20190917 prc Discourse on origins_specification

^Coming now to other things. there have been several attempts at ordering and editing the beginnings of the text A Discourse on Origins. That is of no consequence. There is no cost to encounter
the accumulated confusion, that being exactly what it is, as to the complete specification and detail of that product. The product itself is not intended to be long. Less than two hundred pages, we expect, and in large format, it can be an introduction to a general outline for consumer consumption of the delivery this century of a fresh starting point.
It is not intended to be excessively detailed. It is intended to be an opportunity for any person completely inexperienced in the process and delivery of such spiritually derived material to nevertheless encounter it, and could be construed as being suitable for an educational audience. But it is not intended to be a simplified schoolbook so much as an authoritative outline.
It is explicitly intended to be identifiable as a product of two mystics in this century. The inclusion of all relevant illustrations is intended to explicitly inform the general outline and ancient origin explicitly identifying the periodic injection into human understanding from outside of it, by means of what can be construed as ordinary communic
tion. That it registers between minds rather than via the auditory and oral reception and response modes, can be merely discussed to ensure clarity.
The preamble will be necessarily long in order to fully contextualise this transmission within those of prior centuries across the variety of religions. It (the book) should utilise colour. It can be an expensive text. It is intended as that 'coffee-table book' indicated some years ago. Its restraint into a smaller and cheaper version is almost inevitable and yet that should not be the first product.
Consider an A4 landscape portrayal, allowing for edge to edge visuals and across a two page spread. High quality visuals are mandatory. You will need help.
With that as general outline, we point to production parameters that will be helpful to the eventual recognition of the extent and significance of this transmission, as to restate them from first principles to sophisticated conclusions; of context within history. It is the flagship product and intended to be nothing less.
There is room for contribution from both parties, based on a clear understanding of the style and scale of the intended product. It is an opportunity to take this material out of obscurity and specialised audience of spiritually alert and well-informed individuals, and further out into the general population. It may require crowd funding and that is hereby deemed legitimate. It will be a product after the completion of Keith Hill's masters degree.