20101117 prc diligence_good humour

17/11/2010 prc diligence_good humour


20101117  08:33

Suddenly sleepy then cold!

^We come on this occasion to resurrect the practice of transcription now that the diaries are almost complete.  That is the next most profitable step so as to miss none of the accumulated dialogue.  Into this heart we pour love unending.  It is to proceeded with apace with your enthusiasm, not faster, as much of it in fact is of little relevance at this point to the MPhil, yet has to be proceeded through in such a way as to be able to assign completeness without any necessity for return for recollection as that is too inefficient. 

These passive activities are nevertheless essential for our work together.  It is good use of your time but waste not the opportunity for health maintenance as required by our objectives.  By this we mean walk as before.  That is all.  Go about your day with diligence and good humour.  Love as always, Aramaia

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