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20080807 Changing jobs

Invocation by J not transcribed. Richard arrives in spirit from Wellington just in time.

Through Janet

^(A long time) have we waited your conscious reconnection with us. We appreciate your subconscious awareness of our interconnectivity, yet we regret that you do not utilise the times between your formal sittings to more consciously turn your attention to our proximity.

We hear you speak of time filled, and yet we realise that you could benefit from time well-utilised, simply by focussing your attention on the spirit world in times of inactivity. We ask you to consider your reluctance to do so, and would have you recognise the lingering self-doubt that your connection with the spirit world is no more than play. We wish to remind you that you are well-blessed by an awareness of our presence, and that you are well loved by those who surround you in spirit. Rejoice in this, for it is not all who recognise their place in the spiritual realm.

P I think we can both connect to those statements.

J I feel the energy has moved to you. Do you feel it.

P Oh yes, now I do. I have some questions that relate to the astonishingly easy transition from one job to another. I continue to be astonished at the ease and rapidity with which that change occurred, and I find it hard to overstate my appreciation of that.

I have specific questions in relation to the connection between my aversion to my prior job and machine assembly, and the extent to which that was influenced by the then immanent emergence of my connection with what seems to have been a recognition of death by machine, in this instance a trebuchet, and I would like some specific confirmation of those circumstances as recalled or re-envisaged by me, and if there is anything yet unprocessed or unacknowledged or unresolved in relation to that incident, and if so, I’d like a clarification concerning that and specific support or direction concerning that.

^We have some answers for you.

The beginnings of this procedure for transition back into the world of teaching was initiated from our domain, in order to provide you with a final polishing in the role, and a much enhanced capacity as a consequence of that to order and organise, arrange and facilitate its transfer to any inquirer who may come present to you in the future.

The capacity of the teacher to create order amongst items of language, terminology and its underlying features is a very good preparation for the approach to an analysis of, and the engendered capacity to structure any body of knowledge such as we have shared with you so far to date. There is much more to arrive to your awareness, and we wished specifically to facilitate your enhanced capacity in that role in order to do those things in such a way as to allow our agenda to be made manifest in this physical domain for the purpose specifically of sharing those things with others who may enquire after them from you.

There are of course other initiatives. Nevertheless our concern is with this particular initiative, for we are contracted to support it. Therefore, we saw an opportunity arising from a particular combination of circumstances, and upon analysis of those circumstances and their various probabilities, we concluded that there was an optimal time of transfer from one position to another. And so it has proved to be, we are pleased to note.

Therefore, the condition of enhanced harmony, happiness, satisfaction, entertainment, opportunities thereby created for creativity in the moment and as guided, specifically to engender within you the free and practised capacity to confront this particular body of knowledge and feel complete freedom to structure it that you saw fit, or we saw fit to instruct you. For we have our own manner of presenting this information, which may be somewhat at variance with the way you may choose to. That is your freedom, but we have our preferences, so to the extent that you allow, we facilitate your enhanced understanding and your further analysis of the information we present you with.

The bonus on top of that was the transition from a mechanically-focussed or electronically-focussed business, to a humanity-focussed business. And knowing your predilections and enhanced probability of finding pleasure in that, we were only too willing to facilitate that as best we could. And the combination of circumstances hinged upon a timely correlation between conditions in one organisation and conditions in a different organisation. And so the timing was optimal, and so is the result, as we have already shared with you.

The relationship between that and the instance in the far past of your demise at the hands of unwelcome others, is more or less coincidental to that. Nevertheless it has in fact been one of the long-term roots of your discontent with things mechanical.

It was, at the beginning, a root of your unwillingness to pursue further the intentions of your father in relation to your introduction to the proposition he saw, to acquaint you with and instil within you the skills and knowledge of his chosen career. That was not your choice. One part of that choosing was a small degree, and we emphasise the small degree of unwillingness to closely approach the category of knowledge which led to your demise. But it was a very small component. So it was a minor part of your willingness to do other things than engage your hands and mind and body in the task of manipulating machinery.

Nevertheless it is true that as the memory became emergent but not yet emerged, the intensity of that feeling was correspondingly increased, so it was a component of your eventually extreme unwillingness to involve yourself in the construction of the machines. When there was no longer any risk of that constituting any impediment to your employment, it was easy for it to surface and be processed, recalled, documented and otherwise made sense of as a negative factor shaping the direction of your life in career terms.

So these are the ways in which old experience shapes the current life, and part of the reason that we are elucidating this, is precisely to enable the impact of this to eventually become more widely acknowledged in the community of persons interested in these aspects of their own life and their own choice-making.

It has no specific wider applicability than that, although it may or may not be added to the stock in trade of some understanding at the academic level at some future time. That is not our direct concern. Our concern is that through the explication of this in your life, to enable others to be stimulated in their curiosity so as to be able to say “what is it about my life that has shaped it in these ways?” Not only as attractions towards, but revulsions against, as the case may be.

So this is the extent of the impact of that. Any further detail is at this point completely irrelevant, so we will decline your request to discuss that further.

There are one or two items we would add, if we may.

J Please do so.

^The first is that the foregoing remarks in relation to a degree of unwillingness to instantaneously consult in a conscious way to the point to becoming a habit of first recourse, is not only reasonable, but likely to be highly productive. So we would specifically encourage you both to make the transition from accessing this information out of the conscious level of the mind, but directly into the conscious level of the mind, not only by habit, consulting your memory, but by habit, consulting your guidance.

For it is, of course, as it has already been remarked this evening, on tap, as it were, available in every moment, to facilitate not only your learning, your performance, but more specifically, the learning and conversion into enhanced performance of those of your students. This is the role of every alert teacher, and they may or may not acknowledge those levels impacting and being enacted within them, but we would find it most agreeable if you would choose to elevate this as a factor in your own teaching performance from the subconscious level, to the conscious level, to the moment by moment mentally looking for input from that level. So this is an issue of creating a new habit, and we understand that this is something that takes some time and some deliberate attention, although of course it can be a completely unconscious process.

So were this to become the case, then the opportunities for our input would be correspondingly enhanced, which would, we feel, be of material support to you both. And partly we desire this to relieve you of a level of burden.

The teaching task and role is an audacious one, an exacting one, and a consuming one. And one of the things it consumes is your mental energy. So we offer the opportunity to unburden you, by relieving you of a degree of the burden of focus and concentration and invention. Whereas to be able to simply flow with the information deliverable to you when that is appropriate, and it is clearly not always appropriate, but when it is appropriate to have a moment by moment awareness of and customised optimal delivery for your particular students in that moment. Because we need scarcely reiterate that every class is unique, precisely because of the fields of knowledge and capability which is formed, as an amalgam consequent upon any particular group assembling itself and ready for your attention.

Therefore it is possible and already happens, that the level and complexity of the material deliverable is generated specifically with a view of, a knowledge of, and even an interrogation of, the capacities and willingness and appropriateness corresponding upon the students present on a particular day at a particular time.

So these are the things that we offer, and it is done so with enormous pleasure and love on our part. And we would simply be simply delighted, were that to be more consciously receivable by you.

J Thank you for coming, and leaving so abruptly. And we would welcome any amount of your input and inspiration.

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