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^We come again into your mind and heart in order to continue this process now well practised.

The assignation with others to facilitate their journey is now in its beginning phases. What has gone before is merely a preparation. What can now be enacted is the outworking of an explicit and extensive life plan such as to bring present before others, who have asked an explicit extensive and refreshed understanding in order to begin their own journeys into development and activity to fulfil their own life plan, which has been contingent upon this delivery.

That comprises a range of individuals mostly unknown to you. A very few are now known. One example of a known identity is Trisha Wren. So that explains her proximity and willingness to indoctrinate her mind at the conscious lower mind level into a contemporary refreshed understanding of the spiritual life and that has enabled and will continue to enable her life plan. This is a significant event.

And so each individual yet to be encountered will find confirmation within themselves that yes, it is a significant event to have connected with, discovered, perused and absorbed the refreshed understanding of spirituality now available and organised.

So that being the case, it comprises a rationale for the establishment and continuance of the training in meditation on offer.

It also predisposes the benefit to be obtained by advertising the availability of what is on offer. That is the basis on which the proposal has been made to participate in festivals of various styles in various locations, not confining the attention to this city.

So we have in mind a half to a dozen in the coming year. That will require explicit planning and a little expenditure, not much. It will facilitate the encountering of those individuals triggered into awareness of their inner direction to connect and lead to the participation of individuals from throughout the North Island of this country. The nature of the six-weekly training means that those from far away will need to make significant effort and expenditure in the multiple attendance. But one or two will be willing.

The arising of a new centre of activity and its progressive success in purpose is exactly dependent upon adequate circulation of advice as to its existence and programme. That requires suitable materials by which to promulgate awareness. And the material already delivered in recent weeks comprises more than sufficient text from which to select some highlights and a rationale by which to advertise the opportunity. Therefore in some days to come, that can comprise an explicit document formatted attractively into an A5 or tri-fold format.

P Looks like that's it. Although perhaps more later this day?

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