20091210 prc asnz mphil instructions 1

10/12/2009 prc asnz mphil instructions 1


^There are several things we would wish to say on this occasion:

The first is the meeting and the blending of acceptance and understanding and appreciation by the diverse members of the two groups is a forerunner to an expanded single group rather than two.

This is not the only option, there are other options and each may be chosen with equanimity and freedom.

The point of combining them is to bring additional energy present in order to specifically enhance some of the capacities within the group and to allow those who can to meet together at a time and place of their choosing. So the capacity we share with you is to enhance the understanding of those others who feel motivated to join you and us in this indoctinative process, by which we refer to the capacity to come into full acceptance of understanding of what has previously been resisted. In spite of the negative connotations on the term indoctrination it is in essence applicable. The negative connotations of course simply do not apply in this instance.

So we have at our disposal a series of opportunities in the coming year in order to participate with you and the others and to facilitate their journey in the same way as was acknowledged this evening by the woman Heidi. There are others and they will find their way to you in due course. There is no need to do other than simply be open about the opportunities that are available here without proselytising or advertising in fact. Simply to discuss with any person who shows some interest the category of identities who are drawn to interact with you in the domain of spirit. When this is done it will be sufficient.

The other aspect we would discuss with you at this point is the preparation for the study for next year. It has the capacity to engage all of your attention and it is for this reason principally that we have the attitude that a single group would not absorb excessive time or attention and generate too much material, for the task of study is a process requiring all of the available resources in order to prepare an adequate document for consideration by the academic seniors within this culture and university. It will not be without its challenges and we refer in particular to the necessity to communicate much more widely and to network much more widely in order to find your way through to the individuals who can in fact confirm that after they have been satisfactorily introduced to the model of spiritual space, that has some descriptive capacity to coordinate the experience of diverse individuals occupied in their work in that domain.

So we leave it to you to organise and coordinate as best as is available in the coming year not this, about the opportunities for these things. It will occupy all your time and attention and we sincerely wish that it be joyfully undertaken with a sense of purpose, knowing, continuous willingness to communicate and receive guidance and our blessings as always.

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