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Prcjlo 20060308 Spare capacity - what to do ? Through Peter:

P (I was having an internal vision of a strange long-necked animal, round-faced ...) “... and it’s rather odd, because for some reason it reminds me of a camel,

J self-contained ...

P a cross-eyed camel ...”

^ We bring this image to you in this instance and on this occasion as a teaching metaphor, the means by which one can distinguish and differentiate between the image, the self focussed self-enquiring, entirely self-absorbed identity, and contrast that with the capacity, availability and function of being supremely benign in addressing the community in terms of one’s attention.

The self-constrained focus is contrasted with the self-aware yet outwardly focussed by which one can observe and respond to the activities constituting need in others in the society and culture.

This metaphor of the self-absorbed individual is the means by which we wish to address, on this evening, those functions that you would attend to, to the extent you are able, that is, as exemplars in the society.

We wish this for you. We observe that your attention is sufficiently inwardly focussed so as to pre-empt availability to the wider community. By this metaphor, we wish to alert you to the opportunity that exists beyond the bounds of your own narrowly focussed lives, and raise your awareness again to that of the wider community. Please feel no blame in this. Every person is of right and of necessity self-focussed, for their continued safe survival and their productive activity within any society.

We address the remaining available attention over and above that required to exist safely in the society and culture within the roles that you choose to adopt. Those roles, in several aspects and categories, have attenuated now to a degree sufficient to enable your wider attention. By this we seek to alert you to the fact of this, and to a variety of possible responses.

We are aware of the issues surrounding your energy budgets, and the extent to which they are consumed by the roles which you choose to adopt, with varying degrees of necessity. To some extent, we wish to alert you, the necessity is greater in your perception than in fact. We wish to engage your willingness to attend, using that excess of available attention over the budgetary requirements, in a way that is productive in the wider realm of the community. We know that there are many choices that you can validly make within this opportunity set. At this time we wish to merely advertise the fact that this is our focus, and you have the freedom to make choices concerning the extent to which you enact the available spare energetic resources.

There are a variety of possible responses, and we enumerate them briefly:

They can be through the medium of evocative prayer

They can be through the medium of group creation, attracting those in the community who might wish to interact with you, for the purpose of spiritual learning There might be actions which you wish to take on your own account individually, and actions which you might elect to exercise jointly.

These are all options, and we prescribe none. We proscribe none. We merely advertise what we see as an available reserve of energy and time. For this purpose we wish to merely advise you of these things at this time, and await your eventual response in your own time, and according to your own prerogative.

P ... I feel a continuation of a presence.

J I ask that you speak further.

P There seems to be an opportunity for energetic interaction. I don’t know what kind (reaches out to hold hands)

^We blend these two specifically at this time. There are issues undone between us, and we would deal with the conjoined pair, rather than the individuals discretely. We wish to affirm first that the conjoined pair are a valuable asset to us, for us, and with us. We specifically seek to affirm this, so as to assuage accumulating or accumulated doubt concerning the value of that continued endowed functionality. We have spent these many years fostering this pair. There is a natural affinity, and that is precious to us. The natural affinity has been magnified by the conjoining on the prior occasions, and on each occasion which it is manifested. This is neither trivial nor unimportant. Its potential for activity, not just benign in the community but aggressively positive, and we mean that in its positive sense, has enough interest for us to attempt to ensure its ongoing nature. With this intention we blend ourselves with yours in such a way as to encourage you in everything that you choose to do, both individually and collectively, in your manifestation of love, in your manifestation of heart-felt sharing and mutual support. For we love you both unreservedly, and would that you love each other in the same way.

J Bless you and thank you for coming.

P (feeling the heart connections of joined energy) Oh, isn’t it lovely! We do good things, eh?

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