20160105 prc illustrating mysticism

5/01/2016 prc illustrating mysticism



^The solution to the discord in relation to acquiring the access to the program Adobe Illustrating is simply to buy it in the CS6 version. The capacity to know about such things is best enhanced by formal training. The formal training does not commence for some weeks, which is simply appropriate given the priorities queued up already.

This is not an issue of urgency neither absurdity but a progressive acquisition of skill in order to place on record the things we show you. It is best not regarded as a burden but as a joy. The learning is not onerous if it is regarded in such a way. The learning curve certainly exists. The time required is certainly extensive. But the opportunity is to make best of the sets of capacities already developed and able to be extended into a useful direction for the purposes of the Schools best outcome.

As such a small amount of money each year can easily be afforded and especially if it is contributed from the School funds, because there is no other purpose for that capacity nor software to be acquired.

Therefore, of the one hundred and sixty dollars a month already being transferred to the School account, to notionally deduct from that or even explicitly from that account a regular payment is not onerous.

Therefore delete all concerns relating to money and the acquisition of the utility of the Illustrator program. It is money well spent as the results will eventually attest.

P Well why the hell didn't I think of that?! So silly!!!


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