20081113 prcjlogrb groups agenda

13/11/2008 prcjlogrb groups agenda


20081113 Groups agenda

Janet absent, but sensed clearly by Richard to be jostling him for sitting in her place !!

Richard felt balanced by spiritual visitor, and heard “We would that you worked with your hands”, and his hands became hot.

Peter went through a couple of cycles of being merged with, then disengaged from by an adjacent identity, then:

^We wish on this occasion to continue the dialogue begun some weeks hence, by which to address the ongoing issue of group cohesiveness, group continuity, the agenda for the coming year, and the possibility of extension into another group in a more public role.

We first affirm our intention to continue to associate, as before and always. We affirm the intention to manifest within the second more public group in the coming year, at which all current members of this group would be warmly invited.

The intention is to enable an enhanced opportunity, for those of like mind and similar curiosity, to explore these opportunities for manifestation in a conscious way into our domain. Thereby to connect with others of their choosing, as well as their own larger selves. We have already stimulated awareness of a protocol for capture of the dialogue, and we would affirm again the intention to manifest maximum quality in that protocol.

We have as our good friends these two and their brethren for assisting with that in diverse ways, for there is quite sufficient knowledge, either currently present or easily accessible, by which to formulate a workable technology by which to allow that quality capture process.

It is our intention to encourage the manifestation of such protocols in all groups with which we associate, but not all are as technically competent as this one. The issues of cost are small, and the required budget has already been arranged.

So we come on this occasion to address some background related and personal questions, so as to bring enhanced tranquillity into these three. The two year timeframe for termination of this functioning group is enough to concretise custom and protocol and confidence in every participant. The result following that will be the opportunity to extend the effect of that confident competence somewhat more widely into the community of interested persons in this region.

[Buffy jumped onto Peter’s lap] The canine senses us, and would enjoy the presence.

The issue concerning the unexpected sensations within this individual [P had nearly fainted on rising one recent morning, and had experienced woosiness on making sudden movements since then] is a result of a willingness to dissociate more frequently from secure continuous presence, so as to easily, quickly and effectively allow the presence of another driver to the bodily activity.

In that sense it should be understood as [remainder of session lost due to flat batteries !!!]

Continued from memory: … not a condition of sickness.

Richard – please add more if you can remember it?

R I asked several personal questions:

How can I resolve the problem with the tenant in Nelson in a respectful manner?  Answer essentially: She is a young soul, needs guidance and firm boundaries, so supplying them will be of benefit to her.

What is my role within the proposed expanded group?  Ans: Your age and experience will benefit younger people who become involved.  This comment applies to P & J too.

What on earth is Janet going to do?  Ans:  She will be a groupie for a couple of years and then go south to look after numerous grandchildren and work part time in a Subway restaurant.

Oh I did not say that about Janet! ;-)

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