20101216 prcjlogrb gardenplace peacemaking

16/12/2010 prcjlogrb gardenplace peacemaking


At about 21:00-21:30 Richard Bentley, Peter Calvert and Carolyn Longden gathered in Garden Place to honour and act on two specific visions.

The first was by Peter some months ago of a darkness in astral space in the vicinity of Garden Place and Esteem Menswear. More recent was Carolyn's perception of the emotional residue of a desecration of sacred space (an urupa) in the mid to late 1800s, in which a few men were killed. Supporting this was an emotional reaction by Carolyn during a karakia during a Museum public meeting, and a conversation with the karakia performer confirming knowledge of continuing discontent by resident spirits of the tribe occupying the Garden Place area at that earlier time.

On the basis of these things and a protocol proffered during recent channelling, these three offered apology for the desecration on behalf of European citizens to Maori citizens of this country. In compensation, love and cleansing grace was invoked, and peace soon came.

The text that follows is a transcript of the audio recording made during the process. Recording was begun slightly after Carolyn's dialogue began so is truncated to that degree. [Duration = 4:29 mins]

C … it's important they are recognised in the current day and you have already accessed the way that this can be done acceptably as planned and recommended.

P We bring greetings and we bring responsibility and we wish to contribute in a constructive and healing way to both resurrect and heal past wrongs such as may have occurred not only here but elsewhere in this country.

We are all newcomers to this land if one takes a long view. We seek harmony as you do, and we specifically apologise for the desecration that has occurred here, now long distant but still felt.

We would ask that you share with us in bringing an infusion of love and grace to this place. May forthwith there be peace here as there once was.

C The land was stained with blood of both parties, but now it is possible to live together in harmony. …

P It's done.

C Mm-mm. I think they were gonna say “this will now be so in this area.” And I think that was it for us.

P I felt quite a lot of heat ...

C Mm

P … and it seemed to sort of wash down.

R I felt a relaxation. My stomach was a bit tense, I realised.

P Yes. (I also felt that)

R It went (demonstrates the sudden release with a quick exhalation) And I felt great gratitude for the generosity of spirit that allowed that to happen and allowed forgiveness and moving on.

P+C Mm! …

P Cool !! Happy?

C Mm. Yep.


Not recorded in dialogue was the imagery seen by Peter at the beginning, in which vision opened up of an access track up a moderate slope through waist-high fern, on which a number of people were dispersed. They appeared to be Maori in presumably typical period dress, and all looking towards that observer in acknowledgement and willingness to also observe and participate in the brief apology.

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