20200816 prc Hamilton Park devas

Hamilton Park, recorded while standing under a tree very near to Waikaka stream.
Janet, Molly and I walked down here earlier this morning and sat in the late winter sunshine and connected with devas in this location next to Waikaka stream. And I felt it extended across the stream and right up to the hill on the south-east side, to the pine plantation up there.
^And we come upon you in this day, replete with decisions and solutions to your vexed questions of tenant issues, transport issues, personal health issues. And the sum total of that comprising a condition of significant distraction. Around you are many of those with whom you would converse. They would converse also with you, and yet see your condition of compar
tive intolerance and distraction. And so the savvy knowing ones maintain slight distance until a more peaceful time. Such a time is not far distant. The electric moped being considered is optimal for your purposes and ours and an easy solution is thereby obtained to the question of how to ascend a thousand metres to meet those who would prefer to meet you again.
Into this field of intention comes a number of others and we would advise them that these plans are now far advanced and the intention is to promulgate in due time, and in the short term, what has always been known amongst human occupants of this land, that there are those present who can be seen and those present who cannot. And that those who cannot are invariably benign, and those who can sometimes are not.
So this distinction between the fundamental intention of loving kindness is one of the aspects best recorded in these ways. For there is a rich and storied past in this latitude and longitude. And it is millennia long. And far predates the arrival of the first humans some 50,000 years ago. Now that is a highly contentious number, and yet eventually it will be understood that the Australian aborigines did not halt in that location, nor in Tasmania, but some few, blown far in storm, arrived in this land and did not leave it again. The south-westerly prevailing weather rendered that feat impossible and they did not attempt it, understanding such things, and despairing for their loss of family. It is not possible to find their remnants, yet it is known in these stones that such is on record here.
The world of the human is being extended backwards in time and there has been more than enough time for humans to have explored everywhere. And so even though a breeding population of humans was not established those millennia ago, they were responsible for the most enigmatic markings on rock to be found in remote places in this country.
Well, that was unexpected. And as I'm standing with my back to this cluster of very large trees, hearing the barking of dogs in the distance and the stream quietly running, it is a very good opportunity to re-centre. And I give greetings to all those in this place.