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After the conversation with the developer of the property next door yesterday, I could think of nothing else this morning but the tree in the middle of that property, a very tall and majestic liquidamber, which has already had some of its branches summarily ripped off.  So I sat with it for a while this morning before the workmen got there, and asked for healing, and felt the disruption on all the life down to the microbe level, and said that stability would come again in a year.  I asked that young people there would always be disciplined with love, and old people would always be cared for with love in that place.  I told the tree that there would be young plants planted in its place.  Its presence has blessed this area, and I grieve for it.  It will be ripped up for firewood and burnt.  May its presence continue regardless.

Paula my neighbour took a skink off the cat and put it, sans tail, in my compost bin.  I hope it recovers and survives.  Small things have suffered much here with this change.  No more birds in that tree.  It is not its fault that the Waikato loam is so fertile.  The wind is much stronger by my front door now that all that vegetation has gone.

I thought of how I have felt and integrated being a murderer.  And that I equally should feel and integrate being Maori and Chinese, and stop distancing myself from either.

Cold now: 

^We come on this occasion to continue the introduction to you of your role in the introduction of our work to the distant others in the city of Melbourne.  In that place you will encounter others who have also been gifted with material similar to that which you have received these many years.  If you can, make it your objective to encounter them, engage with them, share your bounty with them, for it is not for you alone, nor is it for containment within any property ownership system, for it has been gifted with love to the community of humanity.  See this as being your life’s work to do this, and you will not be wrong, merely partial in your aspirations, for the picture is bigger even than this.

Correlations between the dynamic environment of spirituality and the fixity of physical space is the work of arch-enemies like spiders and wolves.  Test over.  Into your mind will now be allowed the parameters of love for our tasting, second test over.  Now that your parameters of attention have been calibrated, we can continue. 

The responsibilities for attending to the material and its dissemination are not light.  Nor are they necessarily onerous, for to be so would be to compromise them with burdensome thought, and that is not part of their intrinsic nature.  Instead, take your attention to the right, and record what you see there [a circular orifice in spiritual space]  See that as an opening for your inspiration.  It is capacious, is it not?

P Yes.

^Then be endlessly able to draw on it for your provision with images, dreams, arguments, life, and our work will have been done today.

P I experience it as very large in relation to my bodily dimensions, without barrier of any kind, an empty hole one can drift through at will, softly full of diaphanous benevolent nurturing energy containing a feeling of love.

^1. Use the announcement system to attract the attention of others.

2. Material to be conveyed outside of conference time.  Use conference time for relationship building.

3. Speak of database structures, in particular the open-source program ‘The Guide’.  Others may learn from your understanding and efforts to date in this question.

4. Coding is permissible for reduction of size of documents; deletion is never acceptable, for that constitutes rejection of the gifts.  Significant effort and intention lies behind every communication from spirit. 

5. That is not an incitement for anything other than guardianship.  Not promulgation in the form of proselytising, for that abrogates freewill.   Sharing suffices, but be explicit as to the source being beyond physicality. 

6. The nature of the message is intrinsically embodied in love – pass it on in the same emotion.

7. Progressive unfoldment is the nature of the revelation, with choice after choice being required to continue to support it, and denial and rejection possible at every step.

It is necessary to frame the language using the code-word revelation in order to excite anyone who codes that as special, and in that it is very efficient, hence our use of the term.  Otherwise we would not.  So therefore be in no doubt that we intend to influence all who may sympathetically approach us for our influence.  It is in the nature of the spiritual domain to nurture those who approach.  The nurturance has to do with love, harmony, lifting of ‘spirits’, aspirations and desire to do good.  Without that component, all may be deemed false or from contrary intention similarly generatable from this domain.  That is not to say that such intention is wrong, merely offering choice as to source.

From these beginnings small oak trees may become mighty, to use the popular phrase.  Mightiness is hard to quantify and even more difficult to measure.  Quantification is almost the antithesis in meaning. See how we may bring attributions of greatness or smallness at will or whim.  Similarly we may attribute gravity or levity.  None of these things are true in themselves, for they are all relative.  Complexity is similarly un-renowned, for that is also a relative term. Absolute magnitude is incomprehensible to humanity, for “man is the measure of all things.”  How then may we approach the task of abstracting the concepts in question?  If all that is available to us is relativising conceptions, then we must reduce our attention to that task.

So see it this way?  Attempts to gain notoriety or fame are useless, for they are relative.  Measuring up is useless, for also it is relative.  Measuring up in relation to what?  Even the concept of comparison with oneself is useless, for that is only developmental.  Therefore absolute truth is incomprehensible.  Even world truth is relative, as is personal truth.  Spiritual truth is similarly relative, and recognisable only in relation to spiritual falsity, of which one has equal access.  The only difference is in outcome, as we have referred to above.  Truth and falsity being equally available, then the only value attributable is choice for the purpose of personal learning of patterns of result; to feel better or worse, bounded or unbounded, free or not free, uplifted or cast down in emotion; all are equally attractive from some points of view.  The point of view is therefore a first choice.  Not the only one, but it conditions all else.  But to have at hand criteria for assessment and choice-making requires a range of experience on which to base such choice. That is the purpose of life on this small planet.

Go with our blessings and love.  Aramaia.

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