20190325 prc Riverton 6

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20181105 prc Writing postponed
20190128 prc More dialogue coming
I have arrived this morning for the
Riverton meditation and writing retreat. At most one week’s duration, I know of nothing in advance other than that it is overdue and spiritually desired. So here I am.
The weather has turned cloudy with some rain after a lovely 2.5 days of sunny autumn since coming down last Thursday after the Invercargill meditation group. Now there are gale warnings! :-)
I have dismissed C
from my life again and so feel again at peace, with that karma resolved, at least in part. I feel still ambivalent about her for the long term, but she is educated to slight degree concerning our history and the intensity of remnant feeling renegotiated from killing karma.
^It will be beyond her understanding, but fear not, she will not voluntarily return to your life unless you ask her to.
Cooking dinner – curried chicken stew. I seem to have left the beef mince behind !! ;-(
But there is plenty of food here to sustain me. It is so long since I was on retreat I feel nervous of beginning !! How strange is that!!
Driving down I thought of helping Ant gain a little more clarity concerning where his words come from. He showed us some writing he had been recording on his phone. The words and sentiments were good. I encouraged him to archive them for possible future publishing. He said “ I have no idea where this is coming from.” How best to help him internalise an idea of his higher self? I just had an image of a whiteboard sketch of the cluster of personalities and an arrow showing a communicative link between one of the cluster and himself at the lower mind level to explain how it may be interpreted as a ‘guide’ or merely a representative of himself at the higher self level. That should work. This Thursday after the other group leaves?
= m . c
= h . a
I am already getting a sore bum from sitting on a hard chair. I forgot to bring my typing chair !! :-(
But using a cushion will be adequate, I think.
Drinking a small glass of wine and have felt told to sleep, after which some connection may happen.
After sleeping and eating some not-so-lovely curried chicken stew:
While driving here I wondered, given my own relationships with people who have harmed me at other times and places, if the Christchurch mosque killer had some such background predisposing him to find
rhetoric attractive? Where and how has he died before, that he has such rage against brown/
20190326 T06:32
Heavy rain is forecast over Westland and Southland this week from a warm nor’wester. The grass seed will sprout.
Last night I heard “we can see you.” The difference between my living pace and retreat mode has become large. I have felt driven to complete tasks ahead of winter rain but have even yet not finished. Now my own house needs preparation prior to new tenants. That is the task of the week after next. This week will allow recovery from back strain from exertions here.
The new roller blinds function very well in constraining attention and reducing light for daytime computer use.
While sitting in meditation earlier I had an integration of
knowledge by
the formation of the number line into a circle, which is the basis for the clock-face dial. Imagining explaining it to Emmie, Janet’s grand-daughter, I mentally drew 6x scales of 0-10 then arranged them in a
But when I rang Janet I was told Emmie could already read time from a clock, so this integration is just for me ;-)
^We come on this occasion in order to commence the peregrination around the subjects in view. The subject in view is itself an encapsulation of the myriad features of life in spirit, in contrast to life in body. The interaction between the two being the subject of discourse in many cultures, there is merit in giving more detail concerning life in spirit, in contrast to the dynamics between that and life in body.
And so in accordance with our wishes to not reify the information-set, nor use traditional terminology, contaminated as it is by culture and reification, we have the opportunity to attempt a straight-forward description.
If the idea of contentment is utilised as a condition known to every person at some point in their life, then the condition can be imaged as shorn of every vestige of emotional connection, physical impact, physical life necessity, so as to arrive at the awareness of contentment as a condition of awareness, independent of all of those things. A mental phenomenon, not a physical or an emotional phenomenon or a condition propped up by external circumstance. And to imagine that condition of contentment comprising the condition throughout the sphere. Not a large sphere, neither small, simply comfortable. A field of awareness wherein there is no particular centre, yet an occupied volume.
And being nowhere in particular, as defined by external references. Simply present, unmoving unless movement is desired. And aware, in a gentle, light, warm condition of suspension within an unlimited field of existence. And if the intention is desired, that field of existence can be observed as if distributed through three-dimensional space, so that one can simply know that there are a range of others similarly suspended within that space. And unless the desire is manufactured, there is no urge to be other than wherever one is. So this condition of stasis is without duration, as time is absent, except in the most subtle of senses.
Transformation, therefore, is observed without reference to time. Therefore it seems to be neither slow nor fast and is measured on developmental scales unrelated to time, but to emergence. Degrees of emergence are recognisable and one's own degree in relation to others. There is no grasping after a condition other than as one is, yet a recognition that one is in a condition which will change. Therefore time is not recognisable as a parameter of existence. This is the process of becoming. And coming into a condition of fullness, capacity, empathy and adequacy. Jealousy, envy, comparison with others are all absent.
I think that's it for now. I give thanks.
20190326 prc Becoming
I've slept since the last transcription was completed. I've been directed to read through the last transcript and then heard "^into this condition we would render you now". I'll pause the recording. ...
I've found my meditation stool and blanket, so I'm kneeling on the floor in front of the computer and table. Feeling the
of my heartbeat and breathing and imaging the tranquillity that would result were even those small signals absent.
(now in that condition)
No rain, no wind, no sunshine. Possibly boring?! Otherwise, content.
What is the urge that would drive one to leave this condition? Go to some far-off hazardous place and be stressed and muddied and born? Challenged and even extirpated? Again and again?!!! Even into more species than one, foreign, unknown, challenging, hazardous, yet exciting? What is the impulse???
To become what? Knowledgeable? Experienced? Having greater awareness? Larger
in the field of knowing? Is that wisdom? Is that knowing the distinction between the phenomena of the body, whichever body it may be, and the phenomena of identity? Of the breadth of choice? Of knowing instead of thinking or wondering or being merely curious; ignorant, unable even to question the categories available to describe experience? Is it to emulate the Elder? (ones in spirit) That requires comparison and desire.
Or is it the necessity to journey and discover difference so as to return and to know the place for the first time? To emerge into understanding. To become more than one was. To know categories not present with precise understanding, contextualised in untold dimensions. To know the capacity to ravish, in all of its senses: destruction and enjoyment, consumption and satiation. All the physical satisfactions: conquest, tyranny, power, lust.
And having chosen, to desist, because of the fundamental incompatibilities with the nature of love. To nurture difference, completion and knowledge. And become incorruptible, in all of its senses, with even that being a free choice.
THAT is the reason for embodiment!
To have seen carnage and destruction at first hand and have developed distaste for it. Distancing from the opportunities; retirement into seclusion, even sanctity; into willingness to support but no longer destroy; that is to grow wiser and stronger and more certain of
choice, in contrast to every alternative. And to withstand examination and temptation until every strand of desire for power is extinguished. To be both meek and resolute. And hence to have expanded, to have become more than one was; filled with knowledge and capacity to discriminate ever more finely between choice sets for good, from those for power. Contented in knowing - graduated from incarnation.
Without pain in the heart from regret; knowing the priceless nature of such knowledge. Secure and without need. Increased in capacity and empathy; resolute in willingness to care.
Knowledgeable in strategies to the contrary and declining every one, no matter which level they emerge from.
s !!!
Interestingly, the mention of pain in the heart was stimulated by experiencing exactly such pain in the centre of my chest, as if
or under the sternum or in the heart chakra. I wonder if I have such regrets?
And now to sleep.
20190327 T03:40
I’m awake early feeling rested and reviewing my escapade into Riverton village yesterday afternoon. I was susceptible to the idea that it was time I was better known in this little community for my activities here. There was a distinct feeling associated with that, of urgency and desire for renown. Looking back on that, I was driven by an urge for power and influence. Comparing that to the delivery of yesterday, I find it easy to identify it a
a free choice, just no
driven by love so much as power, so withdraw from those impulses.
I talked to to a woman in the organics shop, who mentioned an ecumenical meditation group at the church with the op shop I know so well. I said I was not looking for anything Christian, which led to a certain frostiness developing in her manner ;-)
The supermarket noticeboard was more helpful with yoga class
and massage notices. So I can pursue those if I choose but will re-evaluate and for the present moment merely note the urge without acting. I also went to the Rocks for a welcome dose of calm nature. It was high tide, calm and warm here while the West Coast was getting hammered and a main road bridge washed away! Checking the weather showed a report of the atmospheric river coming here from the tropics and having dropped >0.5m rain in places!!
So I am having a little difficulty with the
privation and confinement of this discipline, even though I am so well supported by love and intention on both the spiritual and physical levels. Janet said she would miss me yet has spent so much money in renovations to make this retreat house comfortable. I am so grateful for that and the initiative from spirit driving this whole venture.
The storm continues outside the window. The long lines of waves break,
the strong offshore wind
throwing sp
backwards to fall on the wave behind.
I conclude from the foregoing that I remain susceptible to delusions of power and influence, hence are some distance from the state of being fully experienced to the point of satiation in the phenomena of this world. Hence unlikely to be quitting the wheel of karma anytime soon ;-)
But in a world saturated with professed works of dignified inspiration, what is the real value of more recent statements such as this transmission? Is it just grist for the mill of publishing? A means by which more pages on social media get filled? To be viewed briefly then passed by? Is it valid to think that someone may sometime be touched by these words and come into a better understanding of their purpose for being alive?? Why else am I here???
Or is it just for my own benefit and to integrate more completely the spectrum of experience gained this time around? As in the example of the clockface design and integration of scales numeric and geometric to display both hours and minutes on one dial?
^All these and more. Take dictation?
Chilled now!
20190327 prc Gathering informational riches
^We have in mind the integration of many aspects of your life, so as to create a firmer foundation, each part of which can be articulated to the interest or bemusement or enlightenment of any other person.
Given that the capacity for articulate language can be exercised through you, we take as first example the participation in drugs, as detailed in the news item just explored. (
Hard News
: Russell Brown, 20190327)
Drug-taking is a universal response to life stress. The range of drugs imbibed across history has utilised every available and even dangerous concoction manufactured in a variety of manners. That some persons have died has been no discouragement to the desp
rate individual seeking alleviation from their personal 'demons', to use that over-used and actually invalid descriptor.
Where attached spiritual identities of one sort or another are actually the cause of difficulty, then generally speaking, the drugs do little to alleviate that, as of course because it requires an exercise of competent will, either by the individual or another individual on their behalf, who is capable of wielding more power and determination in the spiritual domain. Where the so-called 'demons' are psychological, then often to take explicit action is to assert a rational will in the face of irrationality currently in control. So that act is an essential part, in many instances, of eliciting prospects for recovery from the various degrees of stress and its various kinds.
In that situation, the active ingredient is neuroplasticity and the locus of will in the individual, to effectively confront their wayward mind. Where that 'waywardness' comprises a reaction to terror or other disturbance socially induced by whatever combination of factors from the physical to the social life of the individual concerned, then recovery is probably partial, and yet a return to normal functioning becomes available.
We digress into these issues concerning drug-based manipulation of the mind and its various consequences and impacts on the individual, because in just the same way, such stimuli can be sought and obtained from connection into the deeper self at the higher-self level or beyond. This individual has made slight exploration into
mind-altering effects of drugs, which has informed him that horror-stories notwithstanding, such as they may be, generally speaking, the opening out of the breadth of experience enables a wider interpretive net by which to change the self-concept in productive ways.
And so this very retreat is an example of one such consequence, whereby the individual is persuaded, on the basis of now almost-vast experience, that there is benefit in self-seclusion, in internal focus, and manifesting a willingness to look within. And account for the variety of thoughts and feelings, as well as to come to know the sub-identities within, at both the level of the subconscious local mind, as well as the subconscious higher self, and make both levels more accessible to consciousness. And for the ben
fits derived therefrom.
It is in exactly that category of exploration that we issued the invitation yesterday to activate accessibility of the higher mind level, so as to come to a deeper understanding of a broad outline of the purpose of incarnation into this, or any other species. The caveat we would place on that of course is, species which are amenable and compatible with the spiritual complexity of the consciousness in question.
So as usual, the accessing of that domain was subject to variable attention, impact being somewhat confined to state-dependent memory, and when viewed from within the ordinary awareness in the local mind, the connection and significance of what was accessed has already come to seem minor and ephemeral. We would correct that perception by saying the following:
The arc of embodiment over the spectrum of bodily encounter, local mind development, integration before and after the dissolution of the body in question, and the one after that and the one after that, to the end of the cycle, is a potent means by which to gain, and to use the computing metaphor 'handle', only recently understood by this individual, is to gain multiple handles on every aspect of experience encountered within the domain of physicality. To be able to manipulate that handle, to wrench it so as to expose the contents of the experience in question, to fit that information within the scaffolding network of prior knowledge, to distribute across that network, cues and images related to the dimensions of the experience in question, is to bring complex analysis to bear on each component of every experience, so as to build a mesh of connectedness across a vast network, descriptively adequate to interpret and place within known or emerging parameters of understanding, by which to gain secure knowledge of what it is to be alive, as well as to exist. The distinction is not trite.
One comes into existence in one's spiritual nature as a first emergence out of the unmanifest Dao. This has been discussed in full. We will not duplicate that, merely draw on those descriptions. One exists in body after body, each one subtly different; each one located in a subtly or grossly different circumstance, culture, time period, and thereby harvests from that experience, information accessible while alive. And generally speaking, inaccessible while not so.
(loud rain audible in the background) To use the example of the rainstorm in question, to feel the impact of weather, to become wet and cold and perhaps even hungry; stressed perhaps to exhaustion; to be far from social support gen
lly accrued within the term 'home', is a phenomenon and several branches of experience completely inaccessible to the disembodied state. Therefore the individual is notably enriched in their experience and necessarily expanded in their network of conceptual sets by which such experience can be allocated into a condition of understanding, acceptance or rejection.
Given the familiarity able to be acquired through multiple lifetimes, the stress level naturally reduces with acquired experience. In a very experienced individual, everything that happens is instantly and pre-consciously accounted for, resulting in no anxiety, but simple understanding. And so is able to be categorically determined the distinction between
the calmness of experience and the shock of the new.
By this we describe not only the merit in this individual personally having a history of being willing to encounter diverse experience in this lifetime, but also in others. And in the same way, every born individual willing to encounter diverse experience, is enriching themselves in that exact same manner. The distinction in the viewpoint we offer, is to acknowledge that within the timeframe of a single lifetime, to have lived a short life compared to the average, is to seem to have lost something valuable because of potential experience and consequent learning foregone. The perspective we wish to accentuate is that the short-term view of merely one lifetime is inappropriate in terms of the long term development we are presenting again.
And so in that sense, when an individual is consciously fearless and risks their life and then loses it, is just as much cause for celebration of their embodied existence, as one who extends their lifetime to the maximum of the biological organism concerned. And so while we do not advocate high-risk entertainment for its own sake, we simply acknowledge that there are an infinite variety of possibilities for every individual to explore. And if not sooner, then later. Carelessness with the life is never wise, but it is not fatal.
Mm! Well it obviously pays to ask questions!!
Chilled again – called to the computer:
20190327 prc Resistance
^We have completed the beginning only of the extended text transfer for this retreat into retirement from your normal activity-set. The constant checking of news is to cease from this point. Nothing else of national or international significance is expected to take place in these few days. A retirement into a condition more resembling the strict Vipassana mode is required to enable the transfer of more, and more obscure, material. As has been the case in the past, we wish to facilitate not only your learning but also to form a stream of text to facilitate the understanding of others into the backgrou
d of their living and dying on this planet.
And so we take your awareness now into another realm.
And I'm seeing in my field of view a full screen-width of a curious mixture of green and orange colour, uniformly distributed with the orange forming a fine distributed dot-like or pixelated network. I'll close the roller blinds fully in order to take the sunlight out of the equation. I just partly opened them for a little extra solar heat gain into the room.
I've unequivocally established that what I'm observing is the product of my physical eyes, because when I place my hands in front of the field of view, it changes and becomes darker. So at this point I have no sound basis for perceiving the other realm I was told I would be directed to. I'll pause the recording. ...
(subsequent note 20190329 T08:31: The triple-screen model does not preclude interference from more than one input channel. So this example may still include multiple simultaneous perceptions, with the shadow cast by my own hand across the field of view merely observable but not irrevocably defining the case.)
Thinking about the White Paper of last year and attempts to provide proof concerning the concept of spiritual existence against scientific materialism and scientism, suggests that the effort in the White Paper is sufficient and that all remaining focus can be on that majority of individuals who are persuaded by their own perceptions that something beyond the physical domain exists. Changing tack in that respect means that clarification and a shift from away from traditional terminolog
is sufficient, and any thinking around concepts of proof is unlikely to prevail, if it hasn't already done so during the last four hundred years, when some of the best minds in existence have addressed that issue and failed. And no doubt for very good reasons.
So given that 20-30% of individuals have enough sensitivity concerning
experience to register such experiences they may have and seek further information about it, means that the transmission so far can remain worthwhile in that application, to the extent anybody may locate it and find it attractive, I guess.
20190328 T07:16
I’ve slept enough. The song
Killer Queen
(Queen, 1974)
is strongly present in
mind. The weather has calmed.
^Now we can begin.
20190328 prc Killer Queen
^Entering the arena beyond the body is a simple matter of shifting the focus of awareness through to the third screen of our triple-screen model. Simple in theory, it yet requires some practice. There are no supports evident. One is in a condition of isolation, very often. And this condition of intrinsic isolation, when mirrored in the social and physical conditions in body, allow that easy transition backwards and forwards.
The awareness of proximity to a large sphere approximated by the physical domain relationship between an object like the sun and a planet, is one means of being aware of size relationship. It is not accurate but indicative. And indicates our comparative relationship adequately.
The implications are several. And being the object of sustained although not sole attention from our level, is merely a product of the intention of the moment and is not continuous. The nature of that size relationship perception is responsible for historical attributions generating awe in the embodied recipient. It is unnecessary. There is no difference between us in intrinsic value. Your condition of being subsumed into a physical organism has so shaped your expectations, that the comparative magnitude on multiple dimensions is a product of the human physical-level conditioning and social origins of birth and development, such that a bias is created, skewing the perception of intrinsic value, with the human-involved aspect of identity becoming convinced of its inferior status. Nothing could be further from the truth.
The confirmation bias is propagated socially and further preconditions expectations of comparative value. And the example of the woman Tui in her connection experience in recent weeks illustrates that well.
So this present personality, being unwilling to attribute radically different value, and unwilling to manufacture awe, is merely appropriate to the beginnings of a re-establishment of a tradition of the perception of equal value, no matter (the relative status of) embodiment or accumulated experience.
The tradition of (
attributing) radically different value and the inevitable invocation of god-like status to the reunited reintegrated node of Dao-consciousness that we are, has caused many instances of individuals to cease consciousness and fall to the ground, when the shock value of first encounter overcomes their capacity for simple recognition. That such is not the case on this occasion is a secure indicator of emotional maturity, a sufficiently well-generated and anchored belief-set concerning essential equality, and sufficient processing of conscious and unconscious fear to allow it.
The perception of increased heat within the organism is a simple consequence of proximity and energy flow from us towards you. That 'warmth in the gaze', if it could be construed in that manner of social interaction often present parent to child, is another example of the propensity for social conditioning to bias perception in spiritual interaction. There is no warmth in the gaze, but simple recognition as allies in the endeavour. And in this instance, the endeavour is to convey support for the formation of a reconstituted and rebalanced relationship description of what is possible between such allies in spirit. There is unlimited
positive regard, of course. There are manifestations of interaction, such as we have just described (warmth in the gaze). There are plans to be discussed. There are conditions to be sustained. There is goodwill to be recognised and which flows in both directions. There is recognition of a difference in accumulated experience, but without submissiveness in either direction. Rather, an honouring of sustained effort in fostering accumulated development. In that context then, it is possible to say some few things:
First, the plan is proceeding well. Second, it is yet unfinished. Third, its duration exceeds the lifetime of this biological organism. Fourth, we have others with whom we are communicating and fostering in this same manner. In time, and with its accumulation, there will come to be recognisable within the human realm a small set of individuals designated into this same role. The location and comparison of their transcripts will enable a further and intercultural accumulation of a refreshed description of fundamental purpose for incarnation, the manifestation of the variety of experience, and its designation of that for human benefit.
In this moment, none of that matters, but it is best understood from the perspective of any uninvolved individual observer or evaluator of this transmission, that that is its purpose. And that there is some work to be done by any such evaluators, to form an unbiased opinion.
It is inevitably true that the individuals exposed to these privations and intentions are few in every population. That does not make them special, but particular in their accumulated understanding. Every professional in whatever field accumulates their understanding of the breadth and depth of their speciality, and all such deserve appropriate recognition and valuing. So this individual is no different, except that such recognition and valuing will come long after this particular formulation of person and personality and bodily organism have ceased to manifest physically. And that does not matter, for the role persists longer than that.
(at this point, the connection soon telescoped back into invisibility, the sense of presence extinguished, and I was back fully and only in the present, with awareness confined to present space-time in body.)
Phew!!! Well damn me, that was interesting!!! An enormous spherical form of which
could see only maybe 10% of the surface. The sense that it was in fact extremely bright, but as if there was a grey neutral filter for my protection, given the energy level difference of our respective locations. That perception of warmth, the 'warmth of the gaze' has gone now. It was REALLY nice!! With that kind of maternal caring quality as perhaps encapsulated in the phrase "you dear little thing, you!!"
Well, that was out of the blue. I had no idea that was coming. And here I am, here again! A bit invigorated! it provides as if an automatic reinvigoration of purpose and a recommitment to the role and task, with no room for doubt.
The previous reference to having the song
Killer Queen
go through my head (before this meditation session began) could vaguely be considered a precognition, because that NDC could so easily be considered a queen and so easily be viewed as slaying false perception. Or some such ;-)
I feel a bit excited and a bit like dancing for joy :-)
That's really unusual for me !!
(n.b., the connotations of bi-sexual and androgynous both apply equally to the notion of queen
relevant here. There is no sexuality at all present, of course.
I’ve used those references humorously as complex cultural analogues of feeling)
Completed sketch of today’s escape into observation and dialogue with NDC whose initiative this transmission is. Very special!!!
Used 32inch
Sony Bravia television
screen attached to this laptop to draw it on. Not super-
high resolution of course, but about four times the size of this screen. And now enjoying Spyrogyra
(jazz band music)
briefly through its speakers. :-)
20190329 T08:58
And having met the originator of the transmission again, what am I to make of it?
The contrast between the Theosophical view encapsulated in the phrase “the dewdrop slips into the shining sea” comes to mind as an example of
invalid universalising of the reintegration process mentioned at the end of
The Matapaua Conversations
. If that is true for a node of Dao-consciousness, that comprises in the human case ~1 x 10E3 fragments each accumulating ~1 x 10E3 personality formations. So it is the particular case of each personality formation that ‘slips into the shining NDC’ in its integrative process after graduation from embodiment.
That accounts only for ~1 x 10E6 humans existing throughout history. Th
e multiple millions
of humans living through the multiple centuries of human existence,
requires many more than just one NDC. S
o although the process for human spiritual identities may be universal, the final destinations must be multiple and into finite sets as defined by each NDC’s initial fragmenting.
^This adequately defines the process and outcome.
Therefore if each NDC is experienceable as containing god-like nature in comparison to the inexperienced human personality who encounters one, then there are many ‘gods’. And that each is not truly of that nature is beside the point in terms of any possibility of explaining the history of such encounters
in shamanic flight, reverie and dreams
20190329 prc Language
^(as you are) Refreshed by food and drink, we can now continue. It is our objective on this day to continue the elicitation and elucidation of first-hand experience and interpretation of that, to provide a refreshed descriptive set for the nature and scale of experience by the human within the zone of manifestation known colloquially as the spiritual domain. We identify it differently, but in terminology unfamiliar.
There are many levels in that domain and to some degree the terminology by which to describe the levels differ somewhat, one level to another. The highest levels are of course indescribable in the language in question, being on this occasion English, as there are no functional descriptive terms adequate to explain those
levels. And even the term '
' carries connotations irrelevant to that situation. The more modest levels, of relevance to an identity encapsulated as human, are more frequently encountered and therefore some terminology is more familiar. Terms like glow and fly and levitate and diminish and expand and feeling apparent radiated heat and apparent chill. Occasionally, exultation and fear, harmony and disquiet, tumult and smoothness, are all relevant terms for the conditions experienced while in ordinary consciousness or only slightly altered state, through which one accesses the condition of the auric envelope or the spiritual sphere that encapsulates that.
Shining, dullness, texture, opaqueness, are conditions attributable to the external appearance of the spirit sphere; and flow and colour are attributable to perceptions of auric nature.
These terminologies, their analogues and equivalents abound in both historical and contemporary description of conditions experienced by any person successfully encountering those levels of perception. Darkness, gloom, points of light, shadows, 'shades'
(archaic term for disembodied spirits)
, impressions of as if eyes looking, as if one's own eyes seeing, or eye seeing, with monocular vision incapable of resolving distance. These are attributes of the seeking for and receipt of visual
perception or interpretations of the intentional observation by others located in the domain of spirit.
So there is a broad and deep history of language use to describe activity, travel and encounter, once one has taken the point of perception outside of the confines of the individual in body.
This complexity of interaction inevitably produces both a direct, clear and accurate perception, and mistaken interpretation and confusion, amongst various individuals. Therefore selecting terminology by which to attempt to describe these classes of perception and experience is a fraught project, and exact description is almost impossible, coloured as all such observation is by prior experience and expectations generated within the culture in which one has been raised. Hence the multitude of terminology to be negotiated and navigated and from which a personal metaphor-set and language-set must be chosen by any investigator.
We have attempted to provide some unifying principles by which to avoid terminologies with excessive disparity and the first selection is to, in almost all cases, to confine that to a single language, in this case English. We have also attempted to confine it to contemporary metaphor and with a preference for technical metaphor and a bias towards mathematical description, where that has any utility. In fact its utility is small and the application of computation is extremely limited. Nevertheless, to use the language of number allows some capacity to describe, with a preferred simplicity and exactitude.
Correspondingly, the invitation towards language enabling a broad reach is also necessary, because of the essentially infinite domain being referred to and described. Also, the classes of phenomena are diverse, hence also requiring language relatable through metaphor to the familiar physical world and social world. Outside of that, arcane and explicit terminology is occasionally used, because nothing else is available.
That seems to be the end of this short description.
20190330 prc Political violence_perpetrator transformation
^And so we come on this final day of this short retreat series to first, bring accolades that sufficient attention has been directed towards us in order to capture some of the things we wish to say on this occasion. That there are always more things to say is merely a consequence of the manifestation, the intention for reinterpretation and all of those other aspects governing the intention to bring another spiritual transmission into the physical domain on this planet.
And we express it in that way because of course there are many other planets, many other civilisations, many other embodied species, some of which are always in need of refreshed perspective and metaphor to counter the accumulation of error in tradition. And it is not that the traditions are necessarily incorrect, merely corrupted by speculation through time, with insufficient care over preserving the distinction between speculation and the collection of specifications and description comprising the foundational understanding. And as universally, so in the human case.
So we choose to reiterate on this occasion again, the fundamental requirements for a strategy to preserve the foundational statements transferred from the broad understanding of experienced identities no longer incarnating physically, back into that breeding ground of error, the freshly incarnated, or reincarnated but still naive, domain of identities currently in body. We need not address those experienced identities currently in body who are no longer naive, for they bring with them suffic
ent recall and capacity for access to the spiritual identities and origins of which they are a part.
Summing up on this occasion, at the conclusion of a useful digression into contemplative
practise, we can say the following:
A broad perspective of existence is required in order to accommodate comfortably the perspective that we bring, which is beyond physical experience. That it has taken half a lifetime and in this case, the latter half, of the years spent on this planet to come to a balanced appreciation of the distinctions between modes of experience in body, in contrast with modes of experience outside of that body, and by implication, some insight into the modes of experience while disembodied, that is, solely and only existing within the non-physical domain, is an indicator of the radically different modes of perception necessarily accessed.
So in the human population as a whole, this is a rare phenomenon, of zero relevance to most of the population. That it is of interest to a significant percentage, nevertheless, of that population, is an indicator of the degree to which that significant percentage has some recall and feels that their embodied lives are better ordained into and governed by, that awareness of from whence they come. It is unfortunate that that is magnified into a series of rules which if broken, can be the basis for killing. That is never wise and certainly never the intention from any identity occupied only in life in spirit. That it is utilised by those ambitious few who seek to gain power over others in their flock or brethren or population as a whole, is a sure sign and indicator that what is at play is not intention from the domain of spirit, but intention from political will, and confined to the domain of the human.
We say these things as a commentary on recent events in this small country in the South Pacific, because of course our awareness is such as to have followed and acknowledged those events. And so some small pieces of information could be construed as having value amongst those observers and particularly, those who have suffered when those they love have been deprived of their life. And we reiterate, this material is not for them. It is for those curious few who seek a broader perspective on such events.
The event itself was by way of a lesson inflicted upon the community as a whole in that particular small city. The roots of the
to kill on this occasion were generated within that
by events
on him and at other times her, against males of that culture. So the roots of antagonism run deep and across centuries in a similar manner to which this individual has been motivated all his life to exist beyond the clutches of Christianity. With a similar degree of motivation, that
was driven to not only avoid incarceration into the belief sets of Islam, but he regarded them as anathema because of its impact on him, carried out in the name of that so-called god and religion. Therefore, there has been particular satisfaction derived from him through his actions. He is unbending and will remain so during this lifetime, in his refusal to bow down and be accountable for his actions. Such is the extent of his hatred. He is not alone in that.
And so by this we point to the signif
ance and impact upon those i
dividuals who have lost their lives in other times and places, at terrible cost and in terrible pain, whereby is impressed upon them the distinction between accept
bility and rejection within the community in question. When the undying love is perverted into an excuse to inflict terminal injury in any sense, then that perversion itself is the more appropriate subject to be condemned.
And yet, because history is full of such injustice and individual after individual, and sometimes groups or even multitudes are subjected to slaughter, of more or less painful degree and more or less extended duration, is merely a formula by which to create echoes through generation after generation of such individuals, as they come back into life again and are impacted by such mistreatment.
Understanding, empathy, even forgiveness, and especially, an opportunity to self-interrogate, using widely available techniques of introspection, self-inquiry, catalytic emotional expression, are much more appropriate responses, so as to enable every individual to express their pain and come into peace within
the current lifetime. When that is the case, rather than yet again, perhaps, summary 'justice', then a divergence of the trend
becomes possible
towards the individuals in such populations becoming of decreasing likelihood to inflict their pain on others.
This prospect for supportive analytical treatment of individuals distorted in their capacity to love, has itself the capacity to change the direction from an increasing number of such individuals in any population to a progressive reduction in the number of individuals likely to come into future populations carrying such burdens of pain, guilt, distortions of their capacity to love and willingness to inflict pain again on others, in the same way as it was inflicted upon them. We urge the recognition that such possibilities exist. We urge the adoption of such strategies with those confined on the basis of their manifested behaviour, as in this case.
The most potent techniques are appropriately applied. Yet of course, not in a coercive manner. Where the individual comes to a condition of understanding that there is benefit for them in willingly adopting the strategies of self-cleansing of such accumulated pain, then and only then, can the now proven techniques of spiritual intervention, chemical intervention, psychological intervention, be tenderly applied to assist their transformation.
Coercion has no place in such an opportunity-set. This is a product of past pain being carried forward into the present to produce malign behaviour. To see such individuals as damaged before birth, is to relieve them of the worst
for their actions. Transformation of them by their choice is the only valid treatment, to be supportively made available by their custodial authorities within any present population. That they may be resistant, and go to the end of their life unrepentant, is nevertheless to understand that after the end of their physical embodiment, they will regret their actions and seek their amelioration through karma reduction in other lifetimes. There is no necessity for the custodial authorities of any such population of perpetrators to be willing to inflict the termination of the current life of such perpetrators, because that pattern of response has been conflated out of ignorance of the long term view of human development across multiple incarnations.
So even though killing such a perpetrator may seem like the quick cheap fix, it is itself another cause for unprocessed alienation.
The excuse of ignorance is no longer tenable by such custodial authorities. The remediation through psychological transformation and spiritual reconnection is the only supportive manner by which to allow such perpetrators to, in their own time, manufacture themselves differently. These skills are readily available in most but not all populations internationally. That they are not currently in vogue is a consequence of ignorance and history. These are the collective pains of culture, unrelated to a broad view of humanity.
Well I think that's helpful. I'm
of that perspective holding sway in this culture in the
future, at least in my lifetime!
20190401 T09:09
Reflecting this morning on Indra’s Net
after re-reading the foregoing
, I finally understood that it comprises both the intention of the *
* to construct the physical domain, via the multiverse, and the spiritual domain out of the unmanifest absolute.
So the *
is Indra, as identified by its primary products
and means of creating them
Oh ancient
, deified no more!”
Also I came to understand that the phrase from 20190330:
“^And so we come on this final day of this short retreat series ...”
means ‘
series of short retreats now completed during 2018+2019’, and
that this
days entry (20190330)
is the final chapter of the book now contextualised into contemporary culture.
And that it can be edited by me and presented to Keith for publication as usual in its entirety with explanatory graphics as already developed and
to be developed as further supplied.