20190823 prc Task discipline

^There are several issues we would address at this moment. The practice of early rising, self cleansing, explicit meditation focussed on clarifying points determined by curiosity, has fallen to a very low ebb in this latter half of this year 2019. The loss of weekly meditation time is not being compensated for adequately, so we would request more meditation as usual.
The tranquillity in the mental atmosphere at this time of day is optimal. The quietness through lack of traffic is optimal. The distant location in Riverton is equivalent and for a greater part of every day. We therefore request a retreat again, extensive and with expectations of nurturing this connection. There is work undone as usual and two books to complete.
The material for the book 'A discourse on origins' is due to be supplemented further as a consequence not only of the Indra's Net information but also the congruence meticulously articulated by the authors of Brahman & Dao. It appears to require a systematic detachment from the condition of being enmeshed within the social and psychological world of the partner Janet. This is unfortunate and perhaps even unnecessary, yet the daily interaction provides and indeed requires sufficient stimulus to distract from these deeper questions. There will be a period in the next six months when the issues of disposal and detachment of one house and location, acquisition and attachment to another, will be sufficient to occupy that person. Hence they will need less of your attention. We seek to take advantage of that for our own purposes and request your support in kind.
The next issue is what seems to be the vexed question of archiving. Setting up the XP archive machine to be functional and accessible is the first step.
yourself with the contents is the second. It is to the long term benefit that these things are done before any greater degree of decline at the organic mental level proceeds, as no-one else will ever be motivated to achieve that task to the level of thoroughness required. That is all.
It looks like a bit of task discipline is required !!