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5/11/2009 hg weight of prior experience


(initial interpersonal discussion on oneness also invocation not transcribed)

P I want to acknowledge what seems to be a pervasive presence on the left forward side and somewhat up. I know nothing of its nature as yet. …

Pm I'm aware of a very pleasant smell – perfume. I was aware of it earlier -

P Yes, I had it too.

Pm - then it went and just now it is again.

P I had an indication that this manifestation on the left side with the phrase “we are those you have forgotten.”

Pm Well we welcome you.

P From its location I suspect it's a personal level, perhaps those other aspects of the self but I'm not sure about that. Perhaps unremembered prior personalities?

Pm I too am aware of the energy there but not of being there. I would say that if it is of value to our personal direction and understanding that you draw near to us and we welcome you. Or if it is a manifestation of our oneness of all that is, was, ever shall be – again we welcome you.

P That invitation seems to increase the sense of presence.

Pm Do you have wisdom you would like to share with us or is it enough to just be.

P I have acknowledgement is sufficient. It is a connection point to diversity of identity. I get the phrase “to know who and what one is requires recognition of diversity of identity comprising the components of the higher self. To progressively come to know all parts is to acknowledge the wholeness of who one is and the experience that brings wisdom naturally into accessibility. And yet also brings all manner of nefarious and even evil acts into the domain of awareness by which to condition one's self-concept into absolving bigotry, because one has been many things good and bad, sublime and ridiculous. Compassion is the result of recognising (that) “yes, I too have known such times.”

Pm Oh yes.

P Compassion is hard-won and learned through experience. … The surprising aspect for me is that compassion seems to contain no incentive to intervene, simply to observe in a heart-felt way.

Pm Observe without judgement.

P Yep. In full understanding that it is each individual's necessity to experience conditions engendering compassion in others.

Pm We have a tendency to label, which in itself is a judgement.

P Mm. There seems to be a subtle sense of weight, as if consciously accessing – it's as if the experience has a weight. It conveys essentially some sense of weariness.

Pm Are you able to expand on that?

P Just the idea of life after life after life, and not that they necessarily contain no joy, but that most lives predominate in hard work and necessary endurance and challenges and that is one were not strong one could be weighed down by memory of such things and discouraged and disillusioned, perhaps, and disconnected from possible present aspirations and enthusiasm and in order to enable one to be hopeful about the future and to become excited that “oh yes, this life there will be good things!” But connected to the burden of the weight of experience of multiple other lives, burden-filled lives as they necessarily are in order to generate the capacity to have compassion – to be connected to that in any particular life is potentially to rob it of hopeful prospects. And I think that might be part of the reason why there is forgetfulness, disconnection from the accumulated experience so far in order to enable that light presence to generate enthusiasm for the challenges of the coming life.

Pm And to live in the 'now', so to speak.

P Yes.

Pm And as we expand and understand that we are not our body, that this physical experience is of a short one then we permit an opening in that veil which enables us to expand even further through our gained wisdom (that) I am my brother.

P Mm. The sense I have also is of awareness of layers of un-shed tears from the different incarnations and the express that is part of the reason for the sense of what is sometimes called cosmic rage. That when one accesses that level, one is grieving not for the intemperance or injustice of the current life but also from other times and places. And I 've never understood that before. But also to access that array of accumulated experience brings not necessarily a sense of burden but a sense of strength and imperturbability about any stressful time in the present. With that background it brings it into a perspective unobtainable any other way. Being transient in time and moderate in intensity compared to almost any other lived-through experience. It is a great gift. …

Pm I could feel you put out the message this time to return.

P Yeah ;-)

Pm I could feel myself get restless, I thought – I'd better return. No wonder I came back.

P Well that was a long calm time.

Pm I'd go down really deep and something would come into the old mind and my way is to flick it into an escalator up and away. The whole time I was in this peaceful space. I found quite an interesting connection with what we were speaking of. I've been doing this family tree and I''ve found a real fascination. It's like they are coming to life, my ancestors, as I discover where they were born and what their jobs were and what they did in life. And it's my physical roots, not my spiritual roots. In saying that spiritually that channel was part of my opening as well. So it was just this connection while you were talking about what was. And I think I said to you about my calling to my grandfather and my mother saying how Will needs you. And I look at his photo taken in his 50s and it's like he's smiling at me! There's this real connection! And of course it's a man I never ever knew. He died in 1942 before I was born. So even if I'd been in the same country I wouldn't have known him. But there's this real sense of connection to him! And every time I look at him I've got a smile (from him). But I have proven now that as my mother's mother died when I was sick, she in turn lost her own mother when she was sick. My mom always wondered why they went to Northland to her father's family to be raised by her Granny there but her mother in turn was raised by her Granny. If she'd been alive when Mom was in need she'd have been a very ancient lady because there were no females on that side (of the family). It's sad when you think about it. Mom made up for it by living to 98. It's just the interweaving of the experiences we choose to know and what forms us. My mom was formed through what her experiences were and she gave us the knowledge of truly unconditional love. She was an amazing lady, very strong, very stubborn and she kept it too much within herself so she had ulcers and she had her gall-bladder in her middle years but once she got past that she had a very healthy life. But her unconditional love love gave us such a beautiful gift. It's interesting that we have many physical ancestors and many spiritual ancestors af many shapes, colours and sizes and sexes.

P Yes, and sometimes the two are interwoven as well. Good. How did you get on this morning Heidi?

H I was aware of a huge amount of energy present then it was just colours, colours, colours.

P Really?!

Pm What colours were you seeing?

H Well it started with red as it was coming and colouring the whole landscape with houses, farms, animals, then that faded. Then came gold then blue and green – all kinds of images, more like a kaleidoscope. I kept on saying “there is a lot of colour, what's it all about?” But they didn't say anything.

Pm All the colours are harmonising on different levels. Did you get that floral perfume?

H No.

P I wondered if it was perhaps a scented candle, perhaps vanilla?

H It's possible, there's a vanilla sachet over there which sometimes one can smell.

Pm It wafted past a few times and I wondered if it was flowers outside but the curtains are drawn

H It's interesting that when you talked about the compassion it was something going through my mind. Compassion, when you've been through something (emotionally difficult) yourself you can have compassion for another person provided you knew there was help or you did receive help. Otherwise if I have gone through something painful and somebody else is going through it, if I have not recognised that the help and support is there I could say “So? Get over it, get through it!” That's not compassion.

P Yes, it would depend on the extent to which you had processed it to completion.

H Yes.

(further discussion on empathy and compassion, acceptance of prior life murder and mayhem etc. not transcribed)

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