20060319 prcjlo oobe plans

19/03/2006 prcjlo oobe plans


Prcjlo 20060319 OOBE plans Through Peter ^I come from the higher realms, beyond that which you ordinarily access. The function and nature of my visit of this day is to acquaint you more closely with the beginnings of an extension of knowledge expected in the timeframe of the next 6 months.

The visitation of recent days of that domain which you saw on waking, was a harbinger of extended travel in that domain, assisted by us, directed by us, controlled by us, and safe because of us. Contain your fear, and all will be well.

The reason we come at this time is, additionally, to acquaint you further with the nature and purpose and functionality of experimentation of travel in those domains, for there is an extensive set of parameters achievable by you in due course, which will enable you to function independently in those domains at will or whim. The acquisition of that extensive set is developmental, and adequate preparation has been done, therefore this is now time for the progressive development of understanding of the nature and purpose of travel in those domains. That cannot be given in advance. It can only be hinted at as an experiential understanding derivable only in that way, as the metaphors are sufficiently beyond the human norms as to render the experience indescribable.

The capacity that you manifest at this time is just sufficient for such a safe experimentation of your developmental capacity.

These reasons give us confidence that your readiness is adequate. Your fear is sufficiently low. Your willingness to go out on a limb, to be extreme in these things, is unfettered by negative expectations, and that you therefore feel sufficient freedom to go where thou wilt, or where we send you, as the case may be. However, the phenomenon of standing before the light, in the way in which you experienced me is, specifically, according to your understanding, and according to the reality of the indefensibility you presently manifest against the impact of that raw and undiluted energy. Therefore it is with our protection and accompaniment that you will begin the first of many journeys in these days.

The purpose is to take you beyond the present understanding by expanding your experiential knowing beyond the boundaries of the present physical domain and those aspects of the spiritual domain which you have thus far experienced. The capacity that you manifest will be monitored and any impediments will be dealt with as they arise, and they will most likely arise during such explorations. So be unafraid, and all will be well, as we have said before.

The visitations in recent times of the imagery of your most feared creatures has been partially as a test and partly as a clearing process. That clearing process is proceeding well enough to engage our attention and willingness to foster in you these categories of knowledge.

It is for this purpose that we come, to alert you to these things so that you are adequately prepared in your imagination. Do not expect that your imagination will be adequate for the task. Encountering the nature of such domains is always filtered through the expectations, therefore to have none is the best option. So we will see you in those domains.

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