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19/11/2009 prcjlogrb task complete_support delivery



P I'd just like to give thanks for all of the inspiration that I've had in preparing the material for Melbourne. It's kind of trickled in and come together and I'm very happy with it. It astonishes me to be making the claim in that public forum or to be associated with the claims that are being made. But I feel quite comfortable with the idea of going there now whereas I didn't feel at all comfortable to begin with.

And I think you said last time that this was the end of a phase. And in relation to the question 'where to from here?' I'd like an enunciation of the choices so that we can have some clue as to what our options are, what's available, what's beneficial, what's optimal, what's the direction to take from here in order to continue to reap such extraordinary rewards from our attending to spirit? Or is this the end? …


It seems suddenly quite bright. Are you picking up that we've got company?

J Oh yeah. I'm feeling lots of sensation in my third eye chakra. I just don't know what they're saying.

P I feel they're migrating in your direction. I'd welcome the presence and ask that it share with us and respond to our questions, such as we may have articulated and all of those not verbally articulated as well and ask what they would have us do in their best interests?

J I feel they are saying “we beseech you to speak whatever it is that comes to your mind.”

P Good.

^Too much reluctance has been observed and a willingness to share those lines of wisdom which have been proffered in recent months. We sense this stems from a lack of confidence in the veracity of the messages received.

P Are they speaking to you or me or us?

J Me, I guess.

^And it extends beyond the one through whom we speak to each of those in the triumverate. This need not be the end of our communication. We remind you of the ultimate truth of free will. We remain with you but your lives again cut a pace which allows us little room for access. Again, this is part of a pre-conceived plan and indeed is a test to see the lengths you are willing to go to accommodate us. We have an action plan for this one through whom we speak.

P Please articulate that in detail?

^It involves the creation of resources to support the proposed new program of literacy that will be of considerable value to those you have committed to serve. The untimely interruption of this preparation heralded by the arrival of the beginning of the next generation will function as a diversion but the space created by the separation from the workplace will spur a flush of creativity that if responded to will have particularly favourable outcomes.

The period of separation of the two will test the ingenuity of communication. We hope that attention will be paid to many forms of psychic communication available to both parties and we would that you acknowledge instances of receipt of communication and confirm with one another on the veracity of the received information. This separation is not terminal.

P Glad to hear it! Not interminable – temporary?

^Mm. There will need to be a return to the established occupation through a sense of incompletion.

P How long will you be away?

J A year or perhaps less.

P I will want to visit you but I think I might have to work.

J The energy is receding and approaching you.

P Ok. I'm delighted to hear that your inspirational task is to continue to flower. And surprisingly, they want to say:

^We give greetings.

J We give thanks for your arrival.

^Into this space we intrude intentionally, consequent upon the invitation from you both and the one currently absent as well. We have a variety of tasks and opportunities outstanding and we would begin our discussion this evening on these things by saying the completion of this main phase of the communicative task has been an issue of some complexity, some persistence and considerable joy on our part. And we understand that the divergent sets of opportunities and responsibilities comprising your daily life over the time period has been occasionally stressful and occasionally too much to allow the full articulation of the program of delivery at the time frames within which it was first envisaged. However that was surmounted and although the material was slightly truncated, the task is essentially complete and for that we thank all three involved in this association and delivery.

The next task is to support that delivery in effective ways. The introduction of any refreshment of a spiritual teaching is a complex undertaking.


There are many such recently refreshed deliveries in existence around the world, not many of which are known to these three. Nevertheless they permeate through a large variety of subcultures and languages and given that the language barriers are effectively unable to be surmounted, those deliveries into other language groups are simply invisible and likely to remain so. Nevertheless this time is not unlike any other time in that there are periodic restatements of these things with the goal of refreshing current understanding.

The task at this time is made somewhat more complex by the entire subjugation of the culture to the scientific worldview. Although the sense of veracity and truthfulness of science is commonly ascribed to, it is not without its detractors, of course. And in that sense it is no different from any other teaching at any other time, for always there are detractors from the currently articulated worldview, be it religious or of any other kind.

This willingness that you share to if not actively support then to passively support this delivery out into the public domain is sufficient to begin the process of its extension into the domain of curious others whose task it is to pay professional attention to such deliveries. And there are some. Contrary to opinions currently held by some members of this triumvirate, the attempt to ascertain the location and sometimes the origin of such deliveries is ongoing and there is a long tradition within established churches for attending to such individuals as emerge from the mass of humanity with some set of statements which can be construed to be a delivery of spiritually derived information in some form or another.

That information is not necessarily integrated within the established understanding of any particular subset of any church or spiritual tradition and yet it is noted. And eventually aspects of that as deemed worthy are progressively and quietly incorporated within the promulgated understandings across many different traditions. This is partly a consequence of academic scholarship, partly a consequence of the multitude of individuals who are of good will towards such restatements and without doctrinaire rejection of such restatements and as they circulate through the variety of different commentators and writers and media formats, then the process of refreshment occurs.

And so because it is not therefore required to be a radical overturning of any particular tradition's understanding, the perceived risk of there being an outright rejection of this or any other individuals associated with such deliveries is exaggerated in the minds of those present and particularly here and now.

So we affirm this to be the case so as to even further suppress the expectation of there being any probability of rancour or challenge or rejection or denial from any participant at the intended venue. There will be some interest. Not a lot but nevertheless it will be noted that another delivery has been signalled. And in due course, and we speak now of a ten to twenty year time frame, there will be some note taken of the content and the extent to which and the way in which it can be woven together with both existing and traditional understandings as well as that trend towards a formal and deliberate committal into the growing understanding of the model set contained within it as being of some worth in the building of a formal understanding of spirituality as an aspect of humanity on the mental level.

So this will in due time become incorporated into the scientific worldview but that will take much longer.

So given that the time frame of presence within this current incarnation is shorter than that time frame, once the delivery is made out into the world of the professional religious and professional academic streams of awareness and understanding, then that in fact will be sufficient. There is no need for there to be an ongoing frequently trumpeted insistence that this 'new kid in town' need be listened to for there are in existence delivery mechanisms already in place, already exercised, already processing some of the literature already delivered in this way. Therefore there need be no sense of burden, no sense or expectation of continuous and ongoing commitment to this material. As it is promulgated outwards through the series of ongoing publications, they will be taken up by those interested and ignored by the majority who are not. Nevertheless its work will be done and that is as much as we can expect, legitimately.

Which brings us to the sets of questions raised in this night and by implication succeeding nights from this point forwards. There are opportunities to expand the understanding much further, were they to be sought. In particular, the opportunity for affirming in a present-day and comprehensive way, the ancient understandings derived from other cultures and traditions could be captured were you to be interested in that. It would involve more explicit exercises on your part, more variable and extraordinary sets of experiences between these three. Given the projected absence of the one who sits here tonight, our dear friend Janet, there will be a necessary hiatus in that process of experiential delivery and assessment. But were she willing and were these others willing then the process could be recommenced in due time.

The delivery of her own material is not so much predicated on the existence of this group but substantially supported by the ongoing existence of this group and we offer to her and in this manner a moment by moment support for her agenda and those directly connected with her agenda in that ongoing transferral task. Although not explicitly connected with the procedure of acquiring spiritual understanding, it is nevertheless a very good example of the way in which a specific field of practice and information may be enhanced through this process, given its nature of spiritual support for personal goals and in this case, the life task.

So we offer our unqualified support in an ongoing manner and remain committed to being on call at any moment when the attention is available.

J Bless you and thank you.

P They seem to have receded right away. I think there is an optional end point here. What do you feel?

J Yeah, I have the feeling (takes off headset so becomes indistinct)

P Your issue? I asked if it was physical, spiritual or emotion and I got “emotional” and to do with your teaching life? (but mentions ear infections) Ok, then I ask to be shown the root cause of this and its reason for manifestation in this way? …


All I keep thinking about is it's something to do with not wanting to hear. … I don't know how this connects? I see you as a girl reading a book, wanting to continue reading the book, wanting to be involved in whatever was going on in the book, living in that world of the book and not wanting to hear what was being requested of you, required of you from some outside person and it might be a mother, I'm not sure. And resistance and reluctance to leave the safe content of the book, the exciting content of the book and return to the familiar mundane and the tasks associated with that and the boring routines of the familiar. And so I think that developed skill was a valuable one unless over-used. I have no idea how that connects.

J Probably true.

P It seemed to get hotter after I said something about that then it eased off.

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