20190113 prc Green Party activism

I asked the question "what is the purpose of yesterdays document
Full spectrum living: a simpler metaphor?”
nd also “what is the purpose and application of the vision this morning of what seemed to be 3D rectangular representation of the transmission as a whole interacting in a turb
lent manner with society or physicality?”
^And we would come on this occasion to address these questions, for they are pivotal in generating an impact through this transmission into humanity.
The linking between environmental sustainability and su
tainability in general, culture and religious influence into the conjunction between religion and spirituality and environment, is a potential first application of the material as a whole. That gives purpose. That gives a field of application that is congruent with recognition articulated in 2002 by the United Nations that to stimulate
between environmentalists and religions, is to catalyse the most effective available response into world population.
The question is, how to reach the people who are not religious, and the subset within that of spiritual but not religious?
hat is, those individuals who identify with that term,
as it
is one of the very few directly susceptible populations. And a way to reach them and influence their actions on the basis of that conjunction without first generating the traditional spiritual teaching/guru-disciple relationship networks?
The opportunity-set for reaching that population, considering that the material is explicitly articulating a worldview unlikely to be enthusiastically adopted by any group affiliated to traditional religions, means that to effectively target the group of individuals through their already holding environmental concerns, make them the most susceptible target.
Therefore contrary to expectations, the Green Party is a valid route into that community. And that conversation can utilise international Green networks to facilitate distribution of the ideas.