20060114 prc hs co-occupancy

14/01/2006 prc hs co-occupancy


^We come on this occasion as an invitation to participate with us in a more detailed way right down to the level of moment by moment aroha. In this progressively closer blending of the higher and the lower, we invite your participation in an experimental way initially with the clear understanding that harmonious working relationship of constant co-occupancy of the physical form is the optimum but that the progressive blending between the egoic and the spiritual levels requires that the egoic be thoroughly convinced of the advantage of that , or that the advantages vastly outweigh the disadvantages such as they are.

For these reasons we take this opportunity to embolden ourselves to approach you in such a momentary way so as to form a habituation exercise. That habituation exercise will be ongoing for the next two days until you return to your mundane life at work. For this purpose it will be best if you do not distract your energy nor attention unduly. Therefore constrain computer use and external intellectual levels of input, particularly through the eyes. Input through the ears is not as important but you may wish to use your customary procedures (earmuffs) for inhibiting that as well.

This co-occupancy of the physical form has the advantages, first, of a deeper layer of evaluative judgement being able to be employed in the generation of intentions for the purposes of maximally utilising the time available in the physical domain. Typically and in the pa413st, the more mundane sets of activities such as caring for the body, ensuring its comfort, providing adequate nutrition etc., and rest, takes the superficial attention away from the deeper awareness so as to grossly interrupt the necessary connection to sustain that deeper awareness to anything other than trivial degree. The occasional forays into intensive meditation serve to sustain that between events but the average depth of participation with the spiritual level is too shallow, if we may use that metaphor, to significantly influence the life.

The cohabitation of the spiritual within the physical form allows that average depth of engagement with the spiritual level to deepen dramatically, leading to a more meaning-filled life with reduced attention on the superficial levels of comfort and distraction.

So we urge your attention to the qualities of your awareness in these days so as to be able to come to a considered judgement in relation to the opportunities presented to you.

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