way in order to confer more than this. The personal certainty now existing (within you) will have profound effect in the weeks to come, as others will alight your awareness of a change observable to them. It need not concern you, for it is only beneficial, and relates to your personal mana, to use that overused term. This is a great revelation that has been foretold for centuries, and you its recipient. Go well this day, for you carry a great secret now for sharing into humanity.

Scalar quantities are: Agape; Hierarchy; Willingness to bequest agape (WtbA).

Directions relatable to each human body:

  • Agape: incrementing forwards from the navel

  • Hierarchy: incrementing vertically (hence aligned generally with erect spine)

  • WtBA: incrementing rightwards and horizontally aligned with shoulder sockets.

These scalar terms unrelated to physicality are expressed in this way only so as to anchor them in relation to the self-concept of each person, their ‘I-ness’, being subtly aligned with their energetic being.

The scalar terms generate inter-relationship, which then defines the personal ascension vector alignment, which assigns a local ascension vector alignment among an assembly of people physically unrelatable to any other group. It is a local frame of reference. It is part of the reason why historically, meditators have been required to sit with erect spines. It decreases cognitive dissonance within peer groups during any subsequent discussion of events experienced during a meditation session by subtly aligning their ascension vectors with their expectations of common physicality.

The triangle so formed between shoulder sockets and navel reflects the correlation between Ida, Pingala and Shushumna energetic alignment with the physical body. Were they to cease such an alignment, then the bodily correlation would fall out of alignment also, as the real alignment of the Ascension vector is with the energetic structure of the body, not its physical counterpart.

The quantity WtBA as incrementing to the right is what determines the universal experience of greater love on the right, lesser love on the left, and the inter-faith commonality of experience of ‘angel on the right shoulder; devil on the left’ shoulder, as in Islam.


Summary & Codicil

^We have the opportunity to give a summary and codicil to the recent exercise in responding to a set of questions stimulated and prepared through your colleague Keith Hill. The content of those was deliberately chosen to echo the most profound of historical teachings concerning ultimate reality. We have taken this opportunity to express again in fresh terms, while giving links to traditional terminology, to enable a map to be constructed between the traditional teachings predominantly of the country of India but more widely than that, in far distant times and different languages, and now in English.
It has been our strategy to do this so as to refresh understanding, without the necessity for learning other languages, from the perspective of the inhabitants of the world of English on this small planet. Given the global reach of that language it is particularly appropriate, and so the plan has hatched.
We invite the examination by all present of the framework of understanding, the models and metaphors that now comprise this expansive transmission.
The opportunity is always available to consult the past. The past grows dim with time. Language changes can even be lost to present understanding. So no matter what treasures have been conveyed they can be rendered null and void simply through the passage of time and transitions within culture and landscape.
So it has been the combined outcome whereby those individuals undeveloped in their sensitivity to spiritual direction may have available to them, internationally and without boundaries, a refreshed understanding of the nature and purpose of human life at its deepest levels. Not just cultural, not just from one sexual perspective or another, dependent upon one's expressed gender, but in universal terms so as to bring again into the world of form what it has forgotten.
And each young soul who comes to this realm or any other realm containing detachment from spiritual understanding, detachment from memory of identity, disconnection from knowing who one is at the core of identity, that such an individual has available to them, at their request and now our response, an available and refreshed, detailed description of their purpose for life.
We commend it to you. It is of our design.

PThat came from a long way away!