20131028 prccjl malicious teenage spook

28/10/2013 prccjl malicious teenage spook



When we first sat, Carolyn complained of a splitting headache. In the context of what follows, I presume she was already connecting with the mode of death of the young man.

P What I picked up very quickly was an image or an indication, a kind of flash representation of a snarl. So I think we've got a troublemaker. I get the impression of a young male, 16 or 17, I would say. Skate-boarding, going fast down steep hills just for the excitement and danger of it, racing others, not managing to make it around a corner. Are you picking up anything?

C No, I haven't got a thing!

P So, an angry juvenile, who really gets pissed off at being considered a juvenile! ;-) Tough! I've got him just down in front of us.

C All I can hear is “What the f*** are you doing meddling with my fun!

P First, we have every right to meddle with it, because you're meddling with my stuff. I will not have it.

C (in role and speaking for him)

T I can do it and you can't stop me because you can't see me, so I can do anything I like.

P You might think so. We'll invoke some 'heat'. So if you care to look around you, you might find you've got company.

T Well I don't really want to be here, of course, you realise. It's not my blooming (idea) … I'm just hanging out.

P So have you been messing with my stuff?

T Yeah, so what?

P Were you responsible for the scrambling of my friend’s mobile phone?

T Yeah, that's easy, that shit.

P Of course it is. I understand that. I consider it reprehensible as an act.

T So I'm just hangin' around.

P Alright, it's time for you to go, laddie. What the hell are you still doing here?!

T What the hell are you asking so many questions for?!

P Because you have advertised your presence by meddling, by damaging ...

T Well, most people don't notice.

P I dare say they don't, but I do and I don't like it. So we are going to take care of you in a way clearly that should have been done long ago. When did you die and how?

T I just don't want to talk to you because it's none of your business.

P Well you have made it my business by interfering with my life and the life of my friends and I will not tolerate it. I will hold you to account.

T Well who gives a shit about what happened to me anyway?

P I dare say you used to think like that, but you're dead now as a consequence of your own actions and attitudes. Do you like it?

T Nah, it sucks.

P Exactly. So you're not very smart, are you. This is an education and it would be wise for you to pay attention. What happens now for you? Have you any idea?

T No.

P No. Exactly! Well what happens now is, you get to be either taken back to the light or to choose to go to the light so that you can get your head together and come down here for another crack at this stuff, hopefully, and learn something. How many lifetimes have you learned so far?

T I don't know about this lifetime shit.

P Well it's time you learnt. You come into a body. You live a life then you go back to the light where you came from. And then you do it again and again and again, maybe a thousand time or maybe twice that, until you get it right and you have good attitudes and you do nothing but love people including yourself.

T Wow, that's real mean shit!

P Yes. Precisely. Because with that much practice you get to thoroughly understand, and I suspect you haven't gone around that many times, otherwise you'd know it. So having screwed up this one, or at least to put it politely, had an unfortunate and premature exit from your life.

T No, I feel it, I really do. I was very very very intelligent.

P Really?

T And I just wanted to show you how smart I am and to move shit around.

P Well it doesn't impress me, as you may observe.

T Mm, I think I wanted your attention so I really got it. Ok.

P Ok, now you've got it. What do you see when you look around you?

T I want to ask a question.

P Go ahead.

T Some mates said “What happens when you die? You get to chill out and watch what everybody else is doing. You're still alive.” And they kind of thought that would be fun

P Mm-mm. Is it?

T Ah, no. I think it's crap.

P Exactly. So now you know. And you won't forget.

T No. So this is it? This is the chilling out that was supposed to be so much fun when you die? It's not really much fun.

P Actually, no. Because you're still hanging around the Earth and that's not where you're supposed to be.

T Ok, I guess they were wrong.

P Well they just didn't understand, in all probability, because not many people do. Well we do.

T Well I thought if I lived really hard and fast it didn't really matter if you die because you get to hang out and watch what everybody else is doing. And they say if you die, you keep living. It sounded ok, anyway.

P Yeah, so that bit's right.

T Oh! So I've got to live forever chilling out around here?

P You don't have to. It's the wrong place.

T Oh. Ok. Well how do I find the right place?

P You look around you, you find some light and you bugger off to there. And there you find whoever might still love you or have loved you last. It might be a relative or grandparent or whatever. Something like that. And if nobody physically related to you, there will be plenty of others.

T So what if it looks like a train coming through a tunnel?

P (laughs) Coming towards you?

T Sort of :-)

P It might. So it's in the dark and it's a bit like a headlight?

T Yeah.

P Ok. That's it.

T Oh, it's gone!

P So you dive into that.

T Kind of like hitching a ride on a train?

P Kind of. It'll take you to where you don't expect to be.

T Yeah, it's backing out and going in the other direction and I'm gonna go with it.

P Good. That's a helluva good thing to do.

T Ok. Thanks for teaching me about that shit, mate.

P You're welcome, that's what we're here for.

T How do I say sorry to my mum? (tears)

P That's a very good question. Once you get there you can ask that question and you'll get an answer. I don't think we can help you on that.

T It was a kind of a bit of a waste, eh?

P Well do it better next time, eh? There's nothing wrong with living hard and fast. It's just that you don't have to screw around other people in the process. Love them instead. They'll appreciate it.

T Yeah I do love my mum. I guess I stuffed up.

P You'll know better next time. We all have to do these things. This was your turn.

T Ok. (more tears)

P A bit of regret?

C Mm. The element of dying was really cool (for him) Something to be experimented with.

P Is he still within reach?

C No, he's gone to the great skateboard park in the sky. Skate-boarding off holding on to the back end of the train.

P (laughs) That's great.

C You can take your skateboard to the great skateboard park in the sky, can't you? ;-)

P Sure! ;-)

C Recklessness, I think you call it. (still feeling teary for him)

P How come it doesn't feel any different (now after he's gone)?

C He's got mates. Now they're all here.

P I thought he might. Good. Well I hope you saw what happened to your friend. 3-4 (of them)?

C Maybe 6.

M Well no-one told us this shit was going to happen!

P No. Well you've been set a rather poor example, I think. But there's nothing like it for learning! :-) So what happened to you guys?

M Various forms of self-destruction.

P Ok. There will have been a few tears shed, I expect. So did you see what happened to him?

M Yep.

P So now you know about heading off to the light. It doesn't matter what form it looks like, it still takes you there. And you don't have to go as slowly as a train.

C You know what they're doing?

P No.

C They're on surfboards and they're paddling to the light on the horizon!

P Oh for Christ's sake!

C Oh, now they've zipped off. They realised they didn't have to paddle. What a way to go, surfboards into the horizon! …

P Now I'm really feeling disturbed, so what else have we got? It seems to be a distraught woman. Lost her son. She might have suicided. She says “no I didn't.” Ok, give us the story.

DW They took my son.

C Who took your son?

DW They took my son away.

C Who took your son away?

P I think authorities, police, something like that? I'm not sure about that.

C Was he arrested? I've got that he died in custody.

P I don't know. It has some feel of illegal authority? I don't know who we've got here. As if it's a political gang, or something. I don't think it's NZ. Pakistan?

C Someone picked him up and dragged him away and incarcerated him.

P I'm not really sure. Anyway, so that was the motive. And now she's dead for some reason and I'm not sure quite why. Although it might have been suicide, it's hard to tell. She actually killed herself as an honourable way of releasing herself from the situation. And she can't be accepted in heaven.

C Why not?

P According to her religious belief.

C Well according to my belief you can, so (why don't you go?)

P She seems to have quite formal beliefs about what is right and proper. And although what she did was right and proper, on another level it means she'll be sent to purgatory forever. And she has prepared herself for that.

C Do you believe that your son is in heaven?

DW No.

C Would you believe me if I told you he was?

DW Then that would mean that he was dead and I didn't know that. Of course he would go to heaven.

C What if it was OK for you to go to heaven as well?

DW I don't believe it is the case. I believe I'm to be condemned. And I couldn't stand my life without him because my husband had died and my son had been taken away and there was no-one. I did the only honourable thing. It must be this way. I have always been taught that it will be this way.

C What of your teachings?

DW They are true. We know this. It is the world of God. We have always been taught this. How can you say that it is not true?

C Well, you could look around and see for yourself. Have a look around where you are, what do you see?

DW It's only darkness.

C Ok, so you've got your eyes wide open and you are looking around?

DW Yes.

C Accustom your eyes to the darkness and see if you can see even a glimmer of light anywhere. See if you can see any shadows?

DW No, there is nothing. I have been some days like this, I think. I don't know. It's been dark.

C You can move. You can move around, you can lift up. Float as high as you like, look around, see if you can see any light, even a faint shift in the dark?

DW Oh! I see you!

C You can go up.

DW Yes. I lifted up! I was in - like a box!

C You can go up to the top of a mountain and see the sunrise. Mountains are like that. There is no clouds on the top of the mountains. Just reach for the stars or the moon or see what you can see. Floating's easy, you can go anywhere.

DW I seem to be above you both but I know I'm projecting my voice through him. I feel freedom.

C You are free.

DW And I feel no judgement.

C There is none.

DW And I see that this is a very big place and I see no - no fires below me.

C There is none.

DW How can this be? You mean I have lived my life believing things that are not true?!!

C Quite likely.

DW Perhaps I didn't need to die, even!!

C Perhaps. However, you can have another life and do it all again if you like?

DW (pants in disbelief and confusion) Another life makes no sense!!

C It makes perfect sense!

DW Why – why ... ?!!

C You can go back to your husband and son in heaven. They are waiting for you. Go back and discuss everything with them and choose what you want to do next. They're waiting for you.

DW I would like that very much!

C Then you know how you lifted up before, you can lift up even higher if you want to and see what you can see. Think of your husband.

DW This is astonishing to me!

C Well enjoy it all.

DW I seem to be rising, but not of my own volition.

C Excellent.

DW I will trust! Farewell.

C Wow.

P That was interesting. There didn't seem to be any explicit light, it was just going up, up, up.

C Well done!

P Well, it seems to be a bit calmer around here! :-)

C Well , all these crowds of people you had to share the house with! ;-)

P Mm. Bastard! It was interesting in that a recognisable troublemaker was just a stroppy angry young male.

C Yeah, I was expecting gremlins of all sorts!

P I seem to have got some real tingly heat come around my head. I would like to request that any damage or interference (to my equipment) done by that troublemaker be reversed and normal function be restored. I don't know whether it's possible but I certainly want that. I had such trouble that I completely deleted Google as my browser and substituted Firefox instead. It goes much better. It seems to be a much smaller program. Google's got so full of all sorts of rubbish. …

I seem to have had an identity come into proximity, slightly front slightly left. It's just giving thanks, thanks for helping people home. Is that it?

C Yeah, I think so. I'm getting tired, I think my weekend is catching up with me.

P I'm not surprised.

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