20101215 prc disinfesting

15/12/2010 prc disinfesting


20101215  07:20

I have been having trouble continuing to work on the thesis material by transcribing or cutting & pasting file lists.  This morning I questioned myself about that and heard an internal (?) response of “because we are stopping you.”  I command that part to come forward for dialogue to explain itself!

Stopper            We will not come.

P          Then I will make you.  Come forward and explain yourself.  Introduce yourself to me!

S          We have your best interests to our mythical heart and we will not come.

P          Can I have some help with this one please?

^We are doing what we may.

P          I have lost my reverence for life and that can only mean one thing, that there is with me an identity that has that does not have that value as it is intrinsic to me now.  I invoke abundant light, more than sufficient to achieve this.  Feeling a slow leftwards fine combing sensation now, right through the dense structure of body and aura.


P          I AM FORCING YOU OUT! …

I feel more peaceful internally with the dull vibration I had become habituated to gone now.  Please explain fully what identity type that was and where I collected it from, whether more remain, how I can protect myself from such or similar in future?  I feel I have been harbouring that for some weeks if not longer.

^At another time.  Go about your day with love now.

P          I can access my still centre again at last!  I have not been able to motivate myself to do auric cleansing nor to perceive the process actions of it.  What could have so controlled my actions in such a way?

^We will tell you all you need to know in the night.

P          This condition was partly realised from my action in casually killing a small insect (very young small praying mantis) after I clearly saw it on my front deck amongst the cut grass I was sweeping up.  Normally I would safely deposit it elsewhere, but in a momentary decision I simply swept on, to my subsequent regret.  I have also been experiencing great difficulty settling to study and especially in continuing to edit and transcribe my corpus of material for MPhil.  That has shifted, I’m now thankful to say.

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