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^The next chapter of the Argonauts book is as follows:

The principal reason that the person seeks to peer into their own deeper self is to discover more about who they are and have been. Often this is from an initial impulse concerning their younger self but if there is an understanding that the limits to the personality do not stop at the beginning the life, then prenatal then pre-birth can be explored with relative ease and with just as much ease, should the protocols be followed, it is quite normal for the prior identities to be accessible to them for the perspective that may be brought into the current life from the experience of the earlier lives. And of course we use the time-bound conventions here.

When the identity manifests itself into the current life from those other times then the patterns of the current life may be brought into a greater sense of cohesiveness and order so as to bring a greater sense of purpose and willingness to participate in the life, where that is to any degree missing, and sometimes it is.

The categories of information which can be brought present are too numerous to list comprehensively, but in general terms, the extent of existence can be stretched and sometimes dramatically into a condition of long continuity. And streaming out behind the individual, in a sense, can be found a series of adventures shaped in such a way as to explore explicit themes, their resolution, convergence, their opposites and their downfall, for many and various are the accidents and events woven together into a life.

If events in the current life have raised curiosity concerning their meaning, then often more depth of meaning can be obtained through the process of that inward exploration. Meaning not in a general sense necessarily, Often the meaning obtained is highly explicit and definable into just that one life so as to bring its context and antecedents in sharp relief and find there the reason for the life events as they have been experienced.

We have to speak in generalities in this instance of course but some specifics may be useful in order to generate a sense within the reader of this text that there is meaning in almost all events. For example, and taking a few incidents from the life of the one through whom we speak for of course that is best known to him:

There was an instance during the teenage years where both a friendship tinged with tension was created and yet the contact between this man and that other was insufficient to bring more than some degree of appreciation of the capacities and talents of that other man who was a musician and went on to become an electrical engineer. The similarity between interests was enough to sustain some willingness to know the other, for the association was initially at the high school level and then on a couple of later occasions a small degree of contact with the interests of music and electronics and their intersection. And yet the particular incident occurring in the main street of the main city whereby an involuntary stagger on this man's part caused an instant revulsion in the other man, who promptly marched out of the life of this man, never to return.

Incomprehensible though it was at that time, it was later clarified during a period of life incident review during Vipassana meditation many years later. The connection was made through a memory of birth, in this instance giving birth. A death, in this instance dying as a woman giving birth, in this instance her tenth. And a recognition that this man was that woman and the previously mentioned man was the husband. The connection was also made between the aforementioned stagger and a condition of chronic drunkenness which was the source of the instant revulsion in that teenage incident but a factor in the prior marital relationship.

The recognition of the condition of giving birth was the manifestation n the current abdominal muscles whereby there was generated an unusually detailed understanding of the muscular processes of contraction in this man, who had never fathered a child nor was intimately familiar with the processes of birth at that time.

So an inexplicable event at a time earlier in the life was made much more clear. The mixed feelings of the relationship with the other man were given a plausible context and motivation both for the sense of connectedness and yet also distance culminating in revulsion on his part. That was sufficiently profound as an extraordinary event of bringing a sense of meaning and connectedness to otherwise inexplicable events that it was responsible for his declaring it to be responsible for 'hammering the last nail into the coffin of his doubt concerning the reality of multiple lifetimes and the phenomenon of reincarnation.' Of course it did no such thing. There were many other experiences necessary before in fact the doubt was dealt to with finality. Nevertheless it was a highly significant event in accessing realms of body-knowing which he had always presumed were unavailable to him. And of course we refer to the ordered sequence of muscular spasms which is part of the phenomenon of a birth contraction in the female, but not known to him and never likely to be known with the level of detail in the ordinary course of a male life.

In a similar way another otherwise inexplicable component of manifested fear in this man's life relates to the unease experienced while on a small boat in a shallow harbour in the northern part of this country. With a partner, sailing on this small boat, there was an emotionally intense event in which while being perfectly aware that the sandy bottom of that harbour was a mere half metre under the position he was seated moving slowly through that shallow harbour, he experienced extreme distress caused by intolerable fear that likely demise was imminent.

This of course was completely inexplicable in relation to the present relatively calm conditions, the relatively calm harbour, the condition of being able to drop over the side and be about waist-deep in the water. But even while knowing those things fully at the level of the conscious mind, under those conditions there surfaced those other feelings which were almost overwhelming in their impact and without any conscious-level understanding as to the cause from the present or from any other time. And yet it was a significant emotional event only brought to understanding many years later at a time of meeting a person experienced in the phenomenon of past life regression who conducted him through a couple of such experiences. The first of which was one of experiencing himself apparently on the yard-arm of a ship, a sailing ship in calm weather, very little wind, conditions of comfort, warmth from the subtropical sun and drowsiness induced by the noon-day meal. And to his astonishment, he found himself re-experiencing suddenly falling, fortunately missing the deck but going into the water and the ensuing panic caused by his inability to swim. The efforts to call producing no response, the slow disappearance of the ship into the distance and the experience of struggle and losing the capacity to stay afloat, losing the capacity to breathe, losing air and seeing the daylight coloured by the increasing depth of water between him and the surface as he sank, never to be found. Except he also sank into calmness and acceptance and peace as he separated from the dying body. And a recollection that the fear in the small boat in the shallow harbour in the current life was that fear of drowning manifested at that earlier time.

So many people experience that category of inexplicable event, have no rational explanation for it and if they are fortunate, find at some later time a perfectly understandable connection and reason to have experienced that otherwise inexplicable event.

So by these means it is possible to trigger an individual into a straightforward acceptance of a condition of continuity of life out of a previous one or a previous many, depending on the extent of their exploration and how many other times and places they can recognise themselves to have lived. Naturally these things can also be promoted by travel and occasionally when a person comes to another place they find it unexpectedly familiar and sometimes sufficiently familiar for them to simply know where they are in relation to their surroundings even though they have never been to that place in the current life before. Sometimes the feelings are overwhelming or sometimes they are simply comfortingly familiar with the place and for no well-defined reason.

An example of the condition of being overwhelmed is another person of this man's acquaintance who travelled to the city of Hiroshima and to the memorial to the extermination of many thousands of people by the nuclear weapon dropped on that city at the end of the second world war in 1945 by the Americans. The person concerned visited that memorial sometime during the '90s as a young adult and could not tolerate the materials on display because of the nausea which she found welling within her and had to leave. During a subsequent hypnotherapeutic exploration she came to understand the reason for her sense of knowledge of that city and her horror and nausea at the memorial were due to her having been alive and impacted by that nuclear weapon.

So these explorations can very often bring a sense of peace and acceptance to not only these inexplicable events but also a willingness to accept the uncharted course of a life and the periods of change which can at times seem overwhelming in their rapidity. When a person understands that their life does have a pattern, that change is more likely than not to be an expression of their plans rather than random chance then they can accept the change and pursue their best options within it.

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