20101209 prcjlogrb gardenplace urupa desecration 1868

9/12/2010 prcjlogrb gardenplace urupa desecration 1868


^There are those among us who would bring assistance present in order to bring clarity to the issues attendant on group function in the proposed meeting of the 21st. [actually 16th]

We would first say greetings and welcome to our awareness and know that there is a similar greeting extended in return. The capacity we have to share with you is undiminished, and we would bring clarity, as we have said.

The clarity in this instance relates to a skirmish, one could call it, at an earlier time at that place. The burial ground of that tribe at that place was desecrated. Intentionally so, although not recorded in historical documents in any detail and certainly without correct attribution. This is the fundamental reason for the discontent.

The sense of injustice has been harboured since then. It is unacknowledged and it is our opportunity to facilitate the proper acknowledgement.

And so these things linger. They persist. Where they persist in living memory then the very persistence is contributed to by those who remember. Where it is past living memory, then it is held in the hearts of those who are attached to those who were alive at the time of the events in question.

It is not a large issue, but neither is it trivial, for men were killed, and for their wrong actions.

So the time of compensatory acknowledgement is never past, because the events pass into the timeless zone.

Acknowledgement is due, and we will attempt to prepare you for an appropriate acknowledgement. We suggest the following:

Given that the identities of the perpetrators are long since gone, for they were not held, it remains only to assuage the hurt feelings and guilty conscience of those who assaulted the perpetrators leading to their demise. And so you could bring acknowledgement in the following way, addressing specifically those identities still present for whom the issue is unresolved. First, acknowledge the event. Acknowledge and apologise, on behalf of the newcomers to this land, that their sacred space was desecrated, intruded upon, and damaged. And then take it upon yourselves to acknowledge, through a gift of love, through an invoked cleansing. And that will be sufficient.

It is an issue of long standing. The perpetrators will come to know of this but they have long since re-embodied themselves, and not in this place. So this is an act of inter-cultural acknowledgement and cleansing, and it will bring peace.

C On the 21st or the 16th? Because you said the 21st?

P I did. I was thinking 'next Thursday'. So I think that was my error. Next Thursday (16th).

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