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^We come on this occasion in order to continue the monologue in relation to the adjacent property.

It should not be concluded that the property is to be developed inappropriately to its role as an occasional venue for the agapé school.

To develop it as a domestic property is entirely adequate.

To envision it being utilised only occasionally is entirely adequate.

There is no necessity to shift the existing recording equipment or any of the paraphernalia occasionally associated with counselling work or healing work, for that is not its intended objective.

Its intended objective is purely [and nothing else but] introductions of the material delivered.

And not only to date, for there will continue to be for many years to come the further ingestion of material, if we may use that phrase, adding to or in some cases slightly modifying the perspectives or the substance of the teaching as delivered so far.

The substance is invariable as it is intrinsically unchanging.

The perspective is what varies over time and as modified by the changing metaphor sets and languages.

The introduction of the mathematical perspective is an example of this, whereby adopting that perspective is convenient in these times.

As has been remarked in the review of the colour theory material of this day, to have an initial perspective and then its development over time is normal because it is desirable.

So when the current paper course is complete and not before will be soon enough to consider the organisation of some few introductory presentations of the material delivered to date.

Until then, the continuing focus on

the editing of archived material, by which we mean the diaries,

the research into philosophical perspectives as occasionally directed or encouraged, and

the continuation of the consideration of all of these things so as to maintain an ongoing awareness of the extent to which the material is consistent and self reinforcing.

This will be sufficient.

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